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Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is a cuticle oil with a brush-on applicator. The nail treatment helps restore severely dry and damaged cuticles and reduce nail breakage. It instantly smooths, softens and helps restore moisture to cuticles. Formulated with jasmine and rose extracts and vitamin E to calm and soothe. 


Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab


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I have just found this product. I have fragile nails that need maintenance . I have a varity of products I use, the oils are ok but stay on surface of nails too long. THis is better as it can be put on as thick or thinly as desired.
I’m that person who picks at their cuticles. I am trying to stop, but until that miracle happens, they are in dire need of some TLC.  So, when I came across the Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab I decided to give it a go, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results. Cuticle Rehab comes in a small squeezy tube (similar to a lip balm) with a brush tip applicator that’s super easy to use--you simply squeeze the tube until the product moves on to brush and then paint it on the cuticles.This type of packaging was a great idea, as it’s perfect for travel and taking in your handbag for touch-ups during the day. The product itself is quite thick and clear and has a nice, tropical scent.  It is a little greasy when first applied, but it absorbs after a minute or two and leaves the cuticle and surrounding skin feeling soft. I tend to keep this product next to my bed and apply it before I go to sleep, and I’m considering getting another for my handbag. While my cuticles aren’t perfect, they are certainly in much better condition. This is by far the best cuticle treatment I have tried, and I like how fuss-free and easy it is to use. Highly recommend!
Comes in a long tube which squeezes the product into a brush. You use the brush on the end to paint and coat the cuticles of the nails. The lotion is clear in nature & has a fresh fruity smell - but not overpowering or strong. This is a thick emollient gel that absorbs into dry nails quickly. Its really easy to massage in the rich emollient with the brush. Areas and cuticles that aren't dry can end up greasy but for me most areas absorb this. Soft and smooth on application and leaves cuticles and nails feeling soft and refreshed. Worked really well for my dry flaking sore cuticles. Applying everyday for 5 days to start with and this transformed my cuticles to soft hydrated and normal. Afterwards only ended up needing to do every 2nd to 3rd day. I only have to use it every couple of days now are initially treating my cuticles.  I prefer at night cause it soaks in overall better & I can wake up with beautiful nails but also great for day use.  Easy to carry in your handbag. Not a big product but will last. I continue to use this. This has helped my damaged dry flaking nails. On the way to glorious winter hands!!
My cuticles are always dry and flaky and with every day use of this product it has helped my cuticles immensely! The smells of the product is great and light. The applicator makes it easy to place on the nail. Great staple products and as always Sally Hansen does not disappoint!
This fruity-scented clear gel formula glides onto the cuticle with the soft brush on the tip of the tube.  It has a deeply hydrating feel as it's applied and it's easy to massage in.  Within two to three minutes it seems to soak right into the cuticle skin leaving it with a moisturised, shiny and pampered appearance.  I like to apply it before bed just before applying my hand cream but if I remember I like to apply it during the day too.  It makes my cuticles feel 'relieved', soothed and nurtured.  Just a very small amount needs to be used at a time as the gel spreads really easily.  I like to apply it with the brush and then massage it in either with the brush or my fingers.  It feels really enjoyable while I massage it in. My initial thoughts about this product was how easy it was to apply and use.  It was so quick and simple - just a gentle squeeze of the tube and the gel comes out onto the gentle brush.  There was no mess and no waste.  The pleasant scent disappears a few minutes after application.  It's only subtle so there's no need to worry about it being too strong or overpowering.   When I first tried this on my broken, dry and ragged cuticles I found it healed and hydrated them within a day or two and soothed then straight away. After using this for several weeks I've found my cuticles don't get torn anymore.  They are healthy and hydrated and feel great!  In my view, there are no cons to this product - it works really well on my normally dry cuticles.   I love the cute little aquamarine-coloured tube and how light it is; it would be perfect to travel with or to keep in the handbag for soothing cuticles on the go.   Males or females could use this because the tube design and colour would suit both.  Anyone of any age could use this successfully. I would very highly recommend this product.
This cuticle oil comes in a handy little plastic squeeze tube with 8.8ml of product. It has a brush tip applicator so the oil dispenses straight up the middle of the brush. I really like this concept as there’s no re-dipping the brush into a bottle of cuticle oil, you just squeeze a little more as you go if you feel the brush is getting a bit dry. This appeals to the lazy person in me!   While this is said to be an ‘oil’ the consistency is more like a thin and oily gel. No doubt this is because a straight up oil in a squeeze tube would make a disastrous mess. It has the most wonderful ‘tutti frutti’ scent too – very tropical!   I find this cuticle treatment very nourishing to both my cuticles and nails and I really notice a difference when I stop using it for awhile. It applies a little greasy at first, but absorbs a few minutes after you’ve massaged it in, so you can get back to doing things without leaving greasy little fingerprints everywhere.   Although the tube is quite small, a little goes a long way so it lasts quite a while. The packaging indicates that you can use it up to 24months after opening so, even if you don’t use the product every day, you still have plenty of time to use it before it expires.   Looking at the ingredients there’s quite a mix of both natural and synthetic products. It contains no less than six different oils which is no doubt why it’s so moisturising. It does contain mineral oil which I thought I’d mention as I know some people like to avoid it.   Overall, this is a great little tool to have in your nailcare arsenal and cheap enough to have one on the go in a few places (handbag, bedside table, desk at work etc.) Two (well manicured) thumbs up from me!
Let's face it, sometimes our cuticles need a bit of help. This particular cuticle helper comes in a cute little green tube that you have to squeeze to get product out of, which ends up on a little brush at the end of the tube. You can then go over the cuticles with the brush, and what I tend to do is also use my fingers to just rub it in as well. The oil itself has quite a light and pleasant scent. This is quite thick, but that just means a little goes a long way! I have found this to be amazing during the Winter, which is when the skin around my nails get a little raggedy. This honestly has helped my cuticles, and I know that I'll be finishing the entire thing.