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Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat

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Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat is a quick-drying top coat. It helps finish off nail polish with a long-lasting anti-chip coat. The fast-drying formula contains real micro-diamond, platinum and aluminium to help create a strong layer of protection and shine on nails.


Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat


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Who doesn't want diamond nails!  I've been using this for a year now & it is my best friend! The pro's of this top coat for me are: Glossy shine = diamond nails! It doesn't streak any nail art underneath. Horray! Actually does dry quickly! (providing your polish underneath is dry! If you don' wait til your colour polish is dry your setting yourself up for failure) Prevents chipping - my polish lasted a week with this on! (I capped the tip of my nail with this top coat which really helped!) Price - cheaper than diamonds :p no seriously, $13 for longer lasting nails - hell yes! No air bubbles!!! A few Cons (not all diamonds are flawless): You can't see into the bottle - which isn't a massive deal, but i like to know how much i left When nearing the end of the bottle it gets thicker and clumpy. But - I now store it in the fridge & it lasts me longer!