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Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat

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Protect nails from staining and chipping with the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat. The strengthening base and topcoat uses real diamond particles to prolong wear for up to 10 days as well as add shine and boost growth.


Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base & Top Coat


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I use this as a base coat which truthfully I don’t know if that makes a difference but the top coat is always super shiny! My nails always feel very strong. Sometimes I even just put it on without any colour when I am too lazy to paint my nails properly and (for the lack of a better word) want to look a little bit more polished and put together. 
This is a really high quality base and top coat. I love that it is essentially two products in one, I can use as a base coat which gives a nice finish and great canvas for nail polish, then as a top coat to prevent chipping and peeling. It dries really quickly and leaves a gorgeous glossy shine that looks really professional. i found this left quite a hard coat to prevent my nail polish from not only chipping but nails from breaking, maybe its the diamond particles, I really love this product, sally hansen always have great nail products and I would recommend this.
Leaves my nails strong and resistant to breaking, and lasts quite a while. I work with my hands and this stands up to the test! Also leaves a bright shine on the nails, which makes me feel glamorous! Good value for a great quality product. Wish it came in a bigger bottle though!
This is my go-to base coat.  Does it extend the life of my nail polish?  Mmm... I dunno, but it definitely helps prevent dark nail colours (especially reds) from staining my nails, which is why I bought it in the first place.  I found nail polish removal a big chore and was getting very frustrated with having to give my nails time to recover after wearing dark polish.  Problem solved thanks to this!  Applying this as a base coat and allowing drying time before going on to colour does add a bit more time (a few minutes), but it's worth it in the end with ease of removal and without staining.  I like to use this on its own or as a base coat when I use coloured nail polish, which I then go over with a clear gel top coat to ensure I get the most longevity out of my mani/pedi.
I do love this product! It makes my nail polish last longer and stops my nails from yellowing. My only problem is that for the price it does not last that long!! I still always buy this however only when I find it on sale.
Amazing for nails will make any nail polish last for a week with very little chips, drys quite fast and leaves a shinny top coat. I never apply nail polish now without using this as a base coat. Only downside is it peels off quite easily in the shower but it can be considered good. I would recommend this product to anyone.
This is amazing, strengthened my weak nails and makes nail polish stay on until it outgrows, best nail strengthened I have tried