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Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener

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Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener is a nail strengthening treatment. The titanium and micro-diamond formula helps strengthen and seal frail nails with a protective shield and locks in moisture to nourish and help stops breaking nails from growing.


Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener


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I tried this product after reading good reviews about it, and I must say I am very disappointed.  The formula was quite thin, and flaked off very easily.  I used one coat of hardener to begin with (on scrupulously clean and dry nails), and then tried a couple of coats, all with the same result; it dried fairly quickly, but I couldn't get it to stay on my nails and looked chipped and flaky within a couple of hours.  I have since thrown out this product, and would not repurchase.
This nail hardener has been the holy grail in repairing my chipped and broken nails! After going rock climbing with fake nails, my nails were thin as paper and very broken when the falsies came off. Going to work actually hurt my nail beds, because they were so weak and brittle, but as soon as I used this nail hardener it was like I had another layer of nail instantly. The nail hardener went on thickly and appeared shiny and glossy like I was wearing a pretty top coat. Instantly my nails went from being painful to even look to dare I say 'normal looking', and this was literally straight after using the nail hardener. My nails stopped breaking and there was no further damage done to them, based on their brittle and easily chippable state that was a god send. The 'flaky' surface of my nail was instantly smooth and strong, and it took only weeks for my nails to start growing back strong, hard and shiny! My little tip is stick to the recommendations and don't apply to much of this nail hardener, even if you are tempted to, because the formula is so thick and potent, it can cause your nails to look too gluggy and over layered. I do advise after using a few coats, just let your nails air dry completely before doing anything else to ensure they are fully dry and you do not dint them. Once this nail hardener is fully dry, you can certainly dress your nails up and paint them, or if not, they will look lovely on their own. I absolutely recommend this nail hardener to everyone, the cost is very affordable and the nail hardening will last for months and months even with regular use, so its a great saving for the piggy bank. I think this nail hardener will fix nails in all states, even if they are a shock horror like mine were, or even if yours are just feeling weak and bending, this nail hardener will restore your nails to their full potential. Now that my nails are fully grown back nice and healthily, thanks to this miracle product, I like to use the nail hardener once in a while just to make sure my nails are staying strong! I think every single lady (or man) out there, could use this product in their house, because it will fix every nail disaster from a chipped nail to a bigger nail accident, immediately and will continue to help your nails until they are full grown out. So to everyone facing nail problems, just give it a go, you will not be sorry! Instantly your nails will have a rock solid, thick protective coat on them and no further nail damage will occur. I 100% love it.
This is a product I'll buy over and over.  My nails really do get much stronger and stop flaking off when I use this as either a base coat or just on it's own as a treatment coat.  It's clear and creates a perfect base coat for under a colour.   When used just as a treatment coat my nails feel smooth and grow strong when I use this.  I love how it protects my nails from the intense colour pigments in a nail polish too.  My nails look pink and healthy when I've removed the nail colour if I have this Sally Hansen Diamond Strength underneath.  It's well worth the money and I think it's always going to be floating amongst my collection of nail polishes!