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Sally Hansen Finest Fingernails

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With small, tapered and curved blades, the Sally Hansen Finest Fingernails scissors cuts nails and cuticles easily to leave nails looking neat and clean.


Sally Hansen Finest Fingernails


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I use this pair of scissors for trimming cuticles and I know its not made for trimming hair, but I also use it for trimming my upper lip and chin peach fuzz between waxing sessions. Because the blade area of the scissors is tapered, it gets in close to the surface of the skin for a close trim. I've never had a nick or cut on my skin while using this pair of tiny scissors and I love that its affordable and multi-purpose.
I will never be without my sally hansen finest fingernails nail scissors as they are perfect for gorgeous nails. I use these to trim nails and as they are tapered they are so easy to use for a great shape and to leave nails looking neat. Sally hansen always makes great nail products and I highly recommend these scissors, a must have