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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails® Color

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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails® Color is a high-resistant colour nail polish and treatment in one. The strengthening formula seals nails with a protective layer to prevent chipping, cracking and splitting while delivering a shiny finish. Contains no harmful DBP, formaldehyde or toluene. 

Available in six shades.


Sally Hansen Hard As Nails® Color


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I love Sally Hansen nail products and the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear collection is a fabulous range of nail polishes. I have this nail polish in the Lacey Lilac shade, which is a gorgeous powdery lilac colour, and I intend to collect more of the shades from this range. The colours are so funky and youthful in this range - love them!  It dries quickly, has a beautiful glossy shiny to the finish and will last without chipping for a good long while. The formula is a little runny, so I would recommend doing two coats for a nice even colour. I love that it is doubles up as a strengthening treatment that helps to prevent cracking and splitting. 
I adore sally hansen products and this hard as nails colour does as promised, delivering beautiful colour and extreme wear. This polish is so worth the price as it lasts and lasts without chipping, cracking or wearing off. this strengthening polish with protective layer ensures colour is sealed on and nails receive a treatment wjile protected. This polish gives a gorgeous high gloss shine that is so flattering. Nails look like they have been professionally done in a salon. The polish is easy to use and glides on in one stroke, I love the colour bamboo shoot as its so feminine and pretty and goes with everything. I also use two coats for maximum impact and as drying time is quick this is fine. I love this polish and highly recommend it
I love this nail polish. I use the colour bamboo shoot (520) and it's a perfect light pink colour for everyday. Applies easily and lasts at least a week with a top coat. It gives a nice glossy finish and reasonably quick drying.
I love Sally Hensen nail products and this falls in line with the other products. I purchased this in black and really love the colour. It only took 2 coats to apply for a smooth and thick colour. Drying time was quite quick in comparison to some other nail polishes as well. I found after a few days wear I didn't have issues with the usual chipping at the tips of my nails and the colour was still vibrant and had a nice sheen. It wasn't until about the 5-6th day that they started to chip a bit. It was also very easy to remove leaving no residue and no harsh rubbing of the nails. Very big fan of this product. I would highly recommend this for those who want a salon manicure with lasting power without having to spend the money and leave the house.
I received this as part of a birthday present in the colour 300-White on. I love this formula! Much better than some of the brands other ranges. I find it lasts a good 5 or so days without chipping and that's without a separate top coat. I've had to throw mine out after a while though because it has become stringy and weird but I live in North Queensland so the weather could have affected it. I will purchase this product again though and maybe store in the fridge.
I have this in hot pink and silver and they are just gorgeous! Two coats would be best in regards to opacity, and they really pop, even without a top coat. I have found them to last for up to about 4 days, and while it does take a few minutes for them to dry, the colour payoff is worth it! Definitely one of my favourite budget nail polish ranges!
Awful formula. Very watery and multiple coats still was left with streaks.  Would not recommend plenty of other better Sally Hansen and other brands.
Love this beautiful polish. I have received many compliments whenever I wear it, I have the Coral Reef shade.. It is long lasting, very durable and a great price
I use this in the colour bamboo shoot, and it is one of my go-to everyday natural colours. It is a lovely light-pink, the polish goes on smoothly and the lasting power is good. I always use a base coat and a top coat with it and find that my manicure lasts most of the week.
I think Sally Hansen has some of its best colours in this Xtreme Wear range - bold and bright but very wearable. I recently had to throw out my bottle of Emerald City, a most brilliant green, because I could not scrape any more from it. I'm currently trying to find it again. The formula is easy to use - but do let it have enough time to dry properly to get the most out of it.