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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails® Vitamin Strength Serum™

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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails® Vitamin Strength Serum™ is a fast-absorbing nail strengthening serum that contains hydrolysed proteins to help strengthen nails and protect them against damage and breakage. The serum also contains vitamins A, C and E to help nourish and condition nails and has a light geranium scent.


Sally Hansen Hard As Nails® Vitamin Strength Serum™


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No more broken nails!

This stuff is amazing. I have not had a chipped or broken nail since using this and my nails have been looking so healthy and growing really well. Highly recommended and very effective. I apply once a week to my nails with fab results.
This product really works. My nails were breaking easily and splitting and I needing something to repair them, I love sally Hansen products so bought the hard as nails vitamin strength serum. Since iv been using it my nails are harder and are not breaking as easily. The serum is easy to use, spreads well and dries easily. It has a pleasant scent and dries clear. When used daily it will repair nails, hardening and strengthening them. It’s also great value for money as the price is good. I could find no negatives and will keep using this product. I highly recommend it
I have so many Sally Hansen products in my nail collection – I like experimenting with all their different nail varnish formulas, and their strengtheners, top andbase coats are my go-tos. So I am always interested to add a new Sally Hansen treatment to the line-up. I love wearing nail polish and always change it when it starts to chip and a tidy-up won’t do. The downside of this, of course, is dry and brittle nails from too much remover. So regularly I have to leave everything off and let my nails recuperate. Hard as Nails serum has helped this process along since I started using it. The little pink microbeads contain active ingredients vitamins A, C and E to help strengthen nails and cuticles.  I have found my nail surface to be much smoother with dry patches and lines disappearing, and the skin around my cuticles softer. The cuticles themselves need a bit more work but it seems to be heading in the right direction. I love this product because it is not as oily as some other nail treatments, so you can apply it and go about your business straight away. Another effective and no-nonsense treatment from this line and I definitely recommend it.
I have used this product for years & it is always the same result - it is a very reliable & affordable. It takes a few minutes & you have a great result very quickly. Your nails are healthier & stronger in a few weeks with very little effort. Great brand with a good name that you can trust!
My nails break just from looking at them so they need a coating to protect them and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Vitamin Strength Serum really helps. I have been applying it daily and so far it’s working. It's quick drying and goes on clear so I don’t have to worry too much about application or if it chips. My nails are the longest and healthiest that they have been in a long time.   I would recommend this product for anyone with fragile nails that break chip or split.