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Sally Hansen Ingrown Be Gone

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Remove and smooth painful ingrown nails with Sally Hansen’s Ingrown Be Gone. The ingrown nail removal kit includes a toenail nipper with contoured handle for controlled grip and a straight-bladed toenail file with a pointed tip to coax skin away from the nail and file the nail back.


Sally Hansen Ingrown Be Gone


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I have suffered with ingrown nails for years and I do not recommend using Sally Hansen’s Ingrown Be Gone. I tried and ended up in more pain. There is nothing wrong with the scissors; they are great quality and very sharp but leave this one for the doctors. I ended up on antibiotics and I had a toe that was on fire.  
The Sally Hansen Be Gone Ingrown Nails clippers are strong and they have lasted me for ages. They seem to be better than any other clipper I have used to help me with stubborn and painful ingrown toenails. It's always simple to position them properly over my nail due to the fabulous grip it has. Safe and extremely easy every time I need to clip, which makes myself right at ease.  Not only are they are also great for removing not only ingrown toenails but that dry stray skins surrounding the nail area too. I have already and will keep on recommending these very clever nail catching clippers that cause no mess.