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Sally Hansen Maximum Growth is a nail growth treatment that improves the condition and health of nails. It fortifies nails and prevents breaking and chipping to allow nails to grow strong. The triple-protein and silk formula reinforces soft, bitten and weak nails.


Sally Hansen Maximum Growth


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Sally Hansen wasn’t kidding around when she named this treatment “Maximum Growth”. I have pretty weak nails from countless years of nail biting and I constantly need something on them to stop them from breaking.So I decided to give this product a go so I could finally have long nails that wouldn’t break before they grew past the top of my finger. Now this isn’t a miracle product where after one round of treatment your nails are as strong as iron. Even after several treatments (or in my case over a year), your nails will probably only be slightly stronger. I find that if I don’t wear anything on my nails they are more susceptible to damage and bend a bit. However, when wearing this product my nails are pretty sturdy and never break from impact should my hand hit anything. I definitely love the added strength this product provides, but I wish it could strengthen the actual nail so I wouldn’t have to wear it all the time.  From personal experience though, there seems to be no long term effects from wearing this daily. The growth aspect of this treatment is phenomenal. If I file my nails down too short (or if I broke one and have made the rest an even length), my nails are restored back to their original length in 2 weeks. And because I’m constantly wearing this product I have to file my nails back weekly because they grow so quickly. It’s so lovely to finally be able to have strong and long nails and I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is trying to grow out the nails quickly.
I have to admit it....i have a (not so secret) shame that i will let you all in on - i bite my nails. No,not just at times,no,not just a quick nibble,but an at times "until they bleed" type of horror that is apparent to all,and has been a "thing" for me for as long as i can remember.I have tried all the tricks in the book (those icky tasting,"no biting" varnishes that supposedly render it impossible to tolerate nails anywhere near mouth...i'm immune),so when i saw this,i thought "if i see nails growing,i may want to stop".Here's how it worked out. Now obviously,nothing is REALLY going to be some magic potion....something to instantly take over from natural occurrences and make nails / hair grow overnight (like nothing is going to make you a size 8 with no wrinkles / pimples in the same timeframe.We can wish though) , but given a couple of weeks, i DID find longer (for me),stronger nails that i may just be able to kick that habit to both keep and improve on. Now,what about the product itself ? The product is exactly like any polish in texture,scent and application style...brush onto nails,let dry,BUT apply DAILY (for 5 days,then remove and repeat.Do this until you get the nail length and strength you desire). The treatment inside the container appears pink, but will completely dry clear (and super gives nails a lovely, "cared for" look whilst you wait for the triple-protein and silk formula to reinforce and work it's "magic" on those soft, bitten and weak nails. Now,i did this (as mentioned) for a couple of weeks,and i AM getting an "edge" on my nails...something i have only ever had when using another Sally Hansen product (Maximum Growth) and whilst pregnant,so i was really quite impressed.The only can is this...the work is done by having layer upon layer of product on your nails - THIS seems why the nails are stronger,and why you tend to bite less (it is possible to bite through..don't ask),not by some sorcery that renders keratin and proteins suddenly able to manifest in lightning bolt time.It also DOES peel very quickly after a few days of wearing,so applying over that is necessary to keep it on (my hands are my work though,so this happens very quickly anyway) So,in short,don't expect miracles, you can still break your nails if you aren't careful with your hands, but it does help keep them stronger. If you want to your nails to be long and strong, use Maximum Growth to get them there,and this to really up the ante. At around $15 for 15ml,it is a great product to help you on your way to the manicure of your dreams. TIP:Apply over usual nail lacquer to help with growing longer,stronger nails,as well as add a high gloss sheen.