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Sally Hansen Mega Shine is a quick-drying anti-chip top coat that dries in 60 seconds. The micro-diamond formula delivers an ultra-shiny gloss to nails and seals a manicure to protect from chipping, cracking, peeling and damaging moisture.


Sally Hansen Mega Shine


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Another great product from Sally Hansen! I only now buy all nail polish and top coats from this brand. I found this to be super shiny and extend the life of my nail polish when I do decide to wear colour. I often just use this on my natural nail to look more polished and smooth my nail from ridges etc and this works perfectly! Will definitely repurchase!
The ultra glossy ‘gel nail’ look has been all the rage the past couple of years. As someone who already has an insane amount of nail polishes I don’t really fancy having to outlay big $$$ on the equipment and a whole new range of colours. Luckily, I don’t have to as, this top coat gives all of my current polishes a stunning mirror finish that would look great next to any gel manicure.   This top coat comes in a 12.7ml bottle so you get slightly less than most other brands (including other Sally Hansen top coats). The bottle is silver and very shiny (no doubt to illustrate what you might expect from your nails!) and is completely opaque. This is the only downside for me as it’s impossible to tell when you’re starting to run out of the product. It alsomakes it difficult to get the last of the product out as you can’t see where to angle the brush towards. I usually end up pouring a small amount onto some plastic wrap and then dip the brush into that.   That aside, it’s one of the better top coats I’ve tried. It claims that it can extend manicures ‘up to ten days’ but I generally find it to be closer to a week. Obviously everyone will have different results depending on how much they work with their hands.   The brush is fairly standard with a fairly narrow width and firm bristles. This isn’t one of those flat brushes for quick application so you need around three strokes to cover the nail. It’s also fairly fast drying (packaging claims 60 seconds but that’s touch dry only really).   Looking at the ingredients it appears that this top coat is ‘3 Free’ (i.e.- it contains no Formaldehyde, toluene or Dibutyl Phthalate) so is a good choice for those who actively avoid those ingredients. It also contains diamond powder which is no doubt where some of that shine comes from. Sparkly!   Overall, this is a great little topcoat for those looking for some extra shine factor for their nails. I definitely recommend that you give it a try!
I want to rate this 3.5... I really love the glossy finish of this top coat. It's a great finishing touch to your manicure. It does dry quite quickly (I think it takes a touch longer than Sally Hansen claims). The bad news is that does not make my mani last any longer than other top coats. I typically get 3 days before a chip appears. I also don't like that you can't see how much is in the bottle... Overall, I think this is worth using, just don't expect miracles!
I found this product to have the maximum gloss effect on my nails, and it did dry after the 60 seconds, however, I did not find it chip resistant past the 3 day mark. There were signs of wear and tear after the 2nd day and by the 3rd was like any other top coat formula. Fabulous for a special occasion but past that, quite average :(