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Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails

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Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails is a strengthening treatment for problem nails. The micro-mineral formula fills in cracks to strengthen and reinforce nails. The treatment stops peeling and breaking by sealing the nail and improving the flexibility of nails. Moisture magnets deliver intense moisture to severely dry nails.


Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails


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I have tried many different nail treatments that promise to give stronger, healthier nails only to be more often than not disappointed. I am however a fan of this product. It is easy to apply (some other products are quite gloopy and thick), is lovely and sheer and doesn't leave a horrid yellow or pink colour on the nails like some others and is very effective. I apply a thin film once every other day or once a week and my nails are healthy and strong. Some hardening products leave my nails quite brittle over time but I find this one doesn't. Highly recommend.
If you've reached your days on bitter nails,weak nails or just had fake nails taken off i recommend the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. It does have a strong smell to it like any other nail product, it doesn't feel to heavy after two coats applied. It gives your nails a little shine, perfect for anyone who just got fake nails off and have dry nail plates after. After one application i found my nails started getting healthier and stronger, i don't chew my nails but every time i get my gel nails taken off i find my nails stay weak and brittle for a month until i found this amazing product. I was very happy with my results, the weaker and more brittle your nails are it may take a few applications to see any improvement but stick in there don't give up on this product. It isn't cheap but its worth the buy. I found it last longer in the fridge.
I use a lot of Sally Hansen products, some hit the mark, some not. I've done a course in Nail Technician and found my nails were quite weak and brittle compared to other girls. So I bought this product hoping for an improvement and I was not disappointed. It isn't cheap but it definitely improved my nails and now I use it every other week. The only thing I will recommend is that the smell of this product is quite strong and 'chemically' so I would suggest using it in a well ventilated area.
After I had acrylics removed my nails were terribly damaged. I used this religiously for about a month and now have long, strong and lovely looking natural nails.