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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Romantic Rendezvous Nail Polish

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Romantic Rendezvous Nail Polish is a part-lacquer part-gel nail polish that doesn’t require any UV light to dry. The high-shine formula leaves nails coated and chip-free for up to 14 days. 

Available in seven shades.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Romantic Rendezvous Nail Polish


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Unfortunately I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of this polish. I purchased a pearl white shade and I just wasn't happy with the finish. It dried quiet streaky and drying time seemed to take a while. First coat looked very translucent and after applying a second cost it was just a mess.  Very disappointed.  Maybe it was just me and the way I applied it but I don't think I will purchase this one again. Especially for the price as well.
Sally Hanson Miracle Gel is a great addition to my home, you simply apply it as you would a normal nail polish and off you go, no need for harmful U.V. Lights. The formula is hydrating and because you apply at home there is no damage to your nails from the buffing prior.  The colour has a nice shine and wear well, longer lasting than a standard nail polish. For just under $20 a bottle it’s definitely worth getting.
I've never been to a salon to have my nails done so for me the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish was my first try of doing my own nails.  I was heading overseas and wanted to have my toe nails painted and hopefully last for just over the 2 weeks.  I bought the colour Shade 260 Up The Ante which was a brilliant purple colour.  Two coats were quick to dry.  It does look beautiful on.  I was impressed with the results of having part-lacquer part gel nails at a fraction of the cost too.  I don't have to bother with having UV Light to set the nail polish.  It really looked very professionally applied.  The Nail polish did not chip or peel whilst on holidays and I had a brillant shine the whole time.   It is definitely worth the under $20 price tag.   I am impressed for sure with the results and ready to buy another shade.  
I had high hopes for this polish and have always held Sally Hansen products in high regard. I love the Diamond Strength.  I trained in gel colour nails so I'm not a stranger to them. I purchased the colour Regal Rose in the bottle its a nude with the slightest touch of brown which I thought would be a nice shade for the spring and summer.  It applied very streaky and coverage was not good. A good nail polish should apply in no more than two coats IMHO. Two coats didn't cover well, and the three thin coats looked thick and still with some streaks and then with the top coat thicker still. The colour was not the nice neutral nude I was expecting, it applied as an ordinary peach colour and I'm not a peach nail polish person at all. I have other Miracle Gel colours albeit are darker shades and are really lovely to wear, lighter colours can be a problem, but I didn't expect it from Sally Hansen, sorry but I couldn't wait to take it off.  All in all very disappointing.  
Super stunning, super results. I adore Sally Hansen products and this miracle get romantic rendezvous nail polish, (great name) is a real winner for me. The colour itself is highly pigmented and great quality, the part gel, part lacquer polish is ingenious in that being part gel you don't require a uv light to dry it. It leaves nails with a professional looking colour and shine, a gel without the expense of going to a salon so at under $17.00 it makes this product great value for money. This polish lasted ages, an entire week without chipping or peeling, it's actually hydrating, not at all drying. It dries super quick which is a huge bonus and gives a high shine gorgeous shimmery finish. The user friendly brush delivers just the right amount of product in one sweep so no ugly streaks. I recommend 2 coats for best results. This is a truly beautiful polish I highly recommend. Pros High quality Gorgeous intense colour, shine and shimmer Easy to use Delivers a salon looking gel coat to nails that lasts No chipping or peeling Great value Hydrating to nails Cons A salon nail treatment requires no effort but is costly, you need to do this yourself however the results are worth it and you save money on a salon treatment.