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Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab™ Overnight Nail Serum

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Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab™ Overnight Nail Serum is an overnight moisturising nail treatment that helps restore cuticles. The brush-on formula contains black orchid, acai and algae actives, and humectants to help hydrate and rejuvenate weak and dry nails.


Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab™ Overnight Nail Serum


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As a nurse,my hands and nails take a beating that few others would begin to imagine (washing them a thousand times a day with products that are hardly "skin friendly"),so my nails show the results of this lifestyle every day.Enter the Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Overnight Nail Serum,and i almost feel as sense of hope for my poor nails (Sally Hansen is a world renowned name in nail and hand care,and one i have trusted for over 20 years). This is an overnight serum that contains nutrient rich extracts (black orchid, acai, algae actives) that deeply penetrated my nails for an intense nail and cuticle makeover...leaving me with youthful,soft looking hands and cuticles,with not a trace of oiliness about it.. The lightweight formula comes as a pale,pretty,blue liquid gel in a transparent bottle with a silver cap....with a scent that is pretty standard for a nail care product (yes,chemically and strong-ish,but if you do anything to your nails,it won't be a shock). I loved the convenient "nail polish" format with a convenient,wide style brush to apply the product ( all over the nailbed,cuticles and surrounding areas,using a massaging technique to distribute it into the nails and cuticles) and the fact that it is used at night...who doesn't love going to bed with nails like a bag lady,and waking to the hands of a model (hahaha).It has a nice gel consistency that is not greasy or irritating to use (let's face it...some products designed for "worse for wear" nails and cuticles can hurt when actually applied to split areas around here) and it dried quickly (i am NOT waiting up for half an hour waiting for my nails to dry).I used it for 5 days straight (night 6 tonight),and my nails are going from strength to strength (no pun intended),and it is starting to look like i actually do care about them. Again,as a nurse,it is impossible for ANY product to compete with what i do to my hands and nails...on a daily basis and many times over,BUT this is giving me some serious hope (nice side effect:my nails are actually looking slightly longer after use).Another little bonus:even my hubby got into this,and whilst his hands are horrifically damaged,it DID manage to make a start on repairing many years of even more punishment than my nails get. Your hands tell much more about your age and you than we them as much love as you do your face. TIP:Apply religiously every night onto clean,BARE nails and apply an intense hand cream after it has dried for a truly spa like treatment that will have your hands looking years younger
I have been using Moisture Rehab Strengthener from Sally Hansen on and off for about one year now. This serum is designed to help strengthen the nails while also hydrating and repairing the cuticles. It contains such lovely ingredients as black orchid and acai. It comes in a simply and easy to use transparent glass bottle with a brush akin to nail polish. All you need to do is apply it onto the nail and the cuticles around the nail and gently massage it in. I find that it absorbs very quickly and does not leave any sticky residue behind. For me it works extremely well to moisturise my cuticles and make them look smooth and healthy. It also does well hydrating my nails, but I can't say that I have noticed much difference strength-wise. I think it is just perfect for the winter months as my cuticles tend to get extra dry and irritated from the cold weather. Pros: - easy to use - quick to absorb - great for cuticle skin - affordable Cons: - the smell may not be to everyone's taste I would recommend this to everyone who wants their nails and cuticles to be well hydrated. 
I purchased this product as my nails became brittle and weak suddenly and I didn't know why. I thought this might help and it did. I had never before used a nail serum and I trust sally hansen products. I painted this on before bed and rubbed it in, so easy and left it overnight. This product felt hydrating on nails and gradually my nails became stronger, less brittle and stopped breaking, amazing.My cuticles became smoother and nails noticeably healthier. I will continue to buy this product and would recommend it
This is a good product. My nails are quite weak because I put on nail polish very often. Since I started using this serum, my nails have become stronger and don't break off easily anymore. I am a fan of Sally Hansen products and this one definitely didn't disappoint. Highly recommended.
I loved trialing this product, the packaging was simple looked like a blue gel but came out clear. Did not have any fragrance but did feel greasy on my nails but got absorbed very fast. I found that my cuticles are healthier and my nails are stronger I love the product and will keep using it and will recommend to other.
I loved this product so much that I recommended it to people after 2 days of use. My cuticles were much softer and my thumbnails which had been particularly brittle started to strengthen. I will definitely continue to use this daily. It has a lovely light fragrance and absorbs quickly.
THE SERUM WAS PRETTY GOOD. I Wash my hands alot at work which causes my hands and nails to look and feel dry , cracked and horrible.  using the serum  the past few days has changed they way my cuticles look. they now look health than before. will definetely continue to use the serum. its been good so far
As a nurse i constantly have dry hands and weak, dry nails. Moisture rehab works a treat and helps my nails so much. It absorbs quickly and you can notice an improvement after a couple of applications. I would be happy to recommend to everyone to give it a try if you have dry cuticles.
I'm absolutely in love with this product. After having  SNS for a while - I  received this product to  sample it and I couldn't be happier. From the moment you open this oil it smells beautiful and once you applied your nails feel instantly awesome. Been using it for a few days and my nails feel stronger and healthier. Highly recommended.
The bottle looks nice & the product has a nice smell too once opened.  It was easy to apply and dried surprisingly quickly.  My nails actually felt more dry straight after it dried, but within a few hours it was back to normal.  I noticed a subtle but positive difference after regular use.  In saying that, my nails are already in a good condition so I definitely would recommend this to those who have dry/brittle nails & are looking for an easy, quick routine
I trialed this for 8 nights during winter. My nails were peeling, so I was hopeful this would help. I loved the packaging, colour, smell and viscosity of the product. It was very easy to use and absorbed quickly with no sticky or oily residue. I trimed my nails on noght 3 to remove the already damaged parts. Unfortunately they still peeled and chipped. I also have peeling below my nails which has only occurred mid trial. I love the Sally Hansen brand so am disappointed that this didn't deliver. I'll still buy their other products but not this one.
I love Sally Hanson products and have used them previously with ease and great results. After a few years of using SNS and Shellac my nails were not in the best condition, and have seemed to get worse lately. I thought that i would need to give them a break from all the stress over the years that my nails have been exposed to. This product was wonderful as it spelt pretty good when i applied it and the coating sat really smooth and nicely on my nails which was good. over the past few months I have been letting them breath totry and undo all the damage I have done over the years.  My nails have grown without splitting, have a healthy look to them and even have a little glow to them as they are relieved from all the stress from years of salon treatments. I really like this product and recommend it to help improve your nails and I will continue to use this to help improve the condition of my nails.
This is quite a good product. I found after using regularly I had a lot less peeling of my nails and the condition in general was noticeably better. The thing I like most is that it isn't like a polish treatment which means the nail can breath and I can use it at work! As a health professional I am unable to use polish type products for infection control. I will definitely buy this again!
I suffer from severely dry hands an nails in winter and went into the trial with peeling cuticals and brittle nails. Along with a divine scent this product delivers great results. I noticed the differencee when I forgot to apply it. It's a great product. I highly recommend you try it.
I have tried nail serums in the past and have felt a bit take it or leave it with them, until now. I was super impressed with the Sally Hansen nail serum it aaas easy to apply, had a nice fragrance and most impotently it actually works. I can definitely see and feel a difference with my nail and I will most certainly be purchasing this product for future use, especially in winter.
Great timing when trialing this product as I had just had my shellac taken off and my nails were in need of some R+R. Even though I get my shellac taken off by the professionals, my nails always feel very weak afterwards so I was excited to see how this product could help. Firstly, the smell was really lovely. I initially thought the product would be oily and runny but to my surprise it had a thicker consistency which was really easy to apply and there was no oily mess. After about a week of applying every night I found that my cuticles weren't as dry, my nails felt a little stronger and they generally looked healthier. It's not a miracle cure but it definitely helped!
I used this product every night for five days. There was a noticeable difference with my cuticles and by the fifth day I also began to see a slight improvement in my nails. Loved that I didn't really have to wait for the product to dry, easy to use.
I love Sally Hanson products and was really excited to try their newest creation. After years of Acrylic, SNS and Shellac my nails are not in the best condition, over the past few months I have been letting them breath totry and undo all the damage I have done over the years. This product has done wonders for me, I was a little sceptical to start with as I was unsure how an oil would fix the years of damage. My nails have grown without splitting and now look healthy. I was even able to file and paint them with nail polish after having to have bear nails for month. 
I generally have strong nails most of the year (unless I remove gel nails incorrectly) however my cuticles are super dry most of the time so I had high hopes for this product. It was very easy to use where application was just like putting on nail polish and then massaging it in to the nails and cuticles letting it absorb into the nail. After using it for 4 nights straight I have noticed that my nails feel strong and have a nice shine shine to them, but more so my cuticles are not dry and look nice - they are softened making it easier to removed them.  Overall, I would say this product is worth the money and does what it promises to do!
I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen's nail care products. I often get my nails professionally done and get Shellac on them but when I don't, I find myself using a Sally Hansen coloured nail polish. Recently I gave myself time out and gave my nails a rest.  After using Shellac on my nails for so long,  I found my nails were so weak and rough on top and brittle. I trialled this product daily for a week and noticed my nails became rejuvenated and stronger. I would recommend anyone who has weak nails or their nails crack easily then this is the right product for you to use. I loved the easy application, the serum absorbed fast and there was no oily resedue left, it comes in a cute small bottle and has a nice, light fragrance to it. My nails felt improved and hydrated on the first application. It's like"Liquid Gold" for nails. I'll definitely use this product again.