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Sally Hansen Nail Rehab is an intense nail treatment that helps recover severely damaged nails prone to breaking, tearing and peeling. The nail strengthener is lightly tinted to hide imperfections.


Sally Hansen Nail Rehab


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I am one of those unfortunate people who are cursed with naturally weak nails.  Recently this Sally Hansen product was 50% off at my local pharmacy so I decided to give it a go, hoping I'd see an improvement. Sally Hansen have at least 10 products that predominantly claim to do the same thing - make your nails stronger &/or longer. So choosing which treatment to try was a bit of a dilemma, but with the word Rehab in the name, this product proved to be a wise choice. 7 days ago I painted 2 thin coats of this pretty, sheer pink nail treatment onto my bare nails.  I love how this isn't just a "clear" treatment, but looks as if I've painted my nails with a pretty wash of colour.  It's a flattering shade that would look great on any skintones. The 2 thin coats I applied dried quickly & have not chipped over the week of wear. It can also be worn as a base coat, meaning I can wear this year round & not get bored with the colour!  After just one week of use, I am really noticing a positive difference. I have not experienced any nail peeling, or breakage in the past week, which is almost unheard of with my weak nails. My nails are growing evenly & strongly, and definitely look a lot healthier too. I am truly delighted with results so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how my nail health & strength improve with regular use of Nail Rehab. Very highly recommended.
To be honest, this nail treatment has NOT blown me away but comapred to other similar products on the market it does make even the worst nails look better. I have no idea why my nails have gone thin, brittle, they peel and break. It is really difficult to grow them and they are very weak at the moment. Tried a few other Sally Hansen nail treatment products but this one works best for me. It is slightly tinted ( a very pale pink) and I believe it makes it the winner. This nail treatment applies easily, is not too runny or too thick. It definitely fills in any ridges, it smooths out the whole nail area. It helps a nail "stay together" if you know what I mean. I believe it does help to grow the nails stronger and faster but most of all it makes really bad and weak nails LOOK GOOD. It makes my nails look healthy ( although they are not) thanks to a pretty pink tint. The treatment does not chip or peel - thank goodness. It works great as a nail polish base, or it works as a nail polish alone if two layers are applied. Still waiting for a miracle to happen but at least I am not embarrassed to go out because of my nails. I would recommend to anyone who want to make their weak nails look a tad better.
This is a miracle worker! I love to pamper myself from time to time by getting shellac on my nails but I always dread when the time comes to take it off as my nails always feel weak, thin and super soft. I apply 1-2 coats of the nail rehab to clean nails and it  instantly makes my nails appear healthier and it's even better knowing I'm doing something good for them. By the end of the week they are as good as new!  Highly recommend :)