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Sally Hansen’s Nail Shaper smoothes and files nails to the desired shape and comes in a variety of designs with a reusable storage sleeve.


Sally Hansen Nail Shaper


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Back to the basics and Sally Hansen’s Nail Shaper is a ripper. It shapes and smooths almost effortlessly leaving no rough edges or jags. It is light with no pointy edges so it is safe to carry around in your bag or on trips. It really does do a terrific job.  
This is the nail file I always use for professional results, Great for shaping and smoothing, its easy to use and shapes my nails quickly. A fabulous price so I always buy a few at once and keep one in my makeup kit. I find this file a lot more gently than metal files and that shaping is easier as it is not as harsh. Its hard to go past this file for the price as it gives as good a result as a more expensive product
Sally Hansen has been a staple in my manicuring routine for many years now. It is a reliable brand that offers superior quality at a budget friendly price. I expected big things from this nail file and I wasn’t disappointed.   I have Sally Hansen’s Nail Shaper in blue/ lime green and orange and pink. Each comes with a reusable clear plastic sleeve. The colours are nice and bright so they are easy to find in my bag when I am in a rush.   They are the perfect length to file comfortably and are extremely easy to use. I liked them that much that have three. I keep one at home, one in the car and one in my bag. I always have a jag or rip in my nails and it drives me to distraction so I have to fix it right there and then.   Unlike metal files Nail Shaper is flexible and moves with your nail to file in a gentle manner. I didn’t expect it to last but I have been using the same ones for over 3 months now. My nails are smooth and perfectly shaped with little effort. I would recommend this product.   Pros: Value for money Great size Pretty colour combinations Easy to find Long lasting   Cons: A hard plastic storage case would be better