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Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle

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Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle is a nail growth treatment. Peptides, keratin, biotin and multi-vitamins reinforce nails to prevent splittings, cracking and breaking. Collagen and the multi-vitamin formula promote healthy nail growth.


Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle


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Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle....this is one the product i use on my nails that actually works AND i i enjoy using. I have a terrible secret,that maybe some of you share....I BITE MY NAILS.Yep,for as long as i can remember,i have done it,and it leaves me with cringe worthy,sore,shabby looking fingers. The nail biting products that taste horrific (apparently reminding you not to bite ?)...PLEEEASE,i'm immune to that stuff. Reminding me what i work with every day in my job and telling me my fingers are now in my mouth ? C'mon...I have my hands in latex (gloves) more than a fetish worker. So when i tried this,and it ACTUALLY worked,i had to tell all who would listen about it.This clear nail product from Sally Hansen (a brand that has done great nails and hands for ever), is applied every other day to the nails over a two week period (just like a polish) to give both shine and strength....but then the magic happens.Within a week,you will notice that longed for "edge" to your nails.After a month,i found myself FILING my nails,buffing them nightly and considering a little colour (not since pregnancy have i been able to do that....because whilst horrific morning sickness,sore chest and loo trips minutely are a minus,the nail and hair growth i get then is a huge plus). I would recommend to use it on bare nails rather than on top of nail color (it states you can do this) but I feel like you get the most results if you apply directly onto the nail rather than have it sit on top of nail color. So,whilst nails definitely grew within the two week period,but they grew in strong & healthy....the fact that this contains keratin (the building block of hair and nails),is probably the major reason for this,but also the fact that my nails just looked so darn pretty,i couldn't bite. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to grow long,strong,natural nails (if you are a biter or not). It takes no more than 5 minutes to apply it to each nail,it dries quick smart (no waving your hands in the air like you just don't care...waiting for it to dry) and the results are amazing.The bottle lasts for months,and is perfect for fingers and toes (hey,sandal season is here,tootsies need some love too).  TIP:Start use a month before a special event...and see longer,stronger,sexier nails by the time your special event arrives (that you will be proud to flaunt)
I love this nail polish, it has made my very weak nails strong and shiny and has stopped them splitting as long as I keep re-applying it they stay nice and strong. It is quite durable and long lasting as well, which I really really like. Great product A++
I do believe this is the one of the best nail strengthening and growing products I will ever find. It was recommended to me by a friend when she had noticed my nails looking short and in poor condition. I used it as a base coat and never had a nail break, peel, or rip. It's easy to apply with a wide brush and it magically made my nails grow a lot faster in a very short amount of time. I was so pleasantly surprised by how well it works as I have tried and tested so many products like this one, never getting the results the bottles claimed to give. I have always known Sally Hansen to have quality nail products that work extremely well. A bottle will last you for many months. I highly recommend. It saved my nails and it's well worth the price.
I use this frequently and if I could add a picture of my long, healthy, string nails, you'd buy it in a flash. I love getting compliments on how great my nails look!