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Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen

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Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen helps remove excess nail colour smears and smudges with a precision-tapered felt-tip pen. It comes with two replacement tips and the pen applicator allows for controlled use.


Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen


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As much as I love getting my nails done at the salon I know it's not the most affordable option which is why I try to do my own manicures at home and leave the salons for the special occasions.  One thing I never liked about doing my own nails was that it would never turn out as perfect as the manicurists who would do my nails.  Yes, they are trained and qualified at their job and I'm definitely not but I was determined to create perfect nails right at home.  Even though I have been doing my nails since I was a little girl my experience has always been the same.  Go very slowly, start off in the middle and then do the left and ride side so everything was coated.  Somewhere between those steps I would manage to get some nail polish on my skin and cuticles that would look as though an eight year old was doing my nails.  Carefully wiping it off was a big dilemma (first world problems).  I had to risk ruining my already done nails by cleaning the edges or I would have to wait till the polish dried and then pick it off the next day.  It wasn't until I saw my friend using this that I realised this is what my manicures had been missing all along! It was just the tool I was looking for in creating my perfectly manicured nails.  It's pretty much a nail polish remover in the shape of a pen!  It had a precision tip which made it easy to use around those risky areas by my nails.  You would hold it just like you would with any other pen or marker, pressing the tip gently over the area with nail polish and going over it until the colour came off.  Then follow it up with a piece of tissue paper over the tip to get the colour off as it could build up.  Easy as! This simple yet important step would make such a huge difference in my nails.  The lines would be so clean and precise.  My nails no longer had the distraction of extra nail polish on the sides.  It looked professional and I could do it in the convenience of my home.  I even went up to my friends and asked if they liked my nails, not telling them that I had done them myself until after.  The tip lasts quite a long time and even when the first one finishes you have two other replacement tips as well so you'll be prepared!  Tip: I use this for creating the perfect French manicure!  Apply the white nail polish to the tip and use the brush to clean the lines and edges!  Great for: Those who want to create the perfect at home manicure and are prone to getting nail polish outside of the lines! 
I love being asked "where do you get your nails done" and I can honestly say - I do them myself. Like most, I'm on a budget and time poor, I don't want to sit in a nail salon fretting about how I will get home without wrecking the finish. So I have invested in the essential tools to give me a professional nail salon finish and this handy little clean-up pen is amazing. So easy to use, immediate clean up, no mess, no stress and no nasty odour My sight is not great so also perfect to keep those toe nails looking picture perfect with a quick run round the edges. Money well spent!
I don't know about anyone else but when I try and paint my finger nails and toe nails I get a little shake and it all turns messy. I try to think that I can do it like the professionals but in fact I cant. The Sally Hansen No More Mistakes pen is my best friend. When I accidently go over the line, its easily cleaned up. This pen is a life saver when you cant afford to go to the nail salon every time you want to change colours, which for me, is weekly. Absolutely love this product and would recommend to all "shaky hands" .
Alright confession time: I'm embarrassingly clumsy when it comes to diy mani/pedi and no matter how hard I try, I always seem to get excess nail polish onto the skin surrounding my nail bed. This is where the Sally Hansen Manicure Clean Up pen comes in. The nail polish remover in this pen has a non offensive mild vanila scent. The pen has a felt-tip tapered applicator that is small and pointy enough to really get into the contours of the skin surrounding my nail bed. All I have to do is swipe the pointy edge on my mani mistakes a couple of times and it dissolves and erases the polish almost instantly.  The applicator does change colour as it soaks up some nail polish but the colour doesn't affect my mani at all. It also comes with two replacement applicators but the original applicator has lasted me ages and I haven't needed to change it yet. I've had this pen for over 6 months and the pen hasn't dried up either which is great value for money.  This pen is better than the 'dipping q-tip in nail polish remover' trick because the q-tip has a rounded tip which lacks precision like the pens tapered applicator has.The q-tip trick is seriously not worth the trouble in my opinion. The SH Mani Clean Up pen with its tapered tip is far superior to using a q-tip and I'm so glad I tried this pen. This is a life changing product for this clumsy mani/pedi diyer for sure.     My only gripe is that the price is a little much for a simple hollowed out pen with nail polish remover in it. I snagged this pen up when my pharmacy was having a sale and the price was much more in line with the value of the product.  Pro  Removes excess nail polish with precision  Tapered felt tip  Pleasant scent  Pen is long lasting  Con  Price