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Sally Hansen Salon Formula Nail Polish Remover For Artificial & Sensitive Nails

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Sally Hansen Salon Formula Nail Polish Remover For Artificial & Sensitive Nails is an acetone-free nail polish remover. It features a gentle, liquid formula that has been specially designed for use on artificial and sensitive nails.


Sally Hansen Salon Formula Nail Polish Remover For Artificial & Sensitive Nails


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This is a fantastic nail polish remover! It gets the job done and it doesn’t require much product at all. It is affordable and has a pleasant scent unlike competitors. I use this on myself and also on my daughter.  I'd recommend this to friends and family especially for stains on nails or dark nail polishes.
Just recently my regular nail polish remover was out of stock, I love the Sally Hansen brand so chose to try this one instead. I gravitated toward it because it is acetone free. It smells better than most nail polish removers, it removes well and leaves my nails in a fairly good condition.
I have nails that by nature are weak, and prone to breakage, so I like to make sure what I use on my hands and nails won't exacerbate my issues. Using an acetone-free nail polish remover that's designed with sensitive nails in mind is a must, so I'm really happy I've discovered this gentle, effective remover.. Due to the gentle nature of the formula, it does take a little more effort to remove polish, but I've used it on many different polish finishes successfully. This includes glittery polish on my toes, and a gel finish top coat that binds like glue to my nail polish and is a challenge for any remover.  Dark shades also remove with relative ease. It also doesn't smell too strongly, unlike some acetone formulas I''ve tried. Ticks all the boxes for me, and is a nail polish remover I'm happy to highly recommend.
This is a fantastic polish remover. It's a tough remover without being tough on nails. It doesn't take much to remove the current polish, including dark colours, which is a big time saver. It also doesn't feel as though it strips your nails which some removers do. I really like using this product as my nails can often get brittle with constant nail polish application and this remover is a saviour as it doesn't do any damage. I would highly recommend this to people who may have sensitive or brittle nails looking for nail polish remover.
Stop looking now! This is my go to product for nail polish removal. You can thank me later
This is a wonderful nail polish remover that removes even the most stubborn of nail polish, quickly and gently.  Even nail polish with glitter effects comes off and leaves your nails clean and fresh.  Even the most fragile and sensitive nails will be comfortable with this fantastic remover.  It is a great value product, and is great for artificial and sensitive nails.
This stuff is the bomb. I love experimenting with falsies, but after a while some start to come free, or the cuticles start to look really shabby. This stuff helps me whisk them off easily ready for the next experiment. Also, as someone who still lives with the fall out of childhood nail biting, I really appreciate the sensitive formula.