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Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Base Coat

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Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Base Coat is a base coat that helps prime and prepare nails for gel colour polish and adds shine to nails. The anti-chip formula dries quickly and lasts up to two weeks.


Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Base Coat


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I recently purchased a set of nail polishes from Sally Hansen and I received this base coat along with a standard nail polish colour. I have used them together and separately to see if the base coat is actually effective and worth buying. Firstly, I am going to mention that if you want to get best value for money I recommend you buy a 2-set kit from Sally Hansen because it actually cost me the same amount as buying the base coat individually, so just a little tip if you want to save a little cash (they also often have deals on this brand at pharmacies like Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, etc.). Now, I actually enjoy the formula of the standard colours and find they last about 3/4 days without chipping on my nails with a single coat-which isn't too bad considering I've tried Chanel nail polish and it lasted an abysmal 2 days. However with this base coat I find that it actually increase the life-span of my nail polish and stops it from chipping so easily-my nail polish AT LEAST A FULL WEEK with the base coat on! I've also found also makes the nail polish colour go on a lot smoother and I find it reduces the possibility of my colour streaking on the nails. I also like that with this base coat it also means that when the nail polish starts coming of the nails it peels off easily rather than annoying chipping and creates a nicer barrier between the nail colour and nail (protecting your nails at the same time as well!). Overall, a lovely reasonably priced product.