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Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Top Coat

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Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Top Coat is a top coat that helps finish off a gel manicure with a high shine protective coat. The anti-chip formula dries quickly and lasts up to two weeks.


Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Top Coat


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I love gel nails, I was an early adopter and have many different kits with UV lights and polishes. I have fads's where I only do gel nails and then I resort back to doing it the old fashioned way.  I love Sally Hansen products, they are well designed for the masses and are good quality. I think they are really reasonable for a salon quality product.  I love the Sally Hanson Gel Polish it's easy to use and the UV light is easy and quick. The instructions are also easy to use. It's a great starter kit and I would highly recommend trying this Gel kit as it's one of the better ones.  I find the polishes are easy to use, the bottle is easy to hold in the hand. The tip gets just the right amount of polish and it doesn't dry out.  The top coat is easily applied and drys under the light quickly with the LED lamp. The recommend using the Sally Hansen light and I tend to agree the products work best with the lamp they suggest as you will get good results.  Lasts on my 2-3 weeks, until they start to grow out and I'm pretty tough on my hands.  Don't spend $100's on Gel when you can get this kit!