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Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm

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Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm is a daily cuticle treatment that features a two in one formula to help exfoliate dry, overgrown cuticles and moisturise the area. Formulated with white tea and cucumber extracts, the balm soothes skin and promotes healthy nail growth. 


Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm


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I find that this doesn't actually do really anything to actually erase my cuticles, even after using it daily.  I do find that it is a good treatment for keeping the cuticles soft and hydrated, and reduces dryness and flaking.  It has a very light fragrance that reminds me of cucumber.  It is very easy to use, non greasy, travel friendly and will last a long time.  I find that one container will last me close to a year when used daily.
This is a very nice cuticle balm which works well if you commit to using it regularly. This is the key to most cuticle treatments: regular use. Anyway, this is a great alternative if you want something NOT citrus fragranced like some other popular cuticle balms on the market. It's not going to magically erase your cuticles overnight but it certainly softens them and reduces those yucky overgrown bits. I'll admit it was the cute packaging that suckered me in to buying this balm. Look at that adorable swirl! It looks like a lollipop! The best thing about this product to me, is that it is not greasy like an oil. And it is so portable - it is tiny and spill-proof - ideal for travel or your handbag. I think one improvement could be made - I'd love to see the packaging improved to include a flip top lid rather than a screw top. I find putting the lid back on a bit fiddly at times. Overall, this is a great cuticle treatment. I'd buy it again. 5 stars!
I wanted this product to work so much, but unfortunately it has more problems than good things going for it. The cuticle eraser + balm is such a good idea, I was planning on keeping this beside my bed and using it before bed as a nice pre-sleep ritual with the added bonus of waking up with tamed cuticles. Even though I am one of the lucky ones with neat cuticles naturally, I found that this product did not help to reduce them and did not provide extra moisture to the skin around my nails. It's a really strange texture, definitely balm, but with an opaque colour, and it really does not want to absorb into your skin or nails at all. When the green and white combine it becomes a thick grey cream that just will not disappear. The tips of your fingers and nails end up coated in it and although it was gone by morning, I would not leave the house without washing my hands or apply this in public (such as at my desk). The scent is ok, a synthetic cucumber fragrance, and you get a really generous portion for a great price. Of course as soon as you dip your finger into the pot it messes up the pretty swirl and makes it look really grubby. For me this product is a no and I would opt for a cuticle oil which is less messy, absorbs really well and makes a noticeable difference in keeping my cuticles and nails looking healthy and tidy.