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Sally Hansen Triple ShineTM

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Sally Hansen Triple ShineTM is high-gloss nail polish. It features an ultimate shield complex and natural crushed pearls that resist fading caused by water and wear. 

Available in 26 shades.


Sally Hansen Triple ShineTM


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Sally Hansen Triple Shine comes in a tapered, tall rectangular bottle with a matching black shiny cap.The brush is flat and wide with a curved edge. The bristles are firm so they don’t really fan out on the nail but it delivers the most streak-free results. Drama Sheen, one of my personal favourites is a light purple with a darker purple shimmer although it was a bit sheer its easily build-able. The bottle says to apply 2, but I would recommend three thin coats. Even with thicker coverage I am very happy with the drying time. Is long-lasting and so is the shine. These polishes are very easy to remove and I was impressed as I did not notice any staining after 5 days continual wear. Overall they are very easy to use given the wide brush and smooth formula. And I absolutely adore the varied range of colours. I would recommend It – especially if you can find them on sale, they are a great value, high quality varnish from a long standing trusted brand.
I have this in the colour "Twinkled Pink" which is a mixture of very fine glittery bits and large fine glitter.  It has an overall pinky/rose-gold hue to it when it's on the nails but in the bottle it looks a bit more orange.  I like the way it looks on my nails much better than how it appears in the bottle.  The large glitter is different colours of silver, pink, and the orange/rose-gold ones whilst the fine glittery bits which appear almost as a shimmer are orange/rose-gold in colour.  The large glitter bits go on randomly as this varnish is applied to the nail which makes it fun and each nail becomes a surprise to do.  It is easy to manipulate extra bits of large glitter to be applied if I want to do that too.   The brush is awesome!  It makes it so easy to apply and the fact that the base is translucent makes the application of this nail colour goof-proof.  I just can't make a mistake with this - it's great!  The glass bottle is a cool and cute retro shape and holds 10ml.   The base colour is a translucent pink which makes the nails have a healthy and very shiny appearance.  This translucent pink base colour is very subtle but I can tell a difference when I have it on my nails.  It dries hard within five minutes or so and it is impossible to smudge.   Doing two coats means there is more glitter and more shimmer but one coat is very pretty and fun. I think this colour is perfect for parties, fun moods or just the weekends.  I wouldn't probably wear this to work or a formal office or formal event.