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Sally Hansen Triple Strong

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Sally Hansen Triple Strong is a strengthening treatment gel. It features a quick-drying, high-shine formula to protect nails and help them grow longer, stronger and healthy. 


Sally Hansen Triple Strong


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I have naturally weak nails & decided I really need to take action to stop them from breaking & splitting so often. I've tested this properly ie followed all instructions on the bottle, using it underneath polish for a week, and then for the following week, I stopped using it - to see if I really could notice any change in nail condition.  Well results were amazing, I noticed a big difference! The week I used it, I noticed my nails were all growing well, with no splitting, and the annoying tendency to crack wasn't happening. I was delighted. At the end of the week my nails were definitely improving. Over the following week minus Triple Strong, after a few days I noticed my usual issue with cracking & splitting had returned big time,  including having 6 nails crack in a single, horrid day! So I've immediately tidied my nails up properly & put Triple Strong back on them - and voila, no cracking or splitting issues any more. This stuff truly is miraculous, I very highly recommend this for anyone with nails that split, crack, are weak, or just don't grow well.
Does what it says it does! If you follow the instructions and use correctly this product does fortify your nails which stops them from chipping or breaking while they're growing. You just pop on a couple of coats and remove and reapply after a couple of days, or you can use as a base or top coat with your favourite coloured polish. The brush is a little small and the formula quite thick so it does take some getting used to.