Schick Hydro Silk

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Schick Hydro Silk is a women’s razor featuring a water-activating moisturising serum that works to hydrate the skin for up to two hours after use. The razor incorporates five curve-sensing blades that follow the natural shape of the body to provide a precise shave with minimal irritation.


Schick Hydro Silk


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Schick Hydro Silk

The Schick Hydro Silk razor is the only one that I use because it's the only once that provides me with a sufficient amount of moisture so that I don't get any irritation going on. The heads are replaceable and they pop off very easily. I have a little razor storage plug that suctions to the tiles in my shower that my razor sits in and I like to keep that up high out of the way from any water because if you allow the razor to get wet the moisture strip goes all gluey and wastes away so you'll need to keep it dry and away from water for it to last you. I find the razor comfortable to use and doesn't tug or pull on any hairs from any part of the body I use it on. And I also find the handle comfortable to hold and doesn't slip out of my hand when wet or soapy. I haven't had and cuts from this razor either. I highly recommend this to anyone who shaves. 10/10

Schick Hydro Silk

I have used the Schick Hydro Silk razor for many years as it is a great and reliable razor which I know works very well, the cut of hair is so close to the skin I don’t have to shave as often as I have had to with other brands. It does not irritate my skin which gives me piece of mind knowing I can use it with confidence and won’t get any irritation I think this is partly because of the gel attached to the razor. I buy this in a pack with the refill cartridges from the chemist which lasts me usually many months to a year or more as I have had laser hair removal so don’t need to shave as often as I once did. I would definitely recommend this razor to normal and sensitive skin types.

The only razor I'll use

This Schick Hydro Silk razor is the only razor I've tried that do does make my legs itchy after shaving. I think that is because of the moisturiser strip. It hydrates as you shave. The razor itself has 5 blades so I always get a really close and smooth shave. It also curves with your body which is another reason I love it so much. I usually buy the mine from the chemist but I have also seen it in the supermarket and always a reasonable price and quite often on sale too which is great. I would recommend this to anyone who shaves because it does not cause any irritation and is affordable. It's also really comfortable to hold in your hands too so good for people with arthritis. I won't ever use any other razor unless they stop making these.
Schick Hydrogel 5 blade razor is a great all rounder that works on all body areas, armpits, legs and bikini area. It has a moisture strip that helps the razor glide effortlessly across your skin and helps prevent and tugging or nicks plus it helps hydrate, win! The handle fits comfortably into your hand and is easy to manoeuvre.  There are a few negatives but not enough that would stop me from purchasing regularly, if the razor falls from your shelf or grip the head does easily pop off, also if you leave the razor face down in the shower after use the moisture strip will run and sick to the shelf. I make sure mine is standing behind my other products so that’s not a big issue for me.  Overall a great razor I’ll continue purchase.
I can always rely on Schick for a smooth, clean shave and Hydro Silk is great. The handle is easy hold with wet slippery hands (I shave in the shower) and the lubricating strips save me from cutting myself because it glides better. I also think that the five curve-sensing blades work wonders. I like the end result, smooth legs and no cuts or rash. I would recommend this product.
I do change up my razors depending on what is on sale when I run out but this on is always a favorite. I have been using it off and on for a few years now. Cuts super close. Leaves my skin silky and hair free. I am almost always in a rush but find I don't get little nicks either around my ankles of knees with this either.
I have to shave regularly for my IPL treatments and this one is exactly what I needed. It's perfect for light growth and quick shave. I'm usually done within 10 minutes thanks to this little beauty. It provides super smooth close shave. Love the shape of handle which is so user friendly.
So I have been using the Hydro Silk razor on + off for a few years now, and I can't rave about it enough. I use to hardly ever use razors, mainly due to the fact that I hate the feel- and the result- and the continuous regrowth and dry legs, however this is the one razor that I will only buy! I like the way this razor is designed; it is curved precisely enough and contours to your body shape (love the way my skin gets a nice closer shave). It contains a nice soft rubber grip which I found really easy to hold onto and get a good curve-like other reviewers have said, I did find that the razor can start to become loose from the holder and start to remove itself. However it doesn't completely detach and I found that I still managed to hold on tight and get a good close shave. The Hydro silk is in built with 5 blades which are supposed to provide a closer shave- and does it ever! You are really given the closest shave ever- it grips all the small tiny hairs and the longer ones, and removes them all- not one hair left in sight, it doesn't matter how long or how small. I personally really loved the way this shaver contains extra blades- it allows for a closer shave that was decent; post use there is no prickly dry skin. The hydro silk contains moisturising strips which on application with water really foam up, & feel like silk, providing beautiful hydration to the skin. When shaving with this razor I actually really like the feel on my skin- it feels really smooth and soft, and I always feel post use my skin is soft and smooth-different to other razors which leave me dry, with flaky skin and leaving my skin sharp & horrible. The actual serum moisturising agents, on the strips really lather up quite a lot- more than other shavers like this, and really provide beautiful hydration & silky skin. I also find that the moisturising serums on this blade lasts so much longer than any other types like this and with each purchase of the replacement heads, I am given the same result and same high quality delivery. The thing I LOVE the most about this razor is that it is so easy to use, and runs smooth up the legs. I'm left with very smooth, moisturised legs that feel amazing. Plus the results last a good week plus even more. Very impressed with this razor and I would recommend it over & over again!
I've been using the Schick Hydro for over a year now and this particular razor has performed better than other 5 and 3 bladed razors I have used in the past. This razor gives me a very smooth shave and I usually only have to do a second past in areas of dense hair growth. I have repurchased heads for it several times and don't see myself changing to another razor for a while.
Schick Hydro Silk razor is my go-to razor for quick and easy hair removal. I love the design and the look of it. The handle feels very comfortable to hold in my hand and the 5-blade head of the razor guarantees a close yet safe shave every single time. I absolutely adore that it has a moisture strip that is activated when wet, which means that I do not need to use a shaving cream and my skin feels smooth and silky after shaving. The blades remain sharp use after use and they can be easily replaced, when they do start to go blunt. I find that I can skip a day of shaving after using Hydro Silk as it provides a fantastic close shave. The razor comes with a special little wall mounted holder with a suction cup that can be attached to the shower wall, which makes for very convenient storage.  I would definitely recommend this razor to anyone who prefers shaving as their hair removal method of choice. 
Out of all the forms of hair removal I find shaving to be the most convenient.  With waxing I have to wait awhile for the hair to grow before I can even remove it and I'm definitely not patient enough for that and I find that my epilator doesn't really do a good job either so my only option is shaving.  When you're shaving its important to find something that has at least four to five blades so it provides a close shave, one that's sharp enough so your legs will feel smooth and one that is easy to hold and manoeuvre so you don't up with lots of nicks and cuts.  The schick hydro silk is one of my favourites and it happens to be the one that I always go back to.  It's my go to for shaving anywhere and everywhere.  It comes with five blades so it really gets to as close to the hair as possibly which means it leaves your legs smooth for at least two days.  When you are using the razor you can see that it moves along the curves and edges of your body.  For example when I am shaving my knee, a tricky area that I have cut countless times, the razor wont just stop.  The head will adjust and move over the knee without you having to lift it up so you can shave effectively in just one stroke.  The razor is sharp so it will cut the hair and you wont end up with blunt ends and with half the hair still on your leg.  You can be confident that whichever area you go over the razor will shave it properly.  This saves me a lot of time and frankly it helps with preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  It doesn't cause any irritation and in combination with my shaving gel it provides a close shave, even on my bikini line.  My underarms are very sensitive and the moisturising serum that is on the razor helps to hydrate and soothe my skin so it doesn't get irritated.  Despite being careful I always end up with so many nicks and cuts around my knee, shins and ankles but thankfully with this razor I haven't had any!  You obviously still have to be careful as it is a razor so it is very likely you can cut yourself but even when I have shaved relatively quickly I managed to finish unscathed! Overall it's definitely a razor I recommend and will continue to use myself.  It took several months before the razor became dull and once I needed a new one I could easily replace the head by purchasing the replacements so I wouldn't have to buy a whole new razor which is convenient.   Benefits: -Sharp razor that provides a smooth shave -Five blades for a close shave -Easy to hold and manoeuvre  -Lasts a long time -Disposable heads that are replaceable  -Moisturises skin
The Schick Hydro Silk has been a staple in my body care routine for years now. Featuring a textured rubber handle for a non-slip grip in the shower/bath, the razor is compiled of 5 sharp blades and two moisturising strips.   I find the Schick Hydro Silk to be comfortable to use thanks to the shape of the sturdy handle,allowing you to get a good grip, even when wet. However, the razor head itself is the real standout. With a tilt-able design, its able to move with the contours of the body, particularly the knees and underarms which allows you to get a really accurate and close shave in those hard to get to areas, meaning there’s no need to go over the area a second time (which might cause some irritation). It leaves my skin smooth and hair free.   The close shave means having to shave less often and I’ve found the blades to work perfectly, even with coarse underarm hair. The blades last incredibly well and stay nice and sharp throughout many uses. Once it’s time to replace the head, it’s easy to do so with just a swipe up. I store my razor in the shower and it stays in perfect condition, with no rusting at all. The design of the razor head also allows for easy rinsing after use, leaving it clean and clear of any hairs.   The moisturising shea butter strips allow the razor to glide over the skin, providing a close and comfortable shave. I’ve never experienced any razor rash, irritation or ingrown hairs with this razor. The strips last incredibly well, unlike others which seem to melt away within the first few uses of the razor. It also leaves my skin feeling hydrated.   I would definitely recommend Schick’s Hydro Silk to anyone looking for a reliable and sharp razor for all their shaving needs. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it truly delivers results. Its become a staple in my shower!
I hate body hair!  I was loyal to my previous razor for many years, when I thought I’d jump out of my comfort zone and try the”Hydro Silk” with its 5 blades. As I said I hate body hair, so that means under arms, arms legs, and bikini, I was shaving every other day but with the hydro silk and it’s 5 blades, you get a closer shave so it’s longer between shaves which really save me time.  The hydro silk is smooth and seems to glide of the body without it nicking the usual spots like the knees, ankle area, and the handle is comfortable to hold in any position It also is gentle but effective under the arms where you don’t get that stinging feeling putting on deoderant.  This is a must have razor, for a nice silk smooth body and the price point is great. I would never be without my Hydro Silk for a smooth body especially over summer
This is usually my go to shaver as it does a great job and is so gentle. This gives a really close shave on legs and underarms and the water activated moisture serum conditions and soothes skin and makes for a really gentle shave. The five curve sensing blades follow the natural body contours so nothing gets missed, this is a great design factor. The schick hydro silk is so easy to use and glides over skin effortlessly with no nicks or cuts, a big bonus. This razor will not dry skin and it comes at a great price of just $10.00, great for the results it delivers. I highly recommend this
I've been using this particular razor for years and I cannot survive without it. The conditioner strips really help but I always use body wash on my skin before use. Anyways exit the shower with smooth legs and under arms. I think I own two one for home and one in my gym bag in case of an emergency. Overall, really please with this razor and I would recommended it to anyone!
I receive a nice, close shave when using the Schick Hydro Silk Razor with silky, smooth skin as a result. It is an easy to use razor that lasts far longer than others. With the water-activating element, you will be left with moisturised and hydrated skin. I am really happy with the results and I would recommend this razor to those who want a close shave with a great razor.
Us women need our own razors instead of pinching hubbies.  The Schick Hydro Silk is specially designed for the lady to glide smoothly over the curves.  I love the idea of 5 blades giving an extra smooth shave, leaving my legs feeling and looking silky smooth and hair free.  The skin is left feeling moist for a while after the shave, so no need to moisturize straight after the shave if you don't want.  After using, a simple rinse and ready for next time.  Very happy with the results.
I have the Schick Hydro silk razor in the limited edition pink handle. Otherwise, its the same product as the one pictured here.  The razor has 5 blades for a close shave. The blades flex with the contours of the body, minimizing cuts and razor burns. The moisturizing stripe activates once wet and keeps the skin hydrated and silky smooth post shave. The razor comes with two blade heads and you can purchase additional refills separately. The handle of the razor is designed in a way that it feels comfortable to hold and easy to use.  As long as you clean the razor after each use, and keep it dry, it minimizes the blades rusting and going bad. This is my trusted razor for when I need silky, smooth skin, without the worry of razor burns. Love that this product is effective and affordable. 
Pins to rival a Victoria's Secret model? Not quite, but they are incredibly smooth and nick-free thanks to Schick Hydro Silk. I have super sensitive skin which is also prone to irritation and extreme dryness (but enough about me now) so when I got this product in one of my previous Marie Claire The Parcel subscription boxes I was intrigued and keen to give it a try. I have previously used many different disposable razors and many have left my already-imperfect legs looking very unloved (bumps, irritation, cuts etc). I have to say, since that first time I used this razor, I was immediately converted and have been using Schick Hydro Silk ever since. I have never, not once, had any adverse reactions after using this more shaving rash, redness or any other yucky stuff. Somehow the blades on this are super gentle yet extremely precise (due to the 5 blades) to give the perfect shave each time. For me personally the biggest bonus is the moisturising serum which gives my legs the care and moisture that they so desperately need during and after a shave. This means no more dry, flakey skin! Easy to use, handle is well designed for a good grip and the razor glides easily. A bit more expensive than other disposable razors but there are so many out there and this one really is a game-changer. Great product.
Ah shaving, the necessary nuisance of every woman's life. Being a lady who's always in a hurry and always trying to save a few pennies I had consistently purchased the same el cheapo razors for years. They would rust within a week and my sensitive skin would be left with razor burn. All of this was until a friend (who noticed my bumpy, spiky legs) recommended I try the Schick Hydro Silk.  I was slightly hesitant at first, the price was different to what I would normally pay and I just thought my legs would be sensitive to shaving no matter which product I used. How very wrong I was! From the very first shave I was hooked. The razor effortlessly glided over my legs and I didn't have to awkwardly maneuver it around my knees. My underarms were left feeling soft and smooth instead of dry and sensitive. The shave is very close and I love how silky and smooth my legs feel after I've used this razor. I have been using the Schick hydro silk ever since I first tried it and will not be swayed to try a different razor. Although the price seemed a lot compared to what I was used to I find that I get SO MUCH more use out of them! My skin is moisturized as I use it (bonus time saver!) and my pins are left feeling smooth and hair free. As a razor this one does everything that a razor should and I would definitely recommend it .