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Scunci Hair Accessories Claw Clip No Slip Grip 1pc

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Scunci Hair Accessories Claw Clip No Slip Grip 1pc is jaw clip that delivers an elegant, chic style. The clip is designed to clip up extra long or thick tresses quickly and firmly in place with no fall out. The rectangle claw shape, along with the perfectly practical inner silicone, grips hair in place. The clip takes the stress out of your day, holding your hairstyle in place all day long. Available in Milky Tort and Smokey Plum.

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Scunci Hair Accessories Claw Clip No Slip Grip 1pc


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Scunci Hair Claw Clip

I used to use a claw all the time when I was in school to keep my hair up and out of my face. This claw's design is probably old fashion in its' design so it suits my age. It keeps my hair up but I do have to redo my hair throughout the day as pieces or sections of my hair falls out of the hairstyle but this isn't out of the ordinary as this used to happen all the time when I use a claw type of clip. It is still a good tool to keep your hair up. I would leave this for a sunday hairstyle when it is more casual and more relaxed.
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Great hold with style

This claw grip has amazing hold. I have very thick hair and find a lot of claw grips fall right out and don’t hold. This scuunci grip is suitable for thick hair and holds my hair in place all day. It looks really stylish for an updo and is so easy to use, I just twist hair and the grip holds it up with ease. I have the milky taupe colour which is versatile and tends to go with everything. These are a great price and work well so are great value for money. A great product I would highly recommend
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Big, grips well, not sliding off

Smokey plum. Great colour. Great size. Suitable for my wardrobe colour theme and hair. I have hair over the rear in length, fine textured and on a thicker side. Heavy and lots. Hair claws, I had none. As they just do not hold. This clip is perfect size. And grips so well! Not sliding off. Feels super comfortable on the head too. There are silicone knobs on the inside of this clip that make it stay put. But not pulling even a bit. As I do have a lot of fur, this clip can not hold all of it in, but I can twist it and hold from the edge. This way it can hold all hair up. Also half up, super easy. I have large head and the clip is perfect size for me. Love to use it when sectioning hair when styling. Great and handy "little" thing!
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Great hair clip!

Great clip and love the colour! I don’t normally wear hair clips but I was very excited to try this one! I found it quite easy to use and not it was not too big. I have short to medium length hair and found that when styling my hair with this clip it still looked good. I have worn it both half up and all up styles and found the the clip felt comfortable to wear for long periods of time and didn’t slip out. I loved the print also as it was quite a neutral tone but the leopard print made it a bit more fun! Great price point too! Definitely worth a try!
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Scunci Hair Accessories Claw Clip in Smokey Plum

I have never had much luck with hair clips, especially claw clips in general as I have very thick hair i find that these types of clips don’t fit all of my hair in the clip or my hair falls out of it. When I received this clip I couldn’t wait to try it, I washed my hair then after towel drying I twisted it up and swept it up in the clip in one go. It stayed exactly where I clipped it for hours without any fallout, slipping or becoming lose. This is thanks to the little silicon buds on the inner diameter of the clips I didn’t even realise they were there until I read up about the clip then got it out to have a look and figured out that was why it worked so well for me. The clip feels great in my hair, effortlessly holds my hair into place without any pulling and looks stylish at the same time. I would recommend this clip to anyone with thick or long hair or who wants a claw clip that stays in place and does what it says it does.
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This one does the job and stays in place

Scunci Hair Accessories Claw Clip No Slip Grip - I have thin but long and slippery hair and it's hard to find a clip that can hold it all. This one does the job and stays in place. I don't like the giant butterfly clips because they tend to stab you in the back of the neck when you lean your head back at all but this one is shorter so it doesn't do that, yet it can handle as much hair as the really large ones. I think I will buy a few more! I love the colours and design. Will deferentially recommend to others.

Best clip I've ever tried

I absolutely love my Scunci Claw Clip. I have thick wavy hair and after I've washed my hair and towel dried it I like to twist my hair up and clip it up to air dry and it holds all of my hair in place very comfortably. This clip would have to be the most comfortable clip over ever tried. It also doesn't slip out of my hair. I've also done a half up half down style using my Scunci claw clip and it not only looks amazing but I can't even feel that I have a clip in my hair. The quality of this clip is great. I would highly recommend to everyone especially those with thick long hair.