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Scunci Hair Accessories Jaw Clip Adjustable Lock in Grip 1pc

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Scunci Hair Accessories Jaw Clip Adjustable Lock in Grip 1pc is an adjustable jaw clip for all hair types and volume. Adjust to your comfort zone. The control is on your hands, lock in your style as tight or relaxed as you want with a one-way closing system as you put the clip in. Features an easy release to take it back out. With no spring tensioner, it won’t lose its strength with use. Looks great with no opening handles.

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Scunci Hair Accessories Jaw Clip Adjustable Lock in Grip 1pc


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These are fantastic! I won't lie, it took my a while to figure out how to use them (mainly because I didn't read the instructions) but these lil clips are fab. I have quite long and thick hair and while it's a LITTLE bit of a struggle, they can actually grab it all and keep it secure better than a lot of other clips on the market. The fact that they don't need the handles that a traditional clip does mean they look a lot cleaner and more elegant in your hair and the lock in grip means isn't going anywhere. Would absolutely repurchase, fantastic price point too!
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Game changer hair claw!

These clips are awesome. They lock into themselves so there is no budging all day. The only thing I wish was that they were a little bigger. I have shoulder length hair but lots of it and it makes finding hair claws big enough difficult. If I can manage to get the clip closed over my hair, I am set for the day, but it does sometimes take quite a few tries to get it to close. In saying that, I have worn them almost daily since receiving them and have just had to find clever ways to fit my hair in. For someone with thinner hair, the adjustable feature would be a game changer. I highly recommend these, such a cool idea.
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Butterfly clip's sophisticated sister

I was sent some Scunci hair accessories in the Beauty Crew April VIP Box. One of them was the Jaw Clip Adjustable Lock in Grip. This is absolute genius. Some of the "fingers" on the claws of the clip have little teeth which lock together and hold the clip in place. It is released by pressing both ends of the hinge of the clip simultaneously. The official description can be a bit misleading as there is a spring mechanism (there are actually 2 springs), but it's not the spring mechanism that holds the clip "in place" or closed. The look of it reminds me of a butterfly clip but without the conspicuous handle. It's a much more streamlined, elegant version. It's the butterfly clip's sophisticated sister. It's perfect for my short hair and stays in place without budging. It's also very reasonably priced.

Holds hair in place with ease

These clips hold my thick hair in place. The jaw clip system is a great design and easy to use, the instructions are on the back of the packet. I was sceptical at first that a clip on the smallish side would hold my thick hair in place but I was pleasantly surprised. The jaws on this clip grip and don’t sip or lose their grip, my hair is held in place all day without coming loose, a really great design. They make an updo look classy and neat. I love the black as it perfectly suits my very dark hair. These are well priced and good value for money and I would recommend these scunci lock in grips, they really work well
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Game changer

So to be honest, I was struggling to figure out how to open it, then I checked the guide and it was so easy. These clips are a game changer. I have thin long hair, when I put my hair up when showering it’s never properly secured with a normal clip, that it until I tried these Scunci Hair Accessories Jaw Clip Adjustable Lock in Grip. I could adjust it so it stays on secured. It’s really great. Very easy to use and seems very durable . Gave one to my sister as well and she loves it too. Such a great game changing product
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Clever design that's adjustable for hair thickness

I have long, thick hair and was sceptical when I saw these jaw clips that were shorter and smaller than what I am used to. I usually use ones that are longer than 10cm to keep my long hair away from my neck like a fake french twist. Surprisingly, this jaw clip can be tightened and loosened depending on your hair thickness, and holds all my hair firmly in place. The pressure is not held by springs but from the claws inter-locking together. The claw springs open by pinching the ends of the top of the clip. It holds my hair in place for hours. I'm very impressed with the clever design. It's also sturdier than many other jaw clips that I've used. High recommended.
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Wow, This is one clip I cannot live without. I use it every single day and it feels so secure. I wear it most when I’m home, the first thing I do it clip my hair up off my neck as I don’t like having my hair hanging down around my face and this clip is so easy to use and very functional. My hair is of medium thickness and I trust that this clip can hold the weight of my hair without having to readjust it endlessly as I have done with other hair clips that would continuously slip down and loosen. I initially wasn’t sure how to open it as I’d never used a clip like this one before but the instructions on the back of the packaging are very simple. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have a spring which was an issue with my previous clips because that would usually be the first thing to weaken and break over time. The ‘claws’ are nice and strong so they aren’t going snap and grab the hair securely. I love the beige colour which blends well with my blonde hair. It is so unique and I won’t be going back to the other brands as this is perfect for everyday use and I know it will stand the test of time. Thank you