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Scunci Hair Accessories Scrunchies Glam XL 2pc

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Scunci Hair Accessories Scrunchies Glam XL 2pc is a pack of gorgeous ‘90s-inspired scrunchies made from organza fabric. Organza is a lightweight, plain weave fabric. Its sheer look gives these scrunchies their gorgeous, on-fleek style. The transparent look will add a feature point to any hairstyle you choose. Great for all types of hair, especially thick, as they are made with a thick hair elastic core for great stretch and hold.

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Scunci Hair Accessories Scrunchies Glam XL 2pc


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Gentle on hair with great hold

These extra large scrunches are perfect for thick hair like mine. I love these, the organza is strong and soft and doesn’t damage or break my hair, they are so gentle. I have the black and pink colours and they look great. They hold my hair in place all day without sliding out and are simple to use. I twist them around twice for the perfect ponytail or updo bun. I would buy these again as they are so handy and gentle on hair. The 90s vibe of these is quite fun and reminds you of why they were so popular first time around
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For those with lots of hair, no kink or damage

Wow, they really hold! I have a lot of hair, it is heavy. Over the rear length, fine textured and on a thicker side. Since my hear thickened and grew so long, last couple of years I could not wear ponytails. Weight of hair would pull and poni would just flop and that kink would stay, elastics would cause breakage (on my fine highlighted hair strands). Then I got those phone cord like bands. They would tangle into my hair and would be hard to take out without pulling some hair out. Now received these two (black and pink organza) scrunchies. And wore both. They do not slide off! I manage to go twice around my hair for great a strong hold. They are perfect for those with lots of hair. They are big in size. When taking them off also is a dream. No pulling and tugging any hair off! I am impressed. Not an aesthetics I would go for, as these things are not my style...but are now. They work and are so gentle on the hair. Oh, also perfect to hold the braid at the end of hair. Looks good too! And they stay put! No more spirals for me. Elastic bands I didn't use in years as they are useless for my heavy hair that is fine.
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Scunci Hair Accessories Scrunchies Glam XL 2pc

I have shoulder length very thick hair and was excited when I saw the sheer size of these scrunchies, nice and big and fits perfectly around my thick ponytail with a lot of space left fitting very comfortably. I have a light pink and black scrunchie which is made with organza material, it reminded me of the materials I would wear in my childhood in the 90’s. The material is very lightweight and transparent but nice and strong as it is made with a elastic core which allows it to stretch well which is a must with thick hair, it held my hair up perfectly without slipping at all. These scrunchies can be worn casually or dressed up adding a touch of glam to whatever look you are wearing. I would recommend these scrunchies to everyone especially those with thick hair like me.