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Scunci Hair Accessories Shower Scrunchie 1pc

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Scunci Hair Accessories Shower Scrunchie 1pc is a scrunchie that was created for the modern girl with dreams of a carefree life. This extra-large soft and absorbent terry towel scrunchie is perfect to keep your hair up under a shower cap during a shower, or after you’ve taken one, and while getting ready in front of the mirror. It's also great for prepping before bedtime or lounging around at home. Whether you’re trying to keep your locks dry or want to tie it up whilst styling, the shower scrunchie is perfect to keep your hair in place without damaging or snagging it.

(Product code: SCSPA1AU).


Scunci Hair Accessories Shower Scrunchie 1pc


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Super comfortable, won’t damage hair

This is a great scrunching for thick hair like mine, it holds heaps of hair and a really thick ponytail. I love this for the shower, what a great idea. It’s super soft and comfortable to wear and doesn’t damage my hair and it’s really absorbent. I love to wear this under the shower to keep my hair dry, I wrap it around in a bun and pop on a shower cap and my hair stays totally dry. I also use this to keep my hair off my face while applying makeup. It looks great also just to wear for comfort when relaxing around the house. Love this, it’s a great price. I recommend it

Soft and comfortable scrunchie

If you have thick hair you'll love this like I do. It's really big and holds a lot of hair. I mainly use mine for showering. I grab all my hair and twist it around into a bun on top of my head and secure it with this big soft scrunchie. It doesn't leave any dents in my hair and just feels super comfortable and doesn't damage my hair. It's just a great all rounder scrunchie and it's the one I go to for all occasions. Once it's in my hair I can't even feel it's there. I love that it's white as it looks fresh for summer. To wash this I pop it in my bra bag in the washing machine and wash it with my bras.