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Scunci Hair Accessories Top Knot Headband Fashion 1pc

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Scunci Hair Accessories Top Knot Headband Fashion 1pc is a comfortable, fashionable hair band that gives hair an all-day secure hold and no headaches. When styling hair, first put hair into a high bun or ponytail. Be sure it is secured in place with a strong hair elastic or scrunchie. Once it is in place, put your Top Knot Headband on. This will create a gorgeous, chic look. To create a simple yet sophisticated look, simply brush hair back and let locks flow freely. You can straighten or curl your hair if you’re really looking to dress to impress. Available in soft fabric casual stripes, and sophisticated satin Black.

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Scunci Hair Accessories Top Knot Headband Fashion 1pc


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Versatile, stylish and comfortable

I loved this scuunci headband, it was so comfortable and light to wear. I hate it when headbands dig into your head behind your ears as I find it causes headaches. This band did not dig in and was so light I forgot I was wearing it. I have the beige And white one which matches a lot and is quite stylish. It looks great when my hair is in a ponytail just to finish it off. I also love it to keep hair off my face when cleansing or while applying a face mask, it’s so handy to keep my hair clean. I love this and would highly recommend it
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Gentle on the head, stays on, weightless

Totally aesthetics I never go for. Not my style. Any headband looks on my long oval big head a bit odd and out of place. Plus, having a big head, means - pulsing pain behind the ears (pressure gets intense). And having a long oval head, means- things just glide off as I wear them. Then this comes into my life. Plain satin/polyester coated plastic hairband with an odd knot on the top. The band is so gentle and soft , satin does not glide off as I do anything when wearing. One day I went out to the store and forgot that I had it on. Just going to bed saw that the band was on my head. Weightless too. Forgot I had it on. Yes, had turned knot inwards, so the band looks way better on and flat. Black is neutral and satiny material somehow does not cause band to move at all. Headband is super gentle on the head. I use it when applying sunscreen, powder to get my grease neutralized, doing chores around the house, getting ready so my hair does not stick to freshly applied SPF or face oil/moisturizer/serum. Great for face masking. I would always get some skincare or sunscreen or powder into my hairline and front hair that constantly sticks to my face. Not now. Gentle, stays on, great for big heads too.
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Great accessory!

I don’t usually wear headbands so I was interested to try this products! I got both the black and pink colours and have tried to accessorise my outfits with these new headbands! I found them quite comfortable to wear and made any outfit look much cuter! I found the colours great as they go with most of my clothes. I have worn the headband with my hair down and up in a pony tail. I found that when wearing my hair up, it made my pony tail a little more of an interesting style. I also found that the material they use it quite soft and this also makes it more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time especially behind the ears. Great price too!
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Scunci Hair Accessories Top Knot Headband

I love my headbands and scrunchies and when I put this headband on my head my first thought was I am never going to want to take it his off! It is quite literally the most comfy headband I’ve ever worn. I have the black the black satin material the only think I wasn’t sure was the top knot as this one is triangular in shape and looked like I have a little flag sitting on top of my head. I thought at worse I could just wear it at home but I had a play and discovered I could turn the know upside down to wear the triangle underneath the headband, problem solved! I will admit to having probably a head on the large side mixed with thick frizzy hair often headbands don’t fit as well as I would like but this fits perfectly is not tight and I haven’t once got a headache from it or urge to take it off.
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These headbands are very pretty

Scunci Hair Accessories Top Knot Headband Fashion - These headbands are very pretty, comfortable, not too tight but they’ll stay in place. I wish they would be thinner , I personally like thin headbands and these are like wide headband width. Otherwise these are great. I like the colour and style - little retro looking. And the size is suitable for adults and kids (mine almost 3 years old love it as well). Unfortunately they are smooth inside - i would preference texture / like little brush to hold my hair better and keep it in place.

Finally a headband that doesn't cause headaches!

I have 2 of these top knot headbands. I have the black one which is satin and I also have the pink and white stripe headband too. The comfort of these headband is like no other. I always get pinching behind my ears from headbands or a headache. I haven't had either since wearing my Scuni top knot headbands. With these Scunci headbands they promise you'll never get a headache from them. I like to brush my hair back and put the headband on to style it that way or I just do a simple ponytail and pop my headband on to keep all my short hairs and fly aways back. Once it's on you really can't even feel that you have a headband on. They are literally amazing! I only have one little thing I don't like about the black satin headband which is that it doesn't quite look like a knot on the top. It's more like a triangle. It doesn't have anywhere that you can tuck the tip into to make it look like more like a knot. The material is of good quality too.