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shu uemura the lightbulb sponge

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shu uemura the lightbulb sponge is a makeup sponge that is designed and shaped like a light bulb for tapping and creating a glowing finish. The wide side of the sponge is a glow enhancer: use a tapping motion to spread the foundation around your t-zone, cheeks and neck. The pointed side is a glow controller: lay the sponge and adjust the glow to control the radiance.


shu uemura the lightbulb sponge


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When I first saw this sponge I was so intrigued I had to buy it and at $12 I could not go wrong. It looks like a little mushroom and it is just so easy to use I wonder what I did before it. I love that it has a larger and smaller side so you can use whatever feels more comfortable depending on what product you're using. This blends and contours really well to deliver just the right amount of product and blend and soften the edges with ease. Its ergonomically friendly, meaning so comfortable to manoeuvre super soft and of a high quality. This really leaves my face glowing and looking radiant and makes doing my makeup quicker as it's so easy to use it is good to have a variety of good sponges and brushes for a professional makeup finish as the right tools can make all the difference, I adore this little mushroom sponge and would highly recommend it
As they say, if you want a good makeup look, you need to use the right tools, as any true artist knows. I would be nowhere without the right makeup brushes and sponges and applicators to apply and buff and blend my liquid and powder and cream products to perfection. It really is the key to a professional makeup look and finish. I own many different brushes and sponges, but when I saw this Shu Uemera sponge, it was a total lightbulb moment for me. I loved the unique shape of it, I know that Shu Uemera skin care and makeup products are brilliant and so effective, and at a price of $12, well I could not pass it up. I've never used a sponge shaped quite like this one, but now that I have been, it works so well, that I wonder how I lived without it until now. The geniously shaped edges and points mean that I can blend foundation into all the creases and nooks and crannies of my face with ease, while the big, round shape of the other end blends and buffs and blurs my foundation into my skin with the most flawless and professional finish I've ever had. When I first used it, I applied my YSL all hours foundation, my new favourite, to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then I rolled and pressed and buffed it into my skin with all sides of the lightbulb sponge, and in literally two minutes I was done and my face was flawless and airbrushed and glowing in half the time than my usual foundation brush takes. Ive used it for every makeup application since, cleaning it between each use, and the results are the same, just better and better, I can now do a full face of foundation, including covering up any blemishes and redness I have, in three minutes flat, which is brilliant for the days I need to be out the door quickly, yet I need a face of makeup that will give me the confidence I need to face the day ahead. It works brilliantly both when used dry, for a lighter foundation coverage, or if wet, for days when you need a proper, full foundation coverage. Ofcourse, my other brushes and applicators still have a special place in my heart and makeup use, but I can't deny that this sponge is quicker and cheaper than even my cheapest foundation brush, I will continue to use it and love it and buy it again and again. So if you are after a sponge applicator that's cheap, effective and a little bit different, buy this one and have a lightbulb moment all of your own.