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Skin Physics Collagen Beauty Elixir

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Skin Physics Collagen Beauty Elixir is a beauty elixir that helps transform the skin’s health and beauty from within by harnessing the benefits of collagen-bio peptides. It supports skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin by helping restore collagen levels, resulting in firmer skin with more elasticity, the reduction of fine lines and boosted skin radiance. It is formulated with 100 per cent natural ingredients, including marine collagen, super berries, prebiotics, probiotics, organic turmeric and superfoods. No added sugar, artificial flavours, gluten or preservatives. Simply add two scoops to 120mL of water, shakes, juice or recipes. 


Skin Physics Collagen Beauty Elixir


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Good For Nails

I consumed the entire container of this collagen elixir over a period of about 5 weeks. I did not notice any difference to my hair or skin, but my finger and toe nails became really strong and hard. There was no fishy taste or smell and no fishy reflux which is great. I mixed it with both cold and tap water and preferred it in cold water. I found that mixing it with a mini whisk help to dissolve any lumps. The taste is ok and easy to consume and it's like a diluted beetroot juice colour. The container has a lot of helpful information on it, is easy to open and close and comes with a handy measuring spoon. Others may find it works for their hair and skin, but I'm guessing that more than one container would be needed to get results as it took over 3 weeks to notice a difference in my nails.