SkinB5™ Purifying Mask

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SkinB5™ Purifying Mask is a great booster product to round up the 3-step Acne control treatment. This fast-acting, 5-minute face mask purifies and soothes acne-prone skin. It is specifically formulated with French Green Clay, Great Barrier Reef mineral salt, Vitamin B5 and 13 other powerful natural extracts to hydrate and soothe irritated skin. Not like any other messy clay mask that dries up, this purifying mask is super hydrating and easy to use. It also serves as an overnight spot treatment and makeup primer – just mix a small amount with liquid foundation for a matte finish.


SkinB5™ Purifying Mask


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Australian made

I got this clay detox mask as part of the Beauity Crew. I do use masks regularly but this one brought out a pimple between my eyes :( I kept using it and the pimple did not heal any quicker than if I did not use it. The grey mask was easy to wash off my face. I love that it is Australian made. My skin is feeling smoother now that the dreaded pimple has left my skin. Other ingredients are French green clay, Great Barrier Reef minerla salt and Vitmain B5. This mask is suitable for all skin types. Now that I have use it for two weeks, I might let my teenage daughter use it and see what she thinks.
Incentivized Review

Great detoxing face mask

Was lucky enough to trial this product as a Beauty crew member. I normally do not look at masks as part of my routine however gave this product a go last night after my shower and sweaty boxing class. This morning my face feels nice and soft and actually detoxed as the bottle says. I have been having random acne breakouts last week which is rare for my 46 year old skin however my pimples feel like they are responding and smoothing, unlike drying when I use pimple treatments. Would use this a few times a week to detox my face. Thank you Beauty crew for choosing me to trial this. Had never seen this brand before in the shops so will look into more of their range. It only took 5 min and was not messy or cakey to dty.

Star Oily/Blemish Prone Skin Product

When I used to have oilier skin this is a product that I used to help me get it into control. It was so effective, I bought a heap of their other products too. This masque can be used daily if skin is super oily with blemishes - it helps to mop up the oil and balance the skin and soothe and calm the blemishes. I even joined their club! I do think this is this brands' star product and I can highly recommend it to those with oily/oily-combination or even just blemish prone skin. This helped me heaps and my skin looked much better for it. It seems to have ingredients that work for the skin and are not at all harsh. It can be rinsed off after wearing it. Pores are refined and look beautiful after using this mask as well . I recommend it highly. When my daughter started suffering zits and oiliness I got her onto this range as well. I love how it makes such a difference and even takes the redness out of the spots.