Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water

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Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water is a vitamin-rich cleansing tonic to purify and hydrate all skin types. It gently yet thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing makeup and grime, and is formulated for full-face use, no rinsing required. Vegan formulation enhanced with thoroughly tested chemical ingredients stabilised with Ecocert-friendly preservatives for maximum efficacy. Enriched with plant-based prebiotic Inulin, which acts a humectant, drawing water from its surrounds to hydrate and condition the skin, while supporting its microbiome. Powerful antioxidant Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols which protect the skin, while its anti-inflammatory properties calm and soothe. Morning and evening, douse a cotton pad, then wipe across the face, including eyes and lips until thoroughly clean. Use on the go or as the first step in your skincare regime, followed by your Skinstitut cleanser.


Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water


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