Stemlab Ultra Purifying Gel Cleanser

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Stemlab Ultra Purifying Gel Cleanser includes natural fruit enzymes and antibacterial extracts, working to naturally exfoliate skin and remove impurities whilst preparing your skin for better absorption of your active serums and creams. It delivers smooth, hydrated, bouncy and radiant skin, improved skin texture, calmed breakouts and regulated oil, improved redness and an even skin tone. Use daily/nightly. Massage one to two pumps onto a damp face for 60 seconds in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, follow with one of our Stemlab serums and Hydra+ Rejuvenating Cream.


Stemlab Ultra Purifying Gel Cleanser


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So good, even your boyfriend will be a convert!

I was initially gifted this product by a friend. I've now purchased it several times as I absolutely love it. The smell, feel and best of all THE RESULTS. It's not often you come across an affordable Australian product that really does what it says it will do. I'm a complete convert!! Actually, even my boyfriend is, who thought washing with soap was fine - who is he!?!! Stemlab are quality products, there's no doubt about it. I've always purchased brands that are high quality, ethical and luxe and this puts all of them to shame!! I've since purchased various other products from this brand and they are mindblowing!!

LOVE this cleanser!!!

I am obsesssssssssssed with this cleanser! It leaves your skin feeling super clean and smooth without feeling dry and stripped. It has ingredients in there that exfoliate your skin as well as cleanse it, so it's really like 2 products in one. You only need about a pea-sized amount so it lasts a long time too - such a great size for the price! I've been using the same cleanser for about 5 years and I'm so glad I took the plunge to try this one, it's my new holy grail and I can't see myself loving any other cleansers as much as this!