Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum

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Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum is an anti-ageing eye treatment enriched with soothing aloe vera, cucumber and burdock to deeply hydrate the delicate eye area. Rose hip, evening primrose and borage oils help improve skin elasticity and texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Paraben free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Available in 30mL


Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum


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I love this eye serum.  It is perfect for use both day and night and I have found it beautifully moisturising for the delicate skin around the eye.  I have noticed more elasticity and less tendency for fine wrinkles to develop in the outer corners of my eye.  It has a lovely scent and is easy to apply,  it is also great to use under make-up and enhances the look of both powder and concealer . Sukin products are wonderful as they are both natural and cruelty free.  You can pick this serum up at a very reasonable price and as you only need a small amount it lasts for a very long time.  Give it a go!
This is great value and lovely to apply. I just didn’t think it did much to eye bags and fine lines. It is nice for moisturising around your eyes and smells nice. It’s more a cream that a serum. I like Simon for their natural ingredients and great for sensitive skin but this isn’t a ‘work wonders’ eye cream.
Beautiful eye cream and great value around! For the price you buy, you have almost twice the amount of other brands. The texture is not too thick or thin, it glides easily under my eyes and around it. I have used it on and off, between few brands, but always go back to this one since the packaging is so easy to use, just pump slightly, it comes out easily too. Love this product and great for people with contact lenses and sensitive skin.
Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum comes in a 30ml pump bottle. I have been using this eye serum for few months now and just a little goes a long way. I need less than a pump to cover both my under eye area and hence it’s a great value for money product as it will last for a long time. I expected this eye serum to have a clear gel like consistency but instead it has more of a cream like texture. It is quite thick, creamy and does take some time to get absorbed into the skin. However, I find patting this eye cream into my skin blends quickly than rubbing it in. It has a slight tinge of pleasant botanical scent which dissipates immediately once you blend it into the skin. On application, my eye area feels intensely hydrated which helps to smooth out the fine lines under my eyes. It also works beautifully well under makeup and prevents the foundation & concealer from settling into the fine lines. This eye serum doesn’t help much with dark circles. Overall I feel this eye cream would work well on younger skin that hasn’t yet started getting fine lines under their eyes as a ‘Preventative eye cream’. But someone with existing fine lines & deep wrinkles under their eyes may not find it effective to combat these issues and might not notice much difference. 
Lovely light eye serum - although I found it more like a cream than a serum. Definitely feels refreshing and moisturising. The bottle lasts a long time. - you only need a tiny amount each use. Great price. I can't say that there were any miraculous results from using this serum. Its very light, so if your after a heavy duty or night eye serum (which is what I prefer) this one isn't it. That being said, as it is so light it does sit very nicely under makeup.
I absolutely adore this sukin eye serum. I love sukin products for their natural ingredients and the fact they are not tested on animals. This eye serum in great value for money as a little goes a long way. It’s non greasy and absorbs into skin quickly. The serum reduces the appearance of fat ne lines and wrinkles with ease. It’s packaged nicely with a pleasant scent. It’s feels nice and light to wear with no greasiness. Overall a lovely eye serum that I highly recommend
This is my first eye serum and I am glad that I gave it a go. It is so light and non oily formula works great on my oily eyelids. It is easy to spread and gets absorbed very quickly. It reduces the puffines and makes your eys fresh. Exactly what I was looking for!
This eye serum is the first one I used. Its nice and lightweight, which is perfect for my oily eyelids. Its a thin consitency which is easy to pat around the eye area. It sinks in quickly which doesn't leave me feeling greasy. It makes my eyes look more awake and temporarily gets rid of my dark circles. I can see this preventing fine lines with regular use, and perhaps removing my dark circles for good.
I haven't really tried many eye serums, but as I hit my late 20s I thought I better start ! I use this product at night on freshly cleansed skin and it leaves my under eye area feeling soft and smooth. It is more of a cream than a serum, and the consistency is quite thick so you only need a little bit of product. No miracles in terms of line reduction, however it does leave my eye area feeling moistured. Hopefully long term this slows down and prevents signs of aging
This product is lovely and hydrating to the eye area. I personally don’t have wrinkles under my eyes so I cannot comment as to how effectively it smooths fine lines and wrinkles. However, I do find this product to effectively hydrate and provide moisture to the under eyes morning and night. This eye serum is very cost effective and the fact that it is paraben free and fragrance free makes it even better!
This serum worked well for me as a nice undereye serum that wasn't tacky, but instead had a light consistency making the application of my under eye concealer much easier. As a 20 year old, however, I don't need any hardscore anti-aging products, so I would recommend this to younger skin individuals instead of people looking for products to aid in the reduction of or prevention of fine lines. It really did leave my eyes looking less puffy and thus made me look more alike. I would definitely purchase it again, but will be looking for a product in the future more specifically for anti-aging prevention.
The Sukin brand is such a great go to for affordable, natural, quality products that tends to suit everyone. The eye serum is no different. While I would say this is more of a cream than a serum - I do enjoy using it. My eye area feels very well nourished and protected throughout the day. That being said, I'm using it more as a preventative measure to prevent those bags, and the wrinkles, rather than looking for a reduction in the lines and wrinkles - so I can't comment on it's ability to do that.. It suits the skin around my eyes perfectly as I don't get any of those little white bumps (milia I think they're called?) from eye cream that is too harsh for the eye area compared to other eye creams that I have tried.  At this price point, it's certainly worth giving it a shot to see if it suits you - you really can't go wrong! 
I love the Sukin brand and the fact it provides so many different natural products at an affordable price. This eye serum is a good option for anyone who wants a good moisturising cream for the eye area. Although it is called a serum I would say it is more of a cream. You only need the tiniest amount of the size of a pinhead to get enough for both eyes. It is quite a thick cream so I prefer to apply it only at night as I find it takes a little while to absorb fully. It only has a light fragrance which is nice. I don't have many fine lines or wrinkles so I can't give much feedback on that but it does seem to help keep my eye area feeling hydrated. This bottle will last a very long time just because you need such a small amount to get enough for you eyes. This is a great affordable eye cream using natural ingredients.
I love Sukin because how their product are natural. I don't have wrinkles and fine lines yet so I can't say the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines have reduced. The texture of the serum is light but the skin under my eye area does feel moisturised and hydrated. The fragrance of the eye serum is really pleasant. It's subtle but really lovely. This is a good standard eye serum for anyone.
Beautiful texture, no noticeable smell, moisturises the under eye area well without it feel super heavy. One of my favourite eye creams. I haven't noticed a huge difference when it comes to fine lines but being only 23 I haven't got that many in the first place.
This is a nice eye cream that helped the skin around my eyes to feel moisturised, refreshed and smooth.  I quite like the faint smell and it applied quite easily and absorbed nicely into my skin.  I didn't notice any anti ageing effects such as filling in or reducing fine lines, so I would recommend it to someone who is not looking for those qualities in an eye cream.