Sukin Baby Gentle Body Wash Fragrance Free

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Sukin Baby Gentle Body Wash Fragrance Free is a naturally gentle fragrance free body wash formulated for babies. The formula contains a combination of soothing botanicals such as aloe vera and chamomile, and nourishing avocado and evening primrose oils to leave skin soft and smooth. Suitable for daily use. Sulphate and paraben free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Available in 250mL


Sukin Baby Gentle Body Wash Fragrance Free


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This was included in a gift bag I got with a purchase, and considering I have very irritable skin (and no baby) I thought I would see how this body wash performed. I love that its fragrance free, it comes in a cute easy to use bottle, and it doesn't strip or irritate my skin. So it's a big yes from me. I've only given it four stars as I think there are other sensitive skin body washes out there that offer greater value for money.
I know this is a baby wash but as someone who has sensitive skin, this works just as well for adults! I feel good knowing that I am not putting anything harsh on my skin and the formula doesn't have any nasties including parabens, sulphates etc. The gentle formula is not drying and definitely works as a daily body wash. Packing is easy to use and the pump is great for storing in the shower.
Go to baby wash. My baby is now just turned four months old and has had sensitive skin from Day one. Originally I could only use coconut oil on her skin when washing and putting lotion on she smelt like an exotic baby. Then I stumbled upon this little gem. I hadn’t even known that Sukin did a baby range until I found this body wash. It’s so gentle and beautiful on my baby’s skin I also use it on my three year old who has eczema and she doesn’t react.  The product comes in a grey bottle with a cute koala on it (that shows it’s part of the baby range). The product is clear gel and you can apply liberally (and even squirt some in the bath to make bubbles). It says that it has no scent but I do love the smell of it and the smell that it leaves on my baby’s skin. 
While this body wash is formulated for babies, I thought I'd give it a try on myself to see if it works for my dry, flaky, sensitive skin. It comes in a matte grey bottle with a white flip-tab lid. The matte finish of the bottle helps mothers grip the bottle better while keeping an eye on their baby during bath time - very clever.  The body wash is fragrance free but I can definitely smell an earthy scent which I think comes from the addition of avocado and evening primrose oil. The wash is free of a long list of yuckies such as sulphate, paraben and colours. The body wash is a clear gel that lathers up easily and cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. My skin feels soft and supple after cleansing with this body wash. I always follow up my shower by applying a rich, nourishing body lotion.  I always pick a bottle or two of this at the pharmacy whenever its on sale. Because its so gentle, I feel like it minimizes dryness and flaking especially in the winter weather. My skin doesn't feel as sensitive anymore since I've made the switch to this body wash and I'd highly recommend it to anyone with dry, flaky, sensitive skin.  Pro  Fragrance, Paraben, Sulphates, etc free  Gentle cleanse  Non stripping of skins natural moisture  Bottle with matte finish easy to grip with slippery baby during bath time  Con  None