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Sukin Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash is an antibacterial gel cleanser for acne-prone skin. It contains eucalyptus, tea tree and pomegranate to purify the skin and remove makeup, dirt, impurities and environmental pollutants. The cleanser helps reduce acne-causing bacteria on the skin, and minimise the appearance of redness caused by breakouts and acne. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.


Sukin Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash


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Surprisingly gentle and doesn't strip skin dry

This cleanser is part of Sukin's blemish control range and comes in a convenient 125ml pump bottle with a mint green label. It contains natural ingredients and has plant extracts, Vitamin E and includes tea tree and eucalyptus oils which are useful for treating blemishes. It uses Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate which is a coconut-based mild surfactant. Unlike many other products targeting blemishes, this one is surprisingly gentle and doesn't strip your skin. The glycerin is mildly hydrating. It doesn't work very well to remove make-up but that's easily fixed by using a make-up remover first. Those with oily skin may find that it is a bit too gentle. One thing that I don't like in the formula is the peppermint oil. Even though it is not too strong, it adds an unnecessary tingle and it is known to be potentially irritating.

Breaking out in hives and rashes!

Love this brand, hate this product. Due to being pregnant I never got what they call a pregnancy glow, no no no. I got quite the opposite. Never in my 22 years have I ever experienced such horrible acne! Now my mother is a organic natural nut so for Christmas she got me all 4 full size blemish control products. That includes the cleanser, spot ointment thingo, toner and the moisturiser. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I’m finally giving up on it because my face is covered in rashes and hives. I keep telling myself it’s detoxing my skin, I’ll give it some time for my skin to adjust too but it’s just getting worse. When I was in hospital for 5 days I didn’t use it and my god my skin was clear as day till I started using it again and I was like it has to be I’m allergic to something in these products. My chin and around my nose coped it most. Dry patches with heaps of tiny little scabs and pimples. Besides that the rest of my face would get large pimples pop up all the time. I just noticed today before I jumped into the shower I massive rash down the side of my nose now I look like I smoke a point of meth a day. 90% reviews I read it worked great for them but my skin must be allergic to something in it so I’m sorry sukin, love ya but we were ment to be </3

No more acne!

I developed severe acne which was only getting worse. I decided to stop using all products and create a new skin care routine from scratch. I used this cleanser along with a gentle moisturiser and after 6 months, my acne has completely disappeared.
I tend to get occasional breakouts on my chin & jaw area, in particular in hot, humid weather. I generally find Sukin products to be pretty effective and love that they are inexpensive and made from natural ingredients. I decided to purchase this Cleanser, in addition to the Blemish Control Toner, Moisturiser and Spot Banishing Gel. This cleanser comes in plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. It has a pleasant herbal, tea tree oil scent that’s not too strong. It lathers well, giving me a refreshing clean feel and gently removes oil, makeup and grime. It rinses away well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. It does help clear mild blemishes without irritating or drying out my skin. I’m not sure it would effective for severe acne, but has helped clear the few breakouts on my chin. It’s very affordable and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals so it’s a pretty good buy. I’d recommend this cleanser for combination oily skin with mild, occasional breakouts.
While this face wash is nothing sort of dazzling, it's also not disappointing.  Nice refreshing fragrance, gel like texture and nice formula that foams up easily and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean. Bit drying compared to my usual cleanser but I can understand why it must have been designed like that to reduce breakouts and get rid of all germs from pores.  Since my skin isn't breakout prone, I am less likely to repurchase but would definitely recommend to any teenagers suffering from acne and blemishes.
I’ve been using this for over two weeks now and I have some serious blemishes along my cheeks and chin. They’re probably from diet however the alovera in the wash is definitely soothing them. They’re less aggressive and red and I have noticed them starting to deminish. My face always feel fresh after washing
This product left my skin feeling clear and refreshed.  After trying some of the sukin range and doing some research I have found that the product does not contain nasty chemicals so it perfect for everyday use!  The product is nice and foaming and natural.  Recommend trying the sukin range if you haven’t already ! 
Love this sukin face wash. I adore the fact that it’s all natural and Australian made. It’s easy to use, just apply and rinse, the handy pump means no waste or mess. The cleanser has a nice fresh scent, it foams well and the addition of tea tree oil means it soothes and heals and prevents bacteria that causes acne. This product removes grim, excess oil and makeup with ease, it’s also super gentle so perfect for sensitive skin. I love that it contains no nasty chemicals, this is really important to me. I recommend following up with a good moisturiser. Loved this and highly recommend it
Great product. Easy to use packaging. Strong scent of tea tree left my skin tingling feeling fresh and clear. The results showed and I felt the difference within the first few washes, my skin cleared up after a weeks use, even better results after 2 weeks. Highly recommended product. Definite bang for buck!
I loved this product and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a natural, effective blemish controlling cleanser that won't break the bank. I found that after using this product for a few weeks, my skin had consistently been blemish free and clear. My skin feels clean, hydrated and well balanced. I would definitely recommend in investing in a good make-up remover and doing this step before using this cleanser, just because it is quite lightweight and targets mainly the top lawyers of dirt on the skin. I found the scent to be refreshing and not irritating, definitely not overbearing or too strong. I also found that my skin felt tighter and firmer after each use, which is why I would continue using this product long-term.
I really enjoyed this cleanser. It doesn't sting or burn and has a lovely tea tree scent. It cleaned my face effectively, removing all dirt, makeup and oil build up (without making it too dry). The price point makes it extra great, too! I will be repurchasing this product when I run out.
I really enjoy using the Sukin Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash. I was gentle on the skin and smells beautiful. My skin was less oily and calmer, it didn't do very much with my acne in the time I've been using it but I know that seeing big changes like that takes time. The convenient pump makes it easy to use and you only need a small amount for your whole face. I would add this to my routine.
As someone with problem skin I have tried ALOT of different products. There really isn’t any miracle cure out there that is going to fix all my skin problems especially as a lot of it is hormonal. What I look for in a face wash is something that helps but also does not dry out my face and makes my skin feel nice. This ticked all those boxes! It’s definitely not medical grade acne wash or anything like that but it is perfect for everyday use that is not too harsh on the skin.
I quite like this product, it's gentle without leaving my skin oily, while washing my face well enough without stripping my skin, leaving it feeling dry or flakey. My husband even started using it (he has extremely oily skin) and found it really effective at cleaning his oily face.
I had the chance of trialling this product as part of the beauty crew team. The cleanser was pretty straight forward and easy to use. I liked that it had a pump dispenser rather than a squeeze tube. It has fairly fresh and botanical aromatic sent that is not overpowering. I found it helped cleancleanse skin without over stripping the oils.
This is such an easy, everyday cleanser to use. It was gentle yet effective, removing everything but not drying my skin out at all. After a couple of days my skin was noticeably clearer. The scent is very strong and earthy, but I still quite liked it. My only complaint is a single pump dispenses way too much product! I will definitely keep using this, love that I've found a natural, affordable and effective cleanser that has replaced all my others.
I loved this product. The smell I absolutely loved, it smelled so fresh and clean was definitely my most favourite smelling cleanser. I find the bottle quite small though. I received step 1 and 3 so would most definitely like to try step 2 as well to get the full affect. I would definitely buy this again!
Sukin blemish control facial wash is a beautiful everyday face cleanser. I actually look forward using it everyday after work. I love the smell of it and that pump comes in so handy to use . It’s very budget friendly and my face well so fresh after every use. I haven’t seen any change in my blemish or pigmentation but I still love it as a general wash for my face.
This facial wash is actually quite gentle on my skin and didn’t make it too dry ( slightly drier than my usual one, but not bad in any way). I quite like the fresh scent of the wash which was nice and natural. Im not sure if improves blemishes much but it works great as a general face wash. I’m not 100% sure if I will buy it when my current one runs out, but for the time being I’m enjoying it.
I loved this cleanser, it definitely helped with my combination to oily skin type, my pimples cleared up a bit, minimised them and made my skin feel nice and refreshed. The eucalyptus smell was nice too. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this awesome product. I can’t recommend it highly enough