Sukin Botanical Body Wash – Lime And Coconut

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Sukin Botanical Body Wash – Lime And Coconut is a body cleanser enriched with refreshing coconut and lime to stimulate the senses in the morning and help revive a tired body. It contains jojoba, avocado and rose hip oils to soften, hydrate and purify skin. Suitable for all skin types. Sulphate and paraben free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Available in 500mL


Sukin Botanical Body Wash – Lime And Coconut


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Nice natural and affordable body wash with a great smell. I found this body wash to be gentle on my skin but effective at removing dirt and grime. Its a great option for those who want to use more natural products on their skin, as are all the products in the Sukin range.
Looking for something a little bit more gentle & helpful to wash the skin on my body, I came across Sunkin botanical body washes.  I choose the lime and coconut as I prefer something with a little bit of yest and could be uplifting in the shower as well as cleansing.  I love the packaging this comes in. Its firm and stands upright as well as having a easy to use pump delivery method. It also comes in a generous 500ml bottle. Its so easy to use in the shower leaving no mess.  I only have to use one to two pumps each time meaning the large size lasts me forever even with daily use- plus the price point is great.  I use the sunkin botanical body wash with a shower puff & the gel like texture  develops into a very nice light foam. It spreads easily over the body allowing me to clean my body softly and thoroughly. This isn't a foam up / rough body wash- It feels really gentle on the skin. The fragrance is very subtle - I can hardly notice much at all. It has more of a coconut & vanilla scent with the lime being hardly detectable. In this is also lavender which I personally dont love but I can hardly tell in this formula.  I do wish I could smell the lime more for abit more uplifting feel.  This body wash is very soft and gentle which never leaves my skin dry. It feels quite balanced after use and quite soft to touch.  It does leave my skin quite clean as well.  There is also no residue left on the skin.  I enjoy this body wash. It feels effective in a gentle way while leaving skin clean and soft.  I'd recommend for all skin types who enjoy sulfate free more natural gentle body care. Those who are sensitive to essential oils should avoid this one as it does contain aroma-therapeutic essential oils of tangerine, mandarin, lavender and vanilla extract.  I have repurchased this a few times and although I personally prefer a more rigorous body wash this is overall a nice one which leaves my skin clean and soft.   Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract (Chamomile), Yucca Schidigera Leaf/Root/Stem Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia Flo wer/Leaf/Stem Extract (Lavender), Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (Rose Hip), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Citral**, Limonene**.  
Having tried, and really enjoyed using Sukin's Botanical Body Wash in the past, I was keen to try this new Body Wash from Sukin.  I sourced it in a travel size set (50ml tubes) with the matching Body Lotion.  Perfect for use in the morning, this zingy body wash is a treat for the senses.  The lime & coconut aroma is pleasantly noticeable from the moment it is squirted onto my body puff and remains that way through the length of my shower.  The body wash cleanses thoroughly, yet gently. I love how this formula is minus nasties like SLS, Sulphates & Parabens, while including an array of natural oils to keep my skin happy & healthy.   Having tried a 50ml size, I will definitely be buying the full size bottle in the near future. Highly recommended.
I absolutely love Sukin's body products and the Lime and Coconut Body Wash from the Botanical range is no exception. This body wash is suitable for all skin types, which makes it perfect for the whole family to use. This body wash contains great natural ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice, chamomile flower extract, lavender flower extract, rosehip oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. It is free from paraben and sulphate, which is something that I look for in skincare products.  The body wash comes in a great large 500ml pump bottle, which makes for easy and hygienic dispensing. The bottle will last for a long time too, which means that this is excellent value for money.  The body wash itself is low foaming and has a fresh scent of lime and coconut, which is not overpowering. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean every time. Pros: - easy and hygienic packaing - free from chemical nasties - great value for money - suitable for the whole family - Australian made - 100% vegan Cons: None whatsoever as far as I am concerned. :) 
This is a good ethical bathroom staple. I've been making the switch over to sulphate free eco-friendly body products and decided to try Sukin's. The bottle is very big, enough to last a few months for a single person. I find that a little goes a long way! The formula is a medium-thickness gel that lathers up quickly with some hand rubbing and warm water. I find this really impressive considering that it is sulphate free. It means that I can get all the fun of foam, without all the skin dryness and damage. I find that it is gentle enough to use twice a day. It leaves my skin happy - neither with a moisturising film nor stripped and dry. I really like this because I prefer to apply moisturiser instead of it being included in my shower gel. I also adore that it doesn't strip my skin - my skin gets so dry, damaged, and itchy when I use sulphate body washes and soaps that strip my skin of it's natural oils. I love how I can feel refreshed without harming my skin with this body wash. The scent is lovely. It is simultaneously zesty and creamy. The lime invigorates me and wakes me up in the morning, while the coconut helps me feel warm and soothed. I also love Skin's ethics - it makes me feel like purchasing from the really makes a difference to our planet. 
was really hoping to be wowed with the body wash, I love the fact that Sukin is a natural brand and that is meant for sensitive skin like mine.   Firstly the fragrance is beautiful, coconut and lime go so well together a leave you with a fresh subtle scent. I find that I'm having to use a lot more product compared to other body washes and it doesn't lather anywhere near as well. The texture is very watery also.   Second it really set off mys sensitive skin, I'm now covered in eczema which was a big disappointment. 
Love this Lime And Coconut Body Wash from Sukin. The scent is divine, the coconut and lime really makes it a delightfully fresh and wonderfully smelling product that lingers on your skin after your shower. It comes in a pump bottle and the body wash has a gel like consistency. I like that this is a natural brand of body wash, and although it doesn't provide as much lather as other brands, I like the fact that it is soap free and also sulphate and paraben free, which is better for your skin and the environment. This body wash contains jojoba, avocado and rose hip oil to really help moisturise my skin and keep it looking youthful. After each shower my skin is wonderfully cleansed and feels so refreshed and my skin is really smooth and soft. This body wash is really gentle and it doesn't strip the natural moisture/oils from my skin. After a few days of using this body wash daily, my skin looks and feels really hydrated and healthy and has really helped my skin to look it's best. Overall I think this is a great quality natural body wash from an Australian company that is very affordable. I would recommend it for the whole family to use as it's very gentle and doesn't contain harsh ingredients and is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Beauty for me begins in the sanctuary that is my bathroom, and in particular, my shower. Nothing makes me feel more alive than the inner and outer beauty that the shower gives me. Under the therapeutic, healing water, I start my daily beauty routine, making my body and hair more beautiful with lovely hair, skin and body products. I have a huge collection of hair and body products, sitting prettily in my shower caddy, a collection that consists of body washes, scrubs, and oils, to ensure my skin is looking and feeling smooth, soft, hydrated and smelling gorgeous also. I'm not fussy about the brand and price of the product I purchase, as long as it works instantly and in the long term, and fills my senses with a heavenly, yummy, and lingering scent, whether floral, oriental, fresh and citrusy or in the case of this Sukin botanical body wash, lime and coconut, totally tropical, transporting me to a tropical, luscious destination immediately. I've used Sukin skin care products, and have a bit of a hit and miss record with them, but this tropical scented body wash, at the tiny price of $11.95, instantly fell into the love it category. The fresh and delicious scent of lime and coconut is so beautiful, hits you around the head straight away, and lingers on your skin all day and night, making me smile each time my nose is hit with the scent many times during the day after using it. In the beauty sanctuary that is my shower, after attending to the needs of my hair, I dispersed a small amount of this body wash onto my fluffy shower puff and worked it onto and around the skin of my body, starting at my feet and ankles and working upwards before rinsing off thoroughly in the spray of the shower. The texture of this body wash is thick, creamy and so lovely on my skin, and when I stepped out of my shower and moisturised my still damp skin, my skin was already so soft, smooth and hydrated already, and stayed that way all day and night long. Every time I use this gorgeous Sukin body wash, my skin remains soft, smooth, hydrated and gorgeously scented all day long, and I am always whisked away mentally to the best tropical island destination, and what could be better than that. Beauty starts well before the application of skin care or makeup, in the shower itself where you can nourish and transform your hair and body, improving the texture, hydration and look of it day after day after day. You will instantly be taken over with feelings of power, confidence and happiness, that wave of feeling that only true inner and outer beauty can give you.
This is such a gorgoeus body wash. I bought this to eliminate soap mess in the shower and because the product is all natural, no nasty chemicals or parabens. As I have sensitive skin this is a beautiful product as it is enriched with jojoba, rose and avocado oils to nourish skin, no harsh drying or soap residue though it lathers well. This body wash also smells divine, lime and coconut, it smells delicious, like a summer holiday, so refreshing and stimulating under the shower. It cleans and rinses well leaving skin silky soft and moisturised. this is a great product for sensitive skin. I love this all Australian brand and would highly recommend it
I can't really say anything bad about this all natural body wash. It is gentle and effective in cleaning and freshening my skin. It has a very nice lime and coconut scent, which is slightly zingy, but still mild enough to enjoy without being overpowering. It also lathers pretty well for a body wash that does not contain sulphates. This Sukin body wash also does not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens. Sukin is a fantastic Australian brand who produce natural products which work well and are low priced. This body wash is gentle enough to be used daily and is suitable for the entire family. After using this lovely scented body wash, my skin feels soft to touch and looks clean and fresh. This body wash doesn't dry out my skin.  Pros: -affordable, smells fresh and inviting, cleans well Cons: -none!  Tips: -use just a little bit and massage it in to create sulphate free lather  Recommendations: -this beautifully scented body wash is well suited for males and females, and it cleans and freshens the skin without any irritation