Sukin DermaSukin Daily Gentle Lotion

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Sukin DermaSukin Daily Gentle Lotion is a non-irritating and non-sensitising fragrance free body lotion for dry, itchy and problem skin. The lightweight formula is enriched with aloe vera to soothe the skin, and sesame seed oil to nourish and lock in moisture. Suitable for normal to extra sensitive skin types. Sulphate and paraben free. Dermatologist certified.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Price above is for 500mL. Also available in 250mL and 1L


Sukin DermaSukin Daily Gentle Lotion


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Sukin is one of my favourite brands - Australian, great ingredients and no nasty additives (no parabens, sulphates, etc). This moisturiser is fantastic for sensitive skin and it really feels soothing and calming on irritated skin. No overwhelming scent, truly high quality pump bottle, and very good price for the amount of product.  The only downside is I find the moisturising effect is too lightweight, this is better for normal skin types rather than dry.
I adore sukin products and love that this body lotion is all natural, sulphate and paraben free as I feel it’s important to only allow natural ingredients to be absorbed into my body. This lotion is super gentle and moisturising, perfect for my sensitive skin. It’s smell pleasant and I love the handy pump. This is a great product for legs and rough spots like elbows and heels. At a price point of under $15.00 its great value for money. I love it and would highly recommend it.
This body lotion is a gentle every day use body lotion. It is non greasy and immediately provides relief to itchy and dry skin. It is unscented and does not contain any chemicals and is paraben free. It also does not contain any sulfates and is a smooth and creamy lotion. This Sukin lotion is perfect for anyone with any skin sensitivity issues who want a dependable lotion to nourish and offer relief from itching and scratching. It comes in a handy pump bottle and works best when used daily so that it can provide soothing comfort to dry skin. Once I use this lotion, my skin looks better, it looks more natural and supple and soft. It also feels smoother and more nourished and hydrated. This lotion does not irritate my skin and brings comfort as soon as I apply it. I suggest to especially use this lotion on rough elbows, knees and legs, and anywhere the skin feels rough, itchy and dry. Sukin is a fantastic Australian brand who make affordable and gentle products which do not contain harsh ingredients and are paraben and sulfate free. Pros: -mild and gentle, provides immediate relief, low priced, natural ingredients, Australian brand Cons:-none, it's too gentle tips: -apply daily to the body and especially to areas where you have a lot of dry skin Recommendation: -this natural lotion would suit males and females and provide soothing comfort to tender and dry skin