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Sukin Hand And Nail Cream is a lightweight, non-greasy hand and nail cream that intensely moisturises skin. The formula contains hydrolysed soy protein to strengthen nails and cuticles, and aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe, soften and protect hands. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. Paraben free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Available in 125mL


Sukin Hand And Nail Cream


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Another favourite of mine - Sukin knows what they're doing. I love how this feels when applied to the hands and it just makes such a difference - i hate having dry hands! Its great to carry around in your day bag and just use all the time. I feel like it makes my nails look better too.
This product now comes in a pump dispenser which makes it very convenient to use. One pump is enough for the hands. The hand cream is light and easily absorbed, and does have a lasting moisturising effect. The smell from the citrus and lavender oils are relaxing and pleasant without being overpowering. I have one on the bathroom vanity next to the hand soap and guests have commented on how much they like it.  It's a lovely natural product and very reasonably priced,
This is a great everyday product! I keep this on my desk and use it multiple times a day! It does not leave a oily residue and it absorbs into your hands quite nicely. The scent is amazing and is light weight product however does leaving your hands and arms soft and hydrated!
Nice handbag staple for green gals! I like this hand cream for spring and summer, when my hands don't need an intense balm. It has a light texture, which is easy to rub into my hands and sinks in quickly.  It doesn't leave an oily film on my hands, which is great because when I'm on the run I don't want things slipping through my fingers or leaving greasy marks on things. I have sensitive skin, and this doesn't irritate my skin. Sukin really holds up to being an amazing skincare brand for those of us with sensitive skin. All in all, a good staple.
I bought this looking for a cruelty free option for a hand cream. I had been getting really dry hands so I started using this before bed and now my hands are always super soft. This is great option for those on a budget and it smells is nice and subtle so that's a definite bonus.
This is really nice hand cream and doesn't cost a lot. I like the smell and that it absorbs quickly and easily without leaving a greasy feeling. I put on my hands just before getting into bed so it can moisturize my hands all night. I also find it pretty soothing as my hands get really dry being a domestic cleaner.
This is a great budget hand cream. The cream absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave any residue making it great for applications during the day. The fragrance is a very nice almost herbal scent that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I like to massage into my cuticles and nails to keep them hydrated as well. For me this is perfect for the warmer months only because I need more oomph for winter.
Being a very generously sized hand cream tube of 125ml it was tempting, when I first got this, to squirt more than what I needed but I actually find I only need about three pea-sized drops to do my hands effectively.  I find if I use to much it can be hard for my hands to soak all this goodness in!  So less is best when it comes to this hand cream - and that is my best tip for this product.  Other than that, I love the appeal of this hand product in the way that it smells of natural goodness and the design of the tube is simplistic and looks modern and classy too.  I have quite dry hands and this makes them feel soft and smooth.  A friend of mine has extremely dry hands that absorb hand creams like crazy and she loves this hand cream so much so I expect others with extremely dry, atopic type skin would also really love this.    It's especially wonderful to me though because it's a nail cream as well and it feels good when I massage this into my nails after applying it to my hands.  It's quite slippery and makes for a beautiful nail and cuticle massage cream.  For winter and extra dry skin I think this hand cream is an excellent choice.  I love that it is so accessible in so many places and the price is a bonus.
I find this a bit too thin consistency-wise and it doesn't seem to moisturise or hydrate my cuticles or nails. It has a nice scent and it is a great amount of product for the price. Good for daytime wear on the hands as it sinks in well, and isn't greasy. However I need a richer cream to truly moisturise!
Sukin's Hand and Nail cream is suitable for all skin types and for anyone. The texture is light but it's still very moisturising. You only need a little bit and it covers my both of my entire hands. The fragrance of this cream is very lovely, it smells botanical and very inviting. This hand cream is suitable for anybody and everyone.
Has a divine natural scent! Light consistency yet Sukin's hand cream generously moisturises my dry winter hands.  This hand cream does not cause irritation or flare up existing irritation. The packaging is slim and discrete, a must in my handbag.  My hands are left smooth and moisturised for hours without reapplication. 
I have sensitive skin and during the winter excessively dry skin especially when it comes to my hands Upon first applying it to my hands. I purchased Sukin hand therapy due to the fact it is not a chemically based formula so wouldn't irritate my skin. I have used Sukin products before and have been quite happy with the results but for me this one fell short. It has a pleasant scent, is slightly thick but still easy to rub in, it also absorbs reasonably quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling (one of my pet hates when using hand products) Upon applying my hands felt soft and I can happily say it didn't cause any irritation. but shortly after I felt like I needed to re-apply. I didn't feel this is a good choice for people with extremely dry skin like myself as I require a product which will moisturize more intensely and wont require application on such a frequent basis. Although I personally wouldn't buy this again I would still recommend it for those wanting a little extra TLC for their skin.
I bought a Sukin showbag at Ekka (Royal Brisbane Show) last month for $15. The Hand & Nail Cream is included together with 4 other products. I've never used Sukin products before and I'm excited to try them at an average of $3 per item. The hand & nail cream contains no paraben and the ingredients are all natural stuff such as Jojoba oil, Rose Hip Oil and Avocado Oil. Although being very nourishing and moisturising, it feels rich and soothing on skin without leaving any greasy feeling on my skin. My hands usually gets very dry in winter but since I started using this hand cream, I can see improvement instantly. Before trying this hand cream, I have always been a big fan of Jurlique's Rose Hand Cream. I always carry one in my handbag. But now I can say that I'm totally converted into a Sukin hand cream fan! This is just an amazing products at bargain price. Definitely a cheap and cheerful must-have all year round! I would definitely be recommending this to all my friends and family.
This is just a really nice, natural hand and nail cream. It leaves your skin soft without leaving behind a greasy feeling. It's small enough to fit in your bag so you can carry it on the go but also large enough to last you awhile. The fact that it's all natural ingredients is a bonus and I like knowing that what I'm putting on my hands as I often touch my face ect. The smell is really lovely - a nice botanical scent. I didn't notice much of a difference in my nails but I don't expect much from just a basic hand cream anyway. Really nice simple product all in all.
The Sukin hand and nail cream is an effective cream that softens my hands and makes my hands feel touchable. The scent is the soft rose scent which I sense in a lot of Sukin products. This hand cream goes on nongreasy and keeps my hands, nails and cuticles feeling soft and looking healthy. One tube lasts me a long time and it is very affordable too. It is also Australian made with natural  ingredients and contains no chemicals or parabens. It is a simple, hard working hand cream.  Pros: -low priced, subtle scent, nourishing results Cons: -if the subtle scent is boring, try this hand cream every 2 or 3 days on rotation with other creams Tips: -massage this nourishing hand cream onto your cuticles and nails too  Recommendation: -this skin softening hand cream would suit anyone of any age who wants soft and healthy looking hands 
I have some of this hand and nail cream, and I like it. It leaves my hands and nails nice and moisturised and smooth! A little bit goes a long way!
Budget babes will love this hand and nail cream. I mean, we need to scrimp in some places so we can splurge in others right?  I love the smell. It's less chemically and more plant like, which is pleasant. The texture isn't so light that it just glides over skin, but allows you to massage it in for good moisturisation. It claims to be suitable for all skin types and my sister who has sensitive skin has borrowed it a few times, without any flare ups. Having used the Sukin Hand and Nail Cream for a few months now, I find that my nails chip and peel less, which they were quite prone to previously. An all round winner in my books. Love it!