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Sukin Natural Deodorant is an aluminium free deodorant that eliminates bacteria that causes odour without using harsh ingredients. The formula is scented with tangerine, mandarin and lavender oils, and vanilla extract to leave you smelling and feeling fresh and clean. Suitable for all skin types. Paraben free.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

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Sukin Natural Deodorant


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Love to use this deodorant when not having periods. As then it is ok to use something mild. This deo is not potent enough to keep me odour free during that period of month as I sweat more with those hormonal "accents".  Then I need to reapply every 3-4 hours to keep the smell neutralized. Love that is a spray and that is so mild and gentle. But need bicarb based strong stuff for those special days. Deo scent comes from the herbal ingredients in the formula. And added hint of vanilla. As the whole regular Sukin skincare line too.
This Award winning deodorant is renowned for being Aluminuim free, that's why I purchased it. It is an invigorating spray with a stimulating blend lavender and tangerine oils. The Sukin natural deodorant banishes the bacteria that causes that revolting sweat and odour without creating any irritation to my skin.  The deodorant is super versatile  and can be used as an energising body spray. This is a great one to keep in the handbag. Leaves my underarms smelling crispy fresh and sweat free. I highly recommend this delicate deodorant for everybody including people looking for spray that won't irritate their skin. 
I bought this because I was looking for natural and chemical free deodorant. I am ok with the scent although it does smell a bit weird. However, I don't think it has significant help with sweat. I am not sure if I like this product. I hope they will come up with a new scent and maybe I will use it more.
Not as effective as regular deodorant but ideal for people who prefer natural and/or milder fragrances. I started using this after becoming a mom since my baby couldn't tolerate any strong fragrances. I have to apply it twice or thrice a day but I like the fragrance, gentle enough for my baby's senses and I don't have to worry about "what's in it" stuff. The mandarin fragrance is bit unusual but very pleasant and refreshing.
I have been trying for awhile now to reduce my use of anti perspirants due to the large amounts of aluminium and chemicals in it.  I have been using natural deodorants for awhile now and while they won't stop you from sweating it does help with keeping my underarms fresh and smelling great without having to using chemicals.  The Sukin natural deodorant is light and has a lovely scent which doesn't irritate my underarms and keeps me smelling fresh.  It's natural and aluminium and paraben free while also being vegan and cruelty free.  The price is really affordable and I can feel good about using it.  It works better for me during the fall and winter when I barely sweat but during the spring and summer I usually need something stronger when I know the prospects of me sweating will be high.
I have been using my Sukin deodorant on and off for quite a few months. I love Sukin products as they tick a lot of boxes for me, and this is another great product. I mist admit that I wear an anti-perspirant deodorant in the warmer months though (just because I am paranoid that this is not as effective as an anti-perspirant). But I think that is just down to my way of thinking, and not the actual product itself. The scent is subtle and nice, and I like the packaging too (even though it is plastic). It is easy to spray and not much is needed in order to be effective. 
I have replaced my 'toxic' aluminum containing deodorant with this one. After having been on the lookout for something I could spray (and not apply/rub on) along with something that was without any artificial ingredients, and I happened to stumble on this one at my local chemist. I read the ingredients, and it seemed like a good choice as it ticked all my boxes. But what was important for me to find out was: "DOES THIS WORK?"  So I gave it a go, on a day I have gym class. That is the true 'test' for any good 'deodorant'.. And to my surprise- It passed. I had to reapply after all the sweating, but BO was in control. So if you are looking for a #natural, #sprayon #alternative, that is good for you, give the #SukinNaturalDeoderant a go.
I love the fresh smell of this deodorant. It's the first time I have used a natural deodorant and also the first time I have used one in a pump action. In regards to the pump spray I think it's a bit wasteful and hard to get it exactly where I want it. I have been using for a few months now and find it works well and doesn't stain my clothes either. I would buy again as it has no nasties in it and would much rather it comes in a roll on. I would have rated it 5 stars if it was in a roll on.
Let me just do my little rant about how great the price is on this! Only $6 for a 125mL bottle of amazingness from a brand that I trust to deliver awesome products, definitely worth it. This product smells so fresh and it's like I walked into a tropical paradise in Bali or somewhere exotic. I recommend that if you are traveling you take this blessing with you because it's so great to have a little freshen up every now and then and it's so gentle on your skin so there will be no stickiness or heaviness left behind. It's so easy to use and all you have to do is spray it on your desired area and I find that I mainly use this in place of a deodorant right after I shave because it stings so much when I use my normal one but with this I find it soothing and really cooling. I would advise that you check what ingredients are in the product before using because everyone's skin is different and always test it on a small area of your skin before using . This natural deodorant by Sukin is perfect for sensitive skin, smells fresh and is easy to travel with. It's an essential for me.
I love this deodrant as it is so difficult to get an aluminium free deodrant and these are awesome for sensitive skin. My underarm skin often brakes out in a rash especially in the heat from the chemicals used in conventional deodorants. These sukin deodorant is great for sensitive skin, aluminium free and paraben free. It smells divine, the spray bottle is easy to use, is a great price and prevents wetness and odour, an amazing product, it is so soothing and when using this my skin is never irritated. I highly recommend this if you suffer from sensitive or irritated skin
I will start off by saying that a natural deodorant is completely different than a chemical filled anti perspirant.  They are two separate products that focus on different issues and I think most people tend to get that confused.  Deodorant helps with odour and keeping your underarms smelling fresh.  An antiperspirant is what keeps your underarms dry and prevents lots of sweating and wetness from occurring.  Some will contain both while others may just be a deodorant.  I had purposely been looking for an all natural deodorant as I had been wanting to avoid using chemicals in my skincare and beauty products as much as I can.  Chemicals such as aluminium can accumulate in your body and cause health problems which is why I decided to switch to something all natural.  I couldn't find many natural deodorants on the market but being familiar with Sukin I came across their deodorant and considering how inexpensive it was I purchased it without any second thoughts.  I don't sweat that much but I did want something that would keep my underarms smelling nice throughout the day without me having to secretly do a sniff check which is why I thought this would be perfect for me.  It comes in a spray bottle so it's releases a nice mist of product without being too much.  The spray was easy to use and precise.  Just one to two sprays for each underarm and I let it dry for about a minute before I put my clothes on.  The scent was fruity yet light and the deodorant itself was very gentle on my skin.  My underarms tend to be very sensitive and they can get very dry and itchy.  Using products I have to be careful as anything can irritate it and make it burn.  With the Sukin deodorant I had no problems at all and it didn't cause any adverse reactions.  I liked that the deodorant had antibacterial properties so it would kill any odour causing bacteria without smelling medicinal.  The scent was fabulous as it wasn't too strong yet not too light.  During the cold, winter months I found the deodorant to be just what I needed (as I didn't really need anything strong considering my sweating was very minimal).  For really hot, summer days it wasn't too bad but obviously was no match for the humidity and extreme temperatures so I would have to reapply throughout the day but I wasn't too fussed about it.  I've purchased this several times and have been very happy with it.  The price point is super affordable, it's Australian made and cruelty free and it doesn't contain any parabens or other harsh chemicals.   Tips:  -Stick with one to two sprays. Anymore than that and your underarms will be too wet and will start to drip.   -Keep it in the fridge during the warmer months as it keeps your underarms cool -You can spray it directly onto the skin or use a cotton ball to apply 
I am currently using this product, I am a big fan of Sukin and on the positive side I really like that it is true blue Aussie made, it is incredibly soft and gentle and does not contain any nasties.  I found it to be reasonably effective, it has a subtle scent though I had to reapply a couple of times during the day, however on the negative side of things, on a hot day or when I was wearing a silky top it didn't do it's job and I was a bit sweaty still.  A reasonable/average product overall.
Love love love this product. The scent so fresh.  You can keep this product in your bag, knowing you can freshen up anytime of the day and know that it is free of any nasties. As I am on my feet all day at work, I love the fact I can spritz my feet to cool and invigorate my step when I need to.
This deodorant has no lasting power, especially in the summer. The smell on application is not particularly appealing, and it only gets worse as the day goes on. It's fine for a day around the house, but the two times I wore it out, I was horrified by the way it reacted with my skin. I will not be repurchasing this product––I'll be lucky to finish this bottle. The most disappointing Sukin product I've tried.
I have tried numerous Sukin products I have loved using, and thought I'd give their Natural Deodorant a go. The scent is very refreshing, with a predominately citrus & lavender based aroma. It sprays as a fairly direct mist & I noticed I had no underarm perspiration while using it.  As a deodorant, and anti-perspirent, it definitely worked properly and effectively. Unfortunately I also noticed within 3 or 4 days of starting to use it, that I felt very itchy in my underarm region - having not had a deodorant reaction in decades, I was surprised that something in this natural formula definitely didn't agree with me. The itch coincided with a raised, red rash underneath both arms. It was very itchy, and unpleasant to deal with, and a change of deodorant to this Sukin one was definitely the cause. I immediately stopped using the Natural Deodorant, replacing it with a roll-on I knew I could use minus an allergy. Within a few days the itching & redness had subsided and my armpits fortunately returned to their regular state. Shame - I would have loved to find this product worked for me, but unfortunately, it definitely didn't.  That said, it stopped sweats and left a lovely scent in my pits, so for others who are keen to try a natural deodorant, give it a go, you may find you don't have an allergic reaction.
I liked that it was affordable and that it contains natural ingredients, but it did not feel as effective as my other deodorants, and the smell was more reminiscent of an air freshener. And I ended up leaving it in the toilet for that reason. I really wanted to like it as I am pro-natural products.
I purchased this after reading all about the dangers of aluminium in deodorants (and because apparently I cant walk out of Priceline without purchasing something new to try!). This was the first natural deodorant I have ever used and its been a repurchase many times since. The Sukin natural deodorant comes in a dark hard plastic bottle with a squirt applicator. It is of course, aluminium and paraben free and contains an array of essential oils like lavender and vanilla. I apply with one or two sprays under each arm as any more will leave you very damp and start running down your arm as this is a very watery product. The smell is subtle and fresh and the scent is a very pleasant citrus vanilla. I find it to be very gentle on my skin and doesn't irritate at all like many do.I do however still reach for the Dove when I have shaved as this one is uncomfortable and a bit stinging on freshly shaved skin. I find this deodorant does the job well in winter without the need for reapplying, though in summer and extra hot days you will probably need to reapply . That is the only downside though. At the incredibly cheap price it is and being free from all nasty and questionable chemicals the extra effort to reapply on hotter days is a small one. Pros *Australian made *Natural ingredients *Recyclable plastic packaging *Aluminium free *Lasts for months *Very well priced *Dark container to keep ingredients fresh Cons *May need reapplying in the warmer months I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a chemical free deodorant that is extremely well priced and great for sensitive skin.
Trying to use as many natural and organic products is very important to me and Sukin is one of my favourite affordable Aussie brands for this. One product I keep re-buying over and over again is this amazing smelling natural deodorant. We all should know by now that most or all antiperspirant deodorants use a type of aluminium to block the pores of your armpit which really does work to stop excess sweating. But when you think about it, it probably is not the best thing for your skin so it's great to give a natural deodorant a go to see how it works for your skin. During winter I find this deodorant is perfect because I'm not sweating profusely and I just need a little bit of help stopping the dreaded B.O. This product is great for that as it has all the right active ingredients that help to kill the bacteria in your armpits and it smells really fresh and invigorating. In summer it's a little bit harder to stick with only a natural deodorant when it's 40 degrees outside and every inch of your body is drenched in sweat but this still does a reasonable job of reducing the smell but won't reduce the perspiration. Even when I'm wearing a regular deodorant I find this is a great bottle just to use as a body spray or mist because it's got such a freshness about it that it just makes you smell good without being too strong. It's a really great product that everyone should give a try because even if you don't like it as a deodorant you can easily just use it as a mist to refresh you during the day and it's so cheap what have you got to lose.
I have repurchased this little beauty many times because it's a natural body deodorant which keeps me feeling fresh with a soft lingering scent. It comes in a spray bottle which is easy to use and I can spray directly onto my skin without causing any irritation or dryness. The fragrance is mild, but it definitely stays with me, it seems to be a light rose scent, which is a typical scent in a lot of Sukin products. I use this deodorant as a body spray and that's the best way it works for me. Once I use this deodorant, it makes me feel fresh and clean. I also like to keep it in the fridge and spray it nice and chilled on a hot summer day! Pros: -affordable, easy to spray, Australian brand, natural ingredients Cons: -for me, it's not strong and durable enough to use an a deodorant in the underarms for body odour, so I use it as a body mist/deodorant, which is perfect for me Tips: -spray onto your body wherever you want to feel fresh and clean. try using it as a regular underarm deodorant on a day you aren't too busy and running around and see how well it works for you Recommendation: -this natural deodorant would suit anyone who wants a beautiful scented body deodorant for every day use