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Sukin Naturals Aloe Vera Gel features a pure, soothing formula to hydrate and nourish the skin. It is ideal for use after sun exposure, shaving or waxing and on dry or irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types. To use, apply generously to moist skin all over the body.


Sukin Aloe Vera Gel


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Calms itching after shaving

Sometimes my legs become irritated after having the shower half and there is nothing worse than that feeling of extreme constant itching and stinging so I always use this Sukin Aloe Vera Gel all over my legs after shaving and in between shaves to try and prevent that. It immediately calms the redness, itching and stinging. It doesn't really have much of a smell to me which I prefer and it's medium consistency. Not runny but not too thick. It absorbs into my skin quite quickly and isn't oily or anything like that. I would also recommend using this after you've been out in the sun as it soothes the skin and re hydrates it.
This works wonders on sunburn.  I use this whenever I get burn and it works wonders for me, it moisturises and cools at the same time. It’s a more natural product too so it’s better for the environment and your skin.  Sukin is such a wonderful brand that is still low cost but effective. 
I always keep this sukin aloe vera gel on hand for sunburn. I absolutely love it as it takes away the sting and soothes sunburnt skin, its healing and cooling. This is a gorgeous silky gel that is easy to apply to dry or burnt skin and it sinks straight in for immediate comfort. The alow vera is super soothing and healing and its all natural so it wont irritate anyone with sensitive skin like me. The handy pump bottle makes it easy to dispense with no mess and the pure aloe vera is high quality with a pleasant scent. it feels lightweight on skin and a great tip is to store the pump in the fridge for extra cooling and relief. This product is also soothing on insect bites. I love that its cruelty free, all natural, free from synthetics and Australian made. Love this and highly recommend it.
This is one of Sukin best product. The aloe vera really works for my son's burnt skin when he forgot to apply sunscreen during swimming. I applied straight away on his red skin generously. The next day, I can see much improvement and he didn't feel the burnt stinging anymore. His back looks so much better in just 1 day.  Thank you Sukin!
This product comes in a pump and is so handy to have around the house. We use it to sooth skin after the sun, apply over minor burn wounds and insect bites and also over itchy skin. it has no scent and absorbs and dries very quickly. It's a very simple formula without any nasties, but does contain alcohol, presumably to preserve the product. It can also be added to a DIY sheet mask for a cooling and hydrating effect. I'm not sure why but it's not that easy to find this product even for stores like Chemist Warehouse/Priceline stores that stock Sukin.
Aloe ancient plant that has properties as varied as the products it is found in.Whilst i do grow it at home,i love to have this on hand to treat issues that arise whilst out living life and it is a darn sight less messy to use. After a particularly nasty burn in the sun last year (Whitsundays + swimming + falling asleep on a white sand beach = OUCH),i got this and have sworn by it ever since.It is a light,non-greasy gel that applies like a dream and sinks in quickly to alleviate the pain and redness associated with burns,whilst also deeply moisturing skin to prevent peeling (i did peel,but this worked to keep it under control and protected the delicate,fragile skin coming from underneath).At under $10 for a large 125ml bottle of almost 100% aloe vera content this gel can be used on the face and body to calm skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and eczema as well as cool and soothe burns or abrasions to the skin, how anyone would be without a bottle of this EVERYWHERE is beyond comprehension ( as well as uses i mentioned,how about at the fridge for awesome summer relief,in the car for scrapes,bumps and cuts,at work as a hand care saviour,in the bathroom for razorburn and in bub's nappy bag for a sore,red bot bot). A huge plus for me is the fact that this is Aussie made,and pure....not some cheap "Aloe Vera waved over the vat" imported imposter,so you are supprting home grown products as well as getting a superior item. And what of the scent ? A slightly "alcohol" waft can be detected,but that dissipates quickly,and does not sting (so no concern about putting this on an abrasion etc),and a soft,herbaceous scent takes over.Really,this is a household must have. TIP:Soothe skin post waxing with a liberal application of helps to heal,soothes that pain and reduces redness of the area.Want it to REALLY soothe ? Fridge it first.
I love that this is the so natural it really helped my skin irritantions and acne flareups after trying to many different products this one worked wonder for my skin. It also has my tick of approval that it's Australian made and has not been used on animal testing.
Product: The Sukin Aloe Vera gel is a wonderful, all natural and versatile product that we always have in the house, especially during the warmer months.  Sukin is a trusted brand as they do not contain any chemicals, parabens, animal derived ingredients and they're cruelty free so I know I'm using a good product.  Living in Australia there is no shortage of sun, and I'm definitely not complaining, but being sun safe is also important.  Even with SPF and staying in the shade sometimes you cannot avoid the sun and unfortunately even after five to ten minutes my skin can get very red and nothing works as well as aloe vera.   Benefits:  You cannot talk about this product without mentioning all the amazing benefits of aloe vera.  Even when I was young, if we had a burn my mum would put fresh aloe vera onto our skin to help soothe the affected area.  The pump is definitely more convenient and I don't have to go through the trouble of scooping out the product from the actual aloe vera leaf.  It's anti inflammatory so it works well for sunburn, rashes, eczema flare ups and even acne.  I sometimes get really red, painful blemishes on my face and the aloe vera would instantly calm down my skin and take away the redness.  My hands will get really bad eczema and dermatitis at times and my skin will start to burn and itch like crazy.  To keep myself from scratching I dab a bit of the aloe vera gel onto my skin and I it stops the itchiness.  It contains vitamin C and E, it's moisturising, it assists with wound healing, has anti ageing benefits, it's anti bacterial, is an astringent and can help lighten scars and pigmentation.   Uses: I have mentioned a couple of uses for the gel but there is seriously a whole list of things I use this multi purpose gel for.  Besides the obvious sunburns, I use it on my face during the summer as a moisturiser.  Its gel consistency absorbs easily into my skin and because I have oily/acne prone skin I don't have to worry about it clogging my pores or being too heavy (It's also anti microbial so it helps combat acne while keeping new ones from coming).  As it's pure aloe vera I use it under my eyes as well.  It reduces the appearance of the fine lines under my eyes and helps with reducing puffiness.  I use it on both old and new scars (including acne scars and pigmentation) and overtime the colour has gradually faded. One place most people wouldn't expect it to be used is on the hair and scalp.  It helps promote hair growth, adds moisture, keeps my oily scalp balanced and for those who suffer from dandruff it works for that too! I have also done lots of DIY projects with aloe vera.  I have mixed it with other natural ingredients to make my own toner, body scrub, face mask, cleanser and as an eyebrow gel!  Who it's for: The aloe vera gel can be used by just about anyone! For those with oily, dry, combination, normal, sensitive skin and anything else in between.  It's very unlikely that you would have a reaction with it unless you are allergic to the plant itself.  It's odourless, doesn't feel sticky and is handy to have around the house. 
Sukin Aloe Vera Gel is a great product after long days in the sun and helping with acne. The texture is quite nice and there is a natural, earthy scent that reminds you of summer days. This product is very soothing on the skin and doesn't leave a sticky residue and has so many uses. It can be used for sunburn treatment, insect bites and a shaving lotion. My skin feels cool, moisturised and relief after putting it on and it reduces redness as well. With its soothing properties, I would definitely recommend this lightweight and nourishing product. 
Sukin Aloe Vera Gel is an essential item in every household. Soothing, cool and refreshing on dry parched skin. Ideal for after sun or windburn. Made in Australia and all natural. No Animal Testing No synthetic Fragrance or artifical colours Presented in a recyclable pump bottle - What more can anyone want? I keep mine in the fridge for that extra cooling relief. Apply liberally on anything that needs relief. Support our Aussie products.
Living in Australia means being exposed to all types of weather, sometimes all in one day.  This unpredictability can create lots of problems for my skin so I need to be prepared.  Aloe vera is one of those products I have in the house all year round because its a multi purpose product that has so many benefits and it's all natural.  The Sukin aloe vera gel comes in a 125ml pump and is very convenient.  It's all natural, Australian made and cruelty free so I feel good about using it.  During the summer, my skin gets very oily from the heat and humidity.  I like to put a bit of aloe vera on my face to help soothe my skin while also reducing the redness that I get around my nose, cheeks and chin.  It had no scent, absorbed so easily and left no residue behind.  For that reason I would even use it as a facial moisturiser because it was so lightweight and it balanced out my skin.  With blemishes and breakouts, it kept my inflamed skin under control without aggravating it.  Even though I would always leave the house prepared with sunscreen, sometimes I would stay in the sun for too long and would end up with a sunburn.  The gel helped cool my skin which would become ultra sensitive and irritated.  I have been using it recently on the mozzie bites I had gotten all over my legs and arms, creating a huge rash.  It helped stop the itching, giving me relief as it had been driving me crazy all day.  It's definitely a must have for every household!  Tip: Leave it in the fridge during the summer to keep it cool as it feels so much better on your skin.  Also makes a great hydrating eye gel! 
5 minutes in the sun and I turn into a tomato. Whilst I use a lot of sunscreen, sometimes it's not enough or I miss somewhere. I keep this gel in the fridge for that instant soothing calmness, with no residue or greasy feel as it soaks right in. I use it on hubby too, as he works outside and is often sunburnt.
I burn easy in the summer and as much as I slather up in spf, sometimes I still end up a little burnt.I first purchased this on one of those occasions last summer, when my shoulders got a little red and I was wanting to get some natural relief and hopefully heal the damage a bit quicker. The Sukin aloe vera gel is made with pure aloe vera. It comes in a handy and easy to dispense pump bottle and is clear with the standard aloe vera scent. It feels a little sticky once applied but it absorbs fast , leaving no residue .The gel is instantly cooling on burnt ,irritated skin or even insect bites on skin(I have tried on all 3),and it provides instant relief that is fairly long lasting.  Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years to treat so many different skin conditions and is known for its anti aging properties.The uses for this gel are endless !In summer I even use this alone as a facial moisturiser as my skin gets so oily and this is so hydrating,light and keeps oil at bay all day long . Pros Pure aloe vera Multiple uses -healing sunburn,relief for irritated skin,treatment for insect bites,facial moisturiser for oily skin Very reasonably priced One of the best aloe vera products Ive come across(I've tried many!) I cant think of any cons. This product has so many uses. I'd recommend this to anyone.Always handy to have some aloe vera ready in the fridge to treat an array of skin irritations.Instantly soothing and calming.A must have!