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Sukin Naturals Colour Care Conditioner

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Sukin Naturals Colour Care Conditioner is a conditioner for coloured hair. It is formulated with a moisturising blend of macadamia oil and kakadu plum extract to smooth hair, control frizz and restore shine, whilst quinoa helps to keep coloured hair vibrant for longer. It is infused with the aroma of bergamot and geranium.

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Sukin Naturals Colour Care Conditioner


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Protects colour, prevents frizz

This is a great conditioner for not only protecting colour but controlling frizz. Infused with Kakadu plum and macadamia oil this conditioner leaves my hair so soft and shiny and silky. My colour lasts longer and is so much brighter, it doesn’t go dull as easily and my thick hair is much less frizzy and more manageable, it detangles hair with ease and makes styling easier,,leaving my hair smoother. I recommend using the matching shampoo for best results and brighter colour. It’s great value for money and really works. Love it so much

lovely silky hair

Sukin colour care conditioner. I grabbed a whole lot of different Sukin products when on sale recently. I love the brand and the fragrance of this is lovely. Not too overpowering just fresh and natural. I have to use a fair amount of this in my almost shoulder length, fine natural silver grey hair. My hair seems to soak this up instantly, it doesn’t take long at all to get that lovely silky conditioning effect. I start with a moderate amount to the ends and run it through to the scalp. Then I take a little more for the ends. A comb runs through my wet hair easily and it rinses out equally fast. It left my hair very soft and smooth. I’ve let my wavy hair dry naturally and there’s little frizziness. When I straightened my hair it was beautiful and soft. I’ve used this for several weeks and I would recommend. Pro’s delicious scent and great conditioning effect. Cons – for my hair, I need to use a decent amount.