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Sukin Naturals Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum

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Sukin Naturals Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum is a concentrated facial serum to deliver deep hydration into the skin. It is formulated with a bio-marine blend of sea algae, hyaluronic acid and maize complex to deeply rehydrate and leave skin looking dewy and revived for up to 72 hours after 4 weeks of use.


Sukin Naturals Hydration Biomarine Facial Serum


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Great anti ageing serum

This is a great anti ageing serum. It contains hyaluronic acid helping it penetrate and deeply hydrate skin for a youthful appearance. It also has sea algae which is why I decided to try it in the first place as I love anything to do with the ocean for skin. It sinks straight into skin and spreads easily and doesn’t feel greasy, it’s light and comfortable to wear on my skin. I noticed a difference after a few weeks, my skin looked fresher and not so tired. It’s also really economical as it’s reasonably priced and I only need one pump to hydrate my skin. It has a pleasant scent and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I loved the Sukin naturals hydration bio marine facial serum, it really makes a difference to my skin and I would recommend it

It hydrates but I don't like it's scent

I really do like using this serum in my morning skincare routine as I find it does a great job at hydrating my skin but I don't like the scent. I find it to be a bit too strong for my liking. The scent is zesty and fresh but I would prefer it to be fragrance free. The serum has a good slip to it and I find it very easy to apply and it does absorb rather quickly. It leaves my skin smooth, soft and very hydrated. I find 1 and a half pumps is enough for my face and I use a further pump for my neck. This is such a fantastic product. It really does hydrate well.