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Sukin Naturals Oil Balancing Pore Refining Facial Scrub

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Sukin Naturals Oil Balancing Pore Refining Facial Scrub is a scrub that removes dead skin cells and keeps the pores clear of impurities. A base of jojoba beads and bamboo charcoal as well as moringa extract work to exfoliate the skin. Rooibos tea, willowherb and coconut oil purify and balance the complexion, and may assist with guarding against breakouts. Bilberry extract and white tea impart antioxidants, while aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber work to soothe and calm the skin for a healthy glow.


Sukin Naturals Oil Balancing Pore Refining Facial Scrub


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I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of Sukin. How great is it to find a collection of products that are: natural, Australian, actually work, and don't cost a fortune? I have aging skin but still have issues with blackheads on my nose, chin and temples. I've spent a small fortune on products that made very little difference. They languish in my bathroom cupboard - a testament to my disappointment and waste of money. This stuff works. It does what it says it's supposed to, it does it without fanfare or hard work. A couple of times a week and my blackheads are under control. You can't ask for more than that. Yes, it's lovely to splurge on a $$$$ product to feel pampered, but really, if they don't work, or do the same job as this one, what's the point? The only downside - and it's a small one - is that it can be a bit drying if used too often. Two times a week is great for me. I'm a happy Sukin convert.
I love sukin products, love that they are all natural and this pore refining facial scrub is a winner for me. First of all its super gentle for my sensitive skin, the granules are fine and even though this is a gently scrub they work really well to clear pores, minimising them and giving super clean soft skin. the charcoal absorbs excess oil and the scrub is packed full of natural goodies to nourish, clear and hydrate my skin. the mask is easy to use and washes off easily with water leaving my skin feeling really soft and with a fresh glowing radiant appearance. it is great value for money as the price is good and i dont need to use a lot. I would use this once a week to clean impurities from skin. it has a pleasant fragrance and i love that its paraben free. overall a great facial scrub that i would buy again and highly recommend.
This scrub does amazing things for my oily, acne prone skin. Its gentle enough to use every few days, as the exfoliation bits aren't too abrasive. It doesn't strip my skin when I use it, which makes my skin feel nice and soft after washing it off. I like to leave it on for a few minutes so that the Charcoal can soak up any excess oil that might be on my skin. I'd definitely repurchase this, its one of my favourite face scrubs.
I absolutely adore this product. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, it is also very fair and easily damaged with coarse products. I have found this to be one of the best masks I have ever used and would thoroughly recommend to other members who have similar type skin.  I do find it quite thick on application and therefore slightly wasteful but at its very reasonable price you can kind of afford to waste a little. It smooths over skin evenly and feels lovely. Definately no burny sensation with other less natural products. It dries evenly and doesn't hurt when you wash it off. When it comes off my skin feels INCREDIBLE like it's sucked all the badness out of my skin - I liken it to removing a skin hangover. Just feel SO GOOD afterwards. Literally a wonderful liberating feeling. I love that it's all natural and cruelty free. I will definately be keeping this in my repertoire of go to products.
This face scrub is for oily skin types but it's very gentle for people with combination skin like mine. This scrub by Sukin has a very strong fragrance - I can smell rooibos, it's very strong and it's not for everyone. The scrub is very gentle on my skin and doesn't leave my skin feeling overly dry but I apply face oil on my skin straight after. It has charcoal so don't be alarmed that the colour of the face scrub is a dark grey.
After using this product my skin felt super clean, cleansed & detoxed. Although it's a good cleanser and a scrub to help get rid of bacteria, dirt, oil and makeup I found my skin a bit dry afterwards. So after using this product a really good moisturiser must be used in order to put all the moisture back into the skin. Either a water based moisturiser or an oil based moisturiser does the job.  I would use this 1-3 times a week mainly because it's a scrub that exfoliate dead skin cells off the skin. The smell wise isn't strong, has more of a herby scent which is a good thing.  I would recommend this for people who have normal skin and oily skin. People who have dry skin, must be careful as it might dry the skin even more. Sensitive skin must do patch tests before going ahead with this product.
I hardly ever use face scrubs anymore but every now and then I want that extra clean, fresh and clear sensation on my face. I noticed Sukin's Oil Balancing range some time ago but since I had a lot of products I didn't get anything. But a few weeks ago I couldn't resist and chose the face scrub. I am glad I did because the product is pleasant and gives the face a nice polish. I am a sucker for a funky packaging and I do think that a grey tube with a black lid is great. It does stand out on the shelves among other beauty products , as it is such an unusual colour for a beauty product ( for women, seen grey packaging for men ). The formula is grey as well, pretty thick and gritty but at the same time it feels very creamy and moisturising. I love the smell of this face scrub and I am surprised that some reviewers didn't like it. To me it smells like a cup of good tea, I definitely smell rooibos and a bit of earl grey. The application is easy, the scrub doesn't slide off the face,  all we need to do is to massage it a little into the face. The scrub is very gentle and I believe the most sensitive skin could still use it, yet it is pretty effective, it smooths out the skin nicely, cleanses it from all the debris and makes it feel hydrated and look radiant. The pores might not be overly refined, but I do not mind it. I like the feeling of my face being moisturised after using the scrub and not tight as it usually is with the scrubs. My tip is to leave the scrub on the face for a while ( and brush the teeth or shave the legs) to let the good ingredients do their job. What is worth mentioning is the fact that the scrub is free from many nasties and I am sure environmentally aware beauties will appreciate it. To me, a great product in a very affordable price. The tube of 125ml will make the product last long too.
I don't like the words "face scrub" as it implies harsh treatment.  This product gently exfoliates and really does help with the rather large pores on my nose, although I have yet to find a product that eliminates them completely.
I have combination skin and have been using this charcoal facial scrub for a few times a week for a few months.  The product is thick and dark grey, and contains beads that you can feel as you wash your face. It has a really strong, almost unpleasant scent. It smells like charcoal, without anything else to cover or mask it. Despite this smell, it scrubs nicely on the face, leaving no irritation or excessive dryness, and it did help to clear up some of my pores after I used it consistently for a few weeks.  It comes in a tube you squeeze, so it's easy to get the right amount of product before using it. The price was really good, I got it on sale at my local Priceline, and have been using it ever since. Overall, it's a great product if you can handle the smell, especially for the price and results. 
The Sukin Charcoal range is something I turn too when my skin is getting extra oily and the budget is a bit tight for my usual splurge type skin care. The charcoal scrub is one of my favourites of the Sukin range so far.It comes in a handy grey plastic tube bottle with a flip top lid and is a creamy texture with exfoliating grains of charcoal and beads. Charcoal is quite the rage at the moment and this was the first product I tried containing it. The smell of this range isn't horrible but it isn't as pleasant as most cleansers and scrubs I've used. The scrub feels rough enough to exfoliate,whilst also being gentle enough not to cause irritation. I found my skin to feel refreshed, purified and soft after washing it off. This product works just as well as my usual more expensive skin care at keeping my skin clean and balanced if I'm completely honest with myself. I think its just the less than appealing scent and lack of pretty packaging that stops me making this my permanent skin care range(silly ,I know!). Its natural,very well priced ,Australian,environmentally responsible ,cruelty free and effective. Id recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable natural skin care range that keeps combination and oily skin balanced and even.