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Sukin Naturals Paw Paw Ointment

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Sukin Naturals Paw Paw Ointment is an ointment that nourishes and soothes chapped lips and dehydrated skin. The natural formula contains fermented paw paw, castor seed oil and papaya extract to hydrate and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. The multipurpose product may also be used to ease the discomfort associated with redness and itching, and it will improve the texture of the skin. It is free of petroleum jelly, petrochemicals, parabens and mineral oils.


Sukin Naturals Paw Paw Ointment


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Does the job!

This is thicker than your average paw paw ointment and I don't mind because it gets the job done. It comes in a tube and I like to apply it onto my lips which are always dry and come winter they are even more dry, cracked and sensitive. Having this paw paw ointment provides a layer of protection on my lips but also keeps them hydrated. You don't need a whole lot of it and I like that it uses natural ingredients. Also like that it doesn't test on animals and it doesn't contain any animal derived ingredients. I've purchased this full price but I have seen it on promotion as well so it's a bargain!

Protects and hydrates lips

This ointment is great for dry chapped lips. I tend to use this mainly on my lips but it can be used on any dry skin. It’s great value and lasts for ages. It has a light scent and is a thickish consistency that is comfortable to wear. This really protects my lips from wind and dry weather and leaves my lips soft and conditioned. The handy tube means I can just throw it in my handbag and use it whenever I feel my skin drying out. It’s very nourishing and hydrating and paw paw products are great for lips. I love the Sukin brand, it’s a trusted brand containing no nasties. This was a winner for me


I love not only using this as a lip balm but it's also great to apply to dry elbows and hands too. When wearing it as a lip balm it isn't sticky and it feels really rich and thick and conditioning. It can also be used over a lipstick to add a bit of sheen. Sometimes I also have really dry elbows and hands and I'll apply a tiny amount of this to those areas and it absorbs within a few minutes of massaging it in and it softens the skin quite fast. This is definitely a product I would recommend especially to those who have dry cracked lips as this will fix your lips instantly.