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Sukin Sensitive Pink Clay Facial Masque is a clay face mask that's suitable for sensitive skin. It contains red and pink clays to gently extract impurities and environmental pollutants from skin for a clear complexion. It also contains aloe vera and chamomile to soothe and calm the skin. This product is formulated with naturally-derived ingredients and is 100 per cent vegan.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.


Sukin Sensitive Pink Clay Facial Masque


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Removes impurities, gentle on sensitive skin

I loved this clay mask. Loved the pink colour and delicate scent and it was really easy to use. I applied this before showering and got a nice thick layer on my skin then left it on for 15 minutes. My face went a little tight but it was not uncomfortable, the mask is quite creamy to apply and it was so easy to remove, I just used a facecloth under the shower and removed it with ease. After using this my skin felt so clean and smooth, it removes impurities really well to prevent breakouts and it leaves my skin looking bright and fresh. It has never irritated my sensitive skin and it’s also super economical and I only need to use it once a week. The packaging is really pretty as well. I would buy this again

Less irritating than other Sukin clay masks

I've tried the purifying, hydrating and oil balancing Sukin clay masks before this, and this is one of the better ones. I experienced some stinging with the other ones but with this, there was only slight tingling. For reference, my skin is not particularly sensitive in general but some natural/fruit extracts can cause stinging. The formula for this mask is much simpler compared to the other Sukin masks - clays, aloe, soothing ingredients like tasmanian pepper, cucumber and chamomile etc. There are no essential oils and no added fragrance. The texture is beautifully smooth and creamy, not overly scented and I like the pink colour that dries down to a more salmon pink. It dries down after about 15 minutes to a slight tightening of the skin but it's not too drying. I think this would suit those who are looking for a fairly gentle clay mask. I am not sure if it is completely safe for sensitive skin so I'd recommend patch testing. It doesn't quite clear out to pores as much as I'd like compared to some stronger clay masks that do not tingle at all for me, so this is not a product I would personally repurchase.

Affordable, gentle and works well!

There are a lot of pink clay masks there out one the market and while many of them have a high price tag that doesn't necessarily mean that it's better quality. I have tried plenty of masks and this pink clay mask by Sukin is one of the best that I have tried. I don't have overly sensitive skin but it can get sensitive at times. This clay masks helps to mattify your skin, remove congestion from your pores and leave your skin fresh and glowing without leaving it tight and dehydrated. I like to give my face a steam bath so it can help to open my pores and then I apply the face mask on top. Just a light layer all over your face or wherever you feel like your skin needs. good detox (t-zone, cheeks, jawline...etc). I like to leave it on for at least 15 minutes until the mask is completely dry. Then I wash it off in the shower and by the time I'm done my skin looks so clean and bright. You can always be happy about the fact that it's all natural, doesn't test on animals and it's vegan. I've noticed huge improvements in my skin since using it and I would definitely recommend it for everyone including all skin types.
I love another mask from Sukin - the Rich Moisture - so I decided to give this one a go too as it's made for those with sensitive skin of all types. I have used other pink clay masks, usually with good results, and they were quite cooling and soothing, so I was hoping for the same . I love the creamy texture of this mask as I smooth it on, but I can't say I'm a fan of the strong almond smell. It was easy to cover my face and neck with a thickish layer and relax in the bath for a while (mask time is always a good excuse to make yourself relax from a busy schedule).  Fortunately this mask did not go bone dry during the 15 minutes waiting time so no danger of my skin growing unpleasantly taut under this mask. I removed it gently with a damp wash-cloth, rinsed with warm water and then surveyed the results. The good news - my skin did not look pink, or feel hot, which can be the case if a mask irritates me, and it did feel very soft. The not-so-good news - my face felt a little taut and dry in my drier areas, and I felt a real need to slather on serum and moisturiser straight away.  I have only used this mask twice so I may try to leave it on for a slightly shorter period and see the effect to give it a real go, before I think of passing it on (I have a family member with oily but also sensitive skin who might like to share it). I hope I am able to make this work for me, as I love so many of Sukin's natural, cruelty-free products and wholesome ingredients and think they are a great affordable Australian company. 
After cleansing my face, and when still damp, I applied a layer of the mask using a foundation brush I use especially for masks. As the mask dries down, it becomes a darker colour on skin. It never fully dried all over even after 15-30 minutes possibly in sections where the layer was thicker. As a result of that it didn't feel like it was tightening and pulling at my skin when drying. After washing with warm water, it did not leave any residue and my face felt so soft and smooth. My skin was glowing, amazing! My skin felt so much better after using this, like a really good deep cleanse especially after experiencing an adverse reaction from using other products. As it is such a gentle product, it felt good detoxing my skin from nasties and didn't leave it tight and dry but nourished. Sukin is a really great affordable natural brand however I am a fan of another pink clay mask (similar price range) as the scent of that one wins (rose). This one has a subtle vanilla scent which is also not bad so may more suitable for those that do like rose scents.
I bought this product as i have very sensitive face. The ingredients looked lovely and it does smell amazing. Unfortunately it caused me breakouts after the first use. Not sure why, i never tried it again. I am very sad as it seems like a decent mask at a very decent price
I love Sukin products and this product is no exception.  As I have oily and acne prone skin I love to use a clay mask several times a week to help balance out my skin and this product is perfect for all of my skin issues.  It's a pink clay mask that's quite thick but easy to spread onto your face.  I leave it on for around 20 minutes until it dries and then I wash it off.  It's great for all skin types and it won't dry out your skin.  After I wash it off my face feels so clean and smooth.  My face is less shiny and it feels fresh.  It's quite a gentle face mask and I love that it's vegan and cruelty free.
Pink clay masks are having a bit of a moment lately and seem to be perfectly fit for my sensitive/combination skin (gentle yet purifying),so I decided to buy a couple. One which was about half the size of this one (and triple the price!) and this one from Sukin. The Sukin pink clay mask comes packaged in a sturdy dark coloured round tub with a twist top lid. I personally would prefer a tube as they are more hygienic and easier and less messy to disense from but tubs seem to be normal packaging for many pink clay masks. The scent is earthy and nice and the mask is an almost jelly like texture and feels cooling on the skin when applied. I expected it to go all tight while drying and give me that itchy,slightly uncomfortable feel most clay masks do,but it didn't . It stayed nicely hydrating and left my sensitive skin free from irritation and itchiness. The mask is of course,a lovely pale pink shade and I look slightly less crazy wearing it compared to my usual sheet masks and questionable mud coloured turmeric ones. The mask was a bit of a hassle to wash off but that was expected as it is the case with all clay masks. A wet muslin cloth will make the removal a breeze though My skin felt clean,nourished and super soft after using this. I honestly had the same results off this mask as the one triple the price.Actually,this one was more comfortable to wear. May as well save yourselves some money and just get this affordable beauty instead! A nice,natural treat that purifies the skin without drying it out. Leaves skin softened,hydrated and glowing. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin looking for affordable and effective skin care.
This is a lovely pink clay-based mask that doesn’t irritate or dry out my sensitive, slightly dry skin. It’s not like your regular clay masks that feel tight when they set and dry. This is one is quite gentle and has a light whipped texture that draws out impurities without striping excess oils from my skin. You only need to apply a thin layer to clean, slightly damp skin and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. It has a delicate vanilla herbal scent which I find relaxing and contains aloe and cucumber that soothe my skin. It rinses away easily and makes my skin look clearer, cleaner and brighter. I really like that it’s not as expensive as many pink clay masks out there and that it contains no nasty chemicals. A 100ml jar will probably last me a while as you don’t need to apply a thick layer for it to work effectively. I will definitely repurchase this mask and think it would suit all skin types.
I love putting on a mask and enjoying some me time - specially clay masks.  This one is so creamy and has sort of jelly like texture - super easy to spread and smells like the wet mud of first rain - very soothing and relaxing. While most clay masks can be bit drying, this one is very nourishing. Had a slight warm feeling while the masque was on - probably from improved blood circulation. I like to apply a comparatively thing layer and it started to dry out soon but without any 'can't move my face' feeling.  Taking this masque off was bit of a mess but that happens with most clay masques. Highly recommend take help of a face towel. After the treatment I was actually expecting a light feeling with unclogged pores but rather ended up feeling slightly oily.  Can't say it did much to draw out impurities and detox my skin either. Had to wash my face with a foaming cleanser so my serum and face cream could sink in better and also to avoid any break out situation.  So, while I will continue using this masque and enjoy the soothing feel of it, not likely to repurchase. More suitable for dry skin than oily like mine. 
Trustworthy product !! Are you ever finding yourself looking for a trustworthy product? Well this product is definitely it , I have had the worst of worst cystic acne in the past as well as nasty red scaring and pitted acne scars . I have tried many of the Sukin products in their range , yet this one had stood out to me , the price , the trendy yet simply packaging and of course the fact that it was a “pink clay mask” which all over social media is raved on about , I finally tried this product out , I can’t say that this product in itself was my skin saviour , because I have had many skin procedures much deeper than skin care, but I will say that after using this , my skin felt immediately clean , smooth , less textured and was glowing !! Who doesn’t love that , and I must add it look super cute in selfies with it on!! I use this around once a week , usually a Sunday evening to give my skin abit of a refresh and glow for the week . This product really surprised me as I am EXTREMELY sceptical of trying out new products as I have the fear of irritation and acne reappearing , not to worry , at least in my case this product did not make my acne worse nor did it irritate my sensitive skin which Is why I praise product very much , I hope this post helps with someone in need for a trustworthy and lost costing product as well as help in achieving a beautiful skin glow with no added nasty pimples !!
This is a beautiful clay mask. Firstly, the packaging is so natural and inviting. I wish the tub was in a squeeze tube for hygiene reasons, but I did use a brush to apply the mask to counter this. It applies so nicely and I don't need to use a lot to cover my entire face. I have combination skin with some redness on my cheeks and chin and I didn't find any sensitivity after using this. It just left my skin glowing and soft. Highly recommend this clay mask to anytime skin type. I haven't really used much from the Sukin range before, but I will certainly look into it now that I am super impressed with this product.
The Sukin Pink Clay mask is one of the best masks on the market! Usually i find clay masks a bit drying, but this one manages to help clear and refine my skin AND leave it soft and hydrated.  As the name suggests, the mask is pink and has a light, pleasant scent. I use this mask once per week and apply a thin layer to cleansed skin, leaving it on for around 15 minutes. After i remove the mask, my skin feels amazing! My husband also uses this mask and much prefers it over others. I have nothing bad to say about this product and would give it 10 stars if i could - it's very effective and a great price at $16.95 (although Sukin is always on sale somewhere!).
This is my go to mask!  The formula is cooling on the face and instantly relaxes me after a LONG day.  I have very sensitive skin and this works wonders for me. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft and has a little glow to it.  It leaves my skin clean and clear, I have noticed a reduction in acne.  This is one of my favourite products to use and I look forward to using it the twice a week that I do it. 
I LOVE this mask. I've been using it twice a week for about a month now and it has seriously improved my skin. it zaps blackheads and is super easy to use. I get a congested t-zone and this works wonders unclogging pores. Apply to damp face for 15 mins and wipe off with a damp cloth. It doesn't make your face feel uncomfortable or tight or leave any unpleasant itch or tingle and it smells delightful. It's not messy to apply either which is a major bonus. My skin shone afterwards and felt super soft. I have combination skin, slightly oilier in summer, and this did not dry or make my skin more oily. Perfect balance. The price tag is also delightful. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to test out a clay mask without the hefty price tag attached. It really does work and is an absolute bargain.
I must admit, the most relaxing part of my day and the part I enjoy the most, twice, is my facial routine. From cleansing to treatments to moisturising, when I have my fingertips on my face neck and décolletage, massaging my nice skin products deep into the layers of my skin, I’m definitely at my happiest and calmest of any point in my day to day life. I love looking at skin care products, I love buying skin care products ( my bank account not so much love there...) and I love cracking open jars and tubes and pots of gorgeous, skin loving product. I might have a ten or eleven step routine some days, other times a much more simple three step one but I can guard that at least once twice or three times a week, I will be using a facial mask of some sort. Whether you’re sensitive, dry, oily, combination or acne prone, a good gel, cream or clay mask is, I think, vital, to making a good skin care routine a brilliant one. It’s all very good to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise twice a day every day, but if you really want to treat, pamper and indulge your skin and senses and well being, see the difference that a regular mask really will make to you. Try a couple at the same time even, multi masking, that’s what the cool kids do these days I’m told. A cream or gel mask is good when I want to soften, brighten and deeply moisturise my sometimes parched, dehydrated skin type but when I’m suffering from red, sore and unsightly breakouts, I reach for a clay mask. Unfortunately because I also suffer from super sensitive, easily irritated and redness prone skin, as well as blemishes, clay masks can make the situation worse as they can be truly drying to my skin. A dilemma until I discovered this sukin sensitive pink clay masque.  I’ve had a love/ hate relationship with Sukin, as I’ve used products from their sensitive skin range that have really upset my delicate skin but others like their green superfood range, my skin has just loved so much. This mask though I loved, firstly it’s pink, still my absolute favourite colour and I’ve been known to buy anything and everything just because it’s pink, so that ticked a major aesthetic box for me. After double cleansing, I applied a thick, even layer of this gorgeous candy pink mask to my face and neck with my face mask brush and lay back while it worked it’s magic on my face. Before it completely dried I removed it with a damp muslin cloth thoroughly and applied serum and moisturiser to still damp skin. Removing a clay mask before it’s fully dry is my little trick to ensure it doesn’t dry my skin out completely. My skin was left looking and feeling soft, smooth, even in tone and texture and slightly glowing in a natural, radiant way. I’ve used it several times since and it always leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing, not irritated, dry or red in the slightest and I adore the candy pink colour so so much. I still have a slight love/ hate relationship with this brand although I love this mask and the fact that it’s Australian made and owned, full of natural ingredients and very affordable for everyone to give it a go. A good skin care routine can be made simply amazing with the addition of a fabulous face mask like this one, highly recommended for every skin type and need.
I really love sukin mask. I have very sensitive skin and have not been able to use a mask. A friend bought me the sukin mask. I was very hesitant to use it. But glad I did my face felt so good. I didn't come up in a horrible itchy rash. I buy this product all the time now
such a lovely product! sukin products have been a longtime favourite of mine and this one is amazing! applies so easily and leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and purified! definitely, recommend for anyone with any type of skin but especially those with sensitive skin like mine. also a great price for a good quality face mask.