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Sukin Naturals Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

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Sukin Naturals Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub is a facial exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores while delivering nutrients and vitamins to the skin. It contains kale, spirulina, parsley and chlorella as well as vitamins A, K and C. Micro jojoba beads and finely ground bamboo combine to create a grainy, gentle polish, leaving skin soft and smooth. The scrub also contains pineapple extract, lime peel and licorice oil to tone skin and balance its oils.


Sukin Naturals Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub


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Great exfoliator

Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub is a fabulous skin exfoliator that would suit all skin types. Its really gariny which is great as i love a good, deeply invigorating exfoliation. I love to use this in the shower. it is fun to use, feels good and my skin is left feeling, smooth, softer, and more ready for other products to be absorbed. I use this exfoliator 2 to 3 times a week, its very gentle yet thoroughly effective, and is super good value for money and also available at your local supermarket
Absolutely love natural vegan product. I love how it’s just perfect not to rough and not to gentle it is perfect blend for my skin. Makes my skin feel so soft definitely remove skin dead skin and also some blackheads. GReat for the price. Definitely worth it and won’t disappoint
I use a facial scrub weekly, before I put on a facial mask.  The first thing I noticed when opening the package, was the scent. The scrub itself has really small beads in it and is white in colour. When I applied it to my face in circular motion, I could feel the small beads gently exfoliating my skin.  The scrub is really gentle, smooth on skin and left my skin feel wonderful afterwards. There was no tightness or dryness detected.  Personally, I would prefer a bit bigger beads, that exfoliate harder, but this one is good for sensitive skin.
This product is a winner!  It's a fantastic scrub that works incredibly well, is easy to both apply and remove and leaves skin feeling silky soft and smooth.  The granules are fine enough to be effective but not harsh.  I have this in my shower and use it a couple of times a week as an extra cleansing step for my face.  My twenty-something sons both also use this once a week.  As always, being a Sukin product means that the quality is excellent and the ingredients are sustainable and friendly. - not a plastic bead in sight.   Really affordable and lasts for months and months - you only need to use a small amount a couple of times a week.  Give it a try!
This Sukin Super Greens Facial Scrub is my current warm weather favourite. As my skin is too sensitive to use AHA's, my skin relies on gentle exfoliation using scrubs. I love a natural product and this scrub offers natural ingredients that work in a pleasant smelling scrub. I use it once or twice a week, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft without irritation. Great price too.
I love this product, great price for a fantastic product. I use this every 2-4 days, depending on how my skin is feeling and looking, and it makes my skin feel so smooth. It isn't too harsh or abrasive, and has a lovely fresh scent that is not strong at all. Definitely recommend this!
I love this product! I keep it in the shower to remind myself to exfoliate twice a week and it has lasted forever. You only need a small amount and it feels great on the skin. It washes away easily too so your not left with a whole heap of beads everywhere and anywhere. Love that it's an all natural Australian product too.
The Sukin super greens scrub was such a pleasant surprise, I haven’t really loved any Sukin products before abut this one is changing that. The exfoliating beads are bamboo and jojoba instead of plastic which is a huge win and the ingredients read like I’m in a hipster vegan cafe!  The fragrance isn’t strong, it’s an earthy herbal scent that you would expect after reading the ingredients.  The scrub itself gets in there gently but very effectively and it doesn’t clog my pores and in a weird way it hydrates too. 
Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub is packaged in a 125ml squeeze tube with a flip top lid. It is full of wonderful hippie herbal ingredients: kale, spirulina, parsley, chlorella, pineapple extract, lime peel, liquorice as well as vitamins A, K and C. The Micro beads are jojoba beads and finely ground bamboo. So no nasty micro beads made out of plastic.  I love the smell of this scrub it is fresh and invigorating. The grains gently exfoliate and buff my skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and feeling alive. You will be hooked because the results speak for themselves!
This is a great all natural scrub that delivers awesome results. Love sukin products and this scrub is super good value as sukin products are. The handy squeeze tube make the scrub easy to use with no mess. I like to use this in the shower then rinse clean. This supergreens detoxifying facial scrub is packed full of super goodies like parsley, spirulina, kale and vitamins so I know it’s doing my skin good. It’s great for sensitive skin like mine as it’s so natural, so won’t irritate and it’s gentle and hydrating, the micro beads are effective at removing grime, oil and dead skin gently. After using this my skin is always super clear and smooth and my pores are visibly reduced. This scrub is made from bamboo and jojoba beads and is quite creamy, it feels nice on skin when exfoliating and it has a nice natural woody scent. I love to use this every few days to keep my skin radiant, bright and clear and at this price I can afford to. I love this product, I can find no negatives. I highly recommend it.
I have been using this detoxifying facial scrub for a few weeks now. I was expecting it to be green as it is part of Sukin’s Super Greens range and psychologically we associate that colour to detox and health but, it is white - which, now that I have been using it for a while, is not such a big deal as I actually quite like the product. The jojoba beads and bamboo are quite fine and do not dissolve/disappear during the cleanse so it is a great lasting scrub, gentle enough to be used every other day and skin is left soft and smooth. The scent is neither here nor there but at least it’s not an overwhelming one. I recommend this product to any age group and the price is particularly appealing too. 
I received this product in a sample bag and I'm so glad I did. Firstly it's nice and gentle on the skin not harsh like a lot of scrubs Iv used. My skin felt so clean and soft after using it. I have combination /oily skin and works well to even out my oil problems. Easy to use and washes off face easily as well .  Definitely will re purchase. I haven't used this brand before but will certainly be researching more of there product line now.
This product exceeded all my expectations. Having sensitive skin it is wonderful to find a range of products that contain no chemicals. This face scrub is gentle on skin while still giving you that deep down clean feeling. It removed all the dead skin cells leaving my face feeling soft and with a  youthful glow. My skin felt clean and hydrated. The smell is like being in a herb garden adding to a relaxing experience. This scrub is gentle enough that you could use it every day without worrying about damaging your skin. It is fantastic value for money and easy to find in store. I can not recommend this scrub highly enough. If your wanting younger, softer healthy looking skin then look no further.
This face scrub is great. I love the freshness of the Super Greens range, it makes me feel good about putting it on my skin. I have oily skin so I exfoliate regularly. I switch between this scrub and the Charcoal one, but have to say I prefer the latter. They both work well at keeping skin smooth and clean, while being gentle enough to use every few days.
Sukin is an amazing Australian brand and the super greens facial scrub is an awesome product! It feels so nice on my skin, its easy to rinse off and i love that its all natural ingredients. It leaves my skin feeling wonderful and looking bright and clear. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a good, gentle scrub!
Can't get enough of this scrub. Natural ingredients, refreshing/earthy scent and wonderful results. The scrub works well, clears my pores and has become an essential part of my routine! The tube lasts a decent amount of time and I love being able to buy an Australian brand with natural ingredients!
The Sukin detoxifying facial scrub is great for those who like something grainy without irritating their skin.  The scrub itself is actually quite creamy and has a wonderful smell and is chock full of amazing ingredients like kale, spirulina and parsley! I found the scrub to be just perfect as I like to be able to really scrub my face and this does a good job of that.  It contains jojoba beads and bamboo as a natural exfoliant which is great for the skin and even better for the environment as it doesn't contain microbeads.  It didn't irritate my skin and the texture was creamy and very nourishing so while it was smoothing out my skin it was hydrating it at the same time.  It's a scrub that I use several times a week but it's gentle enough to use everyday.  It won't dry out your skin and I would recommend it for all skin types.  My skin definitely felt a lot fresher and more balanced after using it.  I've even used it on my body as well and it really worked a treat!  The price point is very affordable and what makes it even better is that it's an Australian brand, it's all natural and it's cruelty free!
the first think that drew me into this product is that sukin is an Australian made natural skincare company. I love that it has jojoba beads and ground bamboo which is great for the environment. The exfoliant bits are also small enough that they are not harsh. they are tiny but its not sparse. there is an abundance of them. It gently polishes and removes dirt and impurities. Only a small amount is needed, a little goes along way with this.  Pros are that it contains natural ingredients including kale, spirlina, chlorella and parsley and sone't have any sulphates or synthetic fragrances, harsh detergents, paragons or colours. And it smells amazing!! It suits all skin types so i recommend this to everyone.  
Love this mask!! I love Sukin products because it is does not have any nasty chemicals and is good for your skin. The beads are powerful enough to exfoliate however not harsh on the skin. It does not leave your skin dry or feeling tight after using it. As having an oily T zone this is a must have and I use this twice a week and my skin feels amazing!
I love the smell of this Sukin's Super Greens facial scrub!  I had no idea kale and the combination of greens would smell so delicious, sweet and inviting. The scrub has jojoba beads and bamboo so all of these natural ingredients work as a natural exfoliator on my skin. It feels very gentle and it does not feel harsh against my skin. It leaves my skin feel very soft and the dry flakes and dead skin is gone. It has gotten rid of the congestion in my skin and my skin looks brighten and more happier. This scrub would be suitable for all skin types and for anyone.