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Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Gel is a soap free facial cleanser that gently removes impurities and excess oils, leaving skin soft, clear and balanced. The formula contains green tea, chamomile, cucumber and avocado oil to gently cleanse and purify the skin. Suitable for normal to sensitive skin types.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

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Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Gel


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Sukin has to the be poster-child for ethical, natural and locally made products and I am happy to support them not only for those reasons but also because their products seem to be quite good! I am absolutely in Love!! The product comes in a 125ml bottle with a rather oversized pump. I only need to half-press it, a full press gives too much product. Apply to a damp face then add a little water and it lathers well considering it has no harsh surfactants. I must make sure to rinse all the bubbles away because there is a lot! But, unlike most bubbly cleansers my skin isn't left feeling tight, dry or stripped. I use this predominantly as my morning cleanser but also when I do a double cleanse (not so often, only if I am wearing thick makeup or heavy sunscreen) this is my go-to product. I really want to try more in the range because there are so many reasons to support this company!
Fabulous. i absolutely adore this sukin sensitive cleansing gel. I have sensitive skin so I love a product that is chemical free and gentle. I love that this gel contains no parabens or sulphates and does not irritate my skin, I like to use this product at the end of the day after removing makeup with micellar water. It cleanses my skin beautifully without any harsh drying. its actually super gentle and nourishing. the gel is easy to use, just rub over damp face in circular motions and rinse clear to feel fresh and clean. its budget friendly which is a plus and packaged nicely. I would be lost without this gel for gorgeous clean skin. while it may not have the exact same results as the more expensive cleansers its a great budget friendly alternative that works really well. i would recommend it.
Generally for me, Sukin products are and effective and chemical free way to clean daily makeup and grime off the face. This is a great everyday use cleansing gel that cleans and freshens my face without making it feel dry. Since it is a gel, I need to use less of the product and it cleans my face giving me soft and natural looking skin. The scent is minimal and hardly noticeable so this would be great for men and women to use. It also cleans without causing an irritation on my skin.  Pros: Natural ingredients Paraben free Sulphate free Mild cleanser Cons: None Recommendation: This gel cleanser would suit men and women who want a daily use cleanser which effectively cleans and freshens the skin. 
This is a gentle cleanser that does the job well, as long as you follow the tip on the Sukin website if you wear make-up: "TIP: Remove makeup with Micellar Cleansing Water first, and then double cleanse with Sensitive Cleansing Gel for thoroughly cleaned skin." It works nicely as a second cleanser on my combination skin, has a little bit of a lather and does leave your face clean without stripping it. Have also tested it on spouse who has sensitive skin and there was no irritation whatsoever.  It's a great product - super affordable, effective and is without any harmful ingredients. Ha, yes, like the other reviewers say - it does taste bitter if you get any in your mouth!
I usually love Sukin products however I found this a little drying for my oily skin. Although I did use the bottle, it has a great light weight feel and pleasant to use. I also love that Sukin products have no parabens or other nasties in it so you are confident in the products you are putting on your face.
An ideal morning cleanser or part 2 of a double cleanse.  There is so much I love about this product, most importantly is the fact that it is Australian made and owned and lovely ingredients like green tea, chamomile, aloe, cucumber and avocado oil.  It has no scent or colour and when applied to damp skin is cleanses thoroughly but doesn't leave the skin feeling dry, tight or stripped.  It foams quite well and I must be careful to rinse all the bubbles away.  I really like it as my morning cleanser or I will use it as my second product during a double-cleanse.  Love this range by Sukin, it's really tempted me to buy more in the range.
If you are looking for a soap free, gentle cleanser then look no further! This super gentle formula does not irritate my skin and it doesn't dry my face out so it feels tight and uncomfortable. The Sukin Sensitive range is really great for people who are looking for a natural, gentle, all-rounder product that will not break your bank and will keep your skin happy! Pro - pleasant gentle scent with a pump bottle that easily delivers product Con - does not really froth up (no nasties in the ingredients which isn't a bad thing) and tastes really bad - do not accidentally get it in your mouth! Final thoughts - easily accessible product, affordable and gentle on your skin. You will need a separate makeup remover for eye makeup though!  
It's a decent morning cleanser.  It doesn't remove makeup very well, I can only use it as my second step of double-cleansing at night. Very mild scent that feels gentle on my skin. No headache-inducing scent. Definitely good for people who are sensitive to highly perfumed things.
I switched to Sukin recently after reading a few reviews and realizing i can buy the whole range at my local Priceline.  This product is affordable, natural and does the job at gently cleaning my face. The small bottle is also great for my gym bag! The only downside is that it is very gently and sometimes doesn't remove all makeup.  
This has been my go-to cleanser off and on for over 4 years now. It provides a great lather and deep clean, without stripping my skin or causing any irritation. It's incredibly good value for money and I love the environmental ethos of this company. It's a staple for me, even when I do try various more expensive cleansers in between.
I switched to Sukin after discovering that Sodium Laureth Sulfate (the foaming agent in soaps) was making my lips peel. At first I was concerned that the lack of chemicals would mean a not as stringent or effective cleanse. I'm happy to report that this cleanser easily removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. Pros - Works just as well as a cleanser with soap in it. - Natural ingredients mean you're not putting anything harsh on your skin or stripping anything you shouldn't be. - Pump means you get the right amount of product without wasting any. Cons - DO NOT get it in your mouth - it tastes so bad! - Comparatively more expensive (dollar for size) than the normal soap cleansers. - Sometimes have to go over eyeliner again if removing makeup. Bottom line I would highly recommend this product to anyone with normal or sensitive skin. It has helped me fix my peeling lips problem and after using this, I'll never go back to using a cleanser with soap in it again.