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Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser is a light and gentle moisturiser with shea butter and aloe vera to calm and soothe the complexion. The rapidly absorbed formula delivers essential hydration to delicate skin, whilst rose hip, sesame and jojoba oils help promote optimal moisture levels for radiant, balanced skin. Suitable for normal to sensitive skin types.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Available in 125mL


Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser


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I have been using the Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser for over 6 months now and have very happy with the results.  It leaves my skin feeling soft the entire day and doesn't go on thick.  It's very cost effective as well as a little goes a long way.  Everything they describe is what they provide and the fact that it's cruelty free and Australian Made is an added bonus.  Highly recommend this product for those who want good skin care on a budget
I really like this moisturiser and for $10.95 it's great value.  It is a reasonably thick cream, but goes on easily and is light and not greasy. The smell is lovely and not overpowering. I have Rosacea and it does not cause any flare ups or irritations for me. My skin feels soft and hydrated after using and because it's not expensive I also use on my neck and chest. Love the pump action because it's easy to use and hygienic. I also love that it's vegan, not tested on animals and made in Australia.
There are so many great things about this moisturiser. It is an excellent moisturiser for every day use and has a pleasant smell and a nice texture that sinks in fast and doesn't leave a greasy feel or cause pilling. On top of this its ingredients are all natural, its price point is super affordable and it is in the most convenient pump bottle. I have one next to my bed, one in my bathroom and one at work!
sukin is a fabulous product for sensitive skin. I absolutely adore this facial moisturiser. first of all it comes at a budget friendly price which is great and while it may not deliver the same results as a more expensive moisturiser its still super gently and non greasy with a beautiful nourishing moisturing effect that leaves my skin super soft. I love that this product is all natural with no nasty parabens and sulphates and i love the addition of rosehip, sesame and jojoba oils to keep skin youthful and supple. This product feels really nice and light to wear, never greasy and the pump bottle is handy and creates no mess. it absorbs straight away into skin for a smooth feel and appearance. i really love using this product and its ideal for anyone with sensitive skin
I really enjoy using the the Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser and I especially love how it doesn't break out or smother my sensitive skin. When it comes to sensitive skin, Sukin never fails! I use it after my cleanser and serum and find that after a little bit, it has worked its way into my skin. My skin then feels hydrated and soft. The smell is also pleasant and not over powering. I like the pump bottle that it comes in as just the right amount comes out from two pumps and you can keep using it until the end of the bottle as the pump still picks it up! My only downside is that I find the moisturiser too thick to wear under my make up and as it isn't specifically an anti ageing moisturiser (which I need at night time), my only real use for it is during days when I am not going anywhere. It is however fantastic as a way to get more hydration into your skin.
This is a good moisturiser by Sukin, very affordable and easily accessible. I have very sensitive skin and decided it would be a good idea to switch over from Sukin's regular moisturiser to their sensitive line, but I have found that upon initial application this moisturiser stings ever so slightly, which doesn't happen to me with their regular moisturiser. In addition to this, I find the pump bottle really easy and convenient to use, love that the smell is subtle and light, and appreciate how light the moisturiser is. It doesn't feel heavy or oily on my skin after application. If you have very sensitive skin I recommend patch testing before use. 
I am a huge fan of this versatile moisturiser. I use this product as a night cream and day moisturiser as the consistency can be built up. I have very sensitive skin and have experienced no reaction to this product. It is not scented, but has a creamy feel. The pump bottle does mean the user experiences some waste. Although the RRP is $17.95 - like other reviewers I have never paid this price as Sukin products regularly coming on special at supermarkets and chemist stores (I think the most I have paid is $11).
This is my current moisturizer and despite the listed RRP it can be purchased for under $6 during sales. This comes with 125ml of product in a pump style bottle. While the pump is awesome and easy to control I would have appreciated it it had a locking mechanism for easy transport. The 125ml capacity also means that this is not suitable for air travel as it is over the liquid carry amount. The actual moisturiser itself is a white cream with a light consistency that is very spreadable. However if you're a person who uses a lot of hydrating products in their routine this moisturiser turns thickens and needs work to be absorbed into the skin and to avoid looking like you have a clay mask on.  This has a very light scent, one that I can not figure out to describe but it isn't very noticeable (might be related to the Vanilla Extract). There is no added fragrance though.
This Sukin sensitive facial mosturiser is kind and gentle on my sometimes red and itchy skin. It soothes my skin without making it feel oily or greasy or heavy. It is slightly thick and creamy and spreads well on my face and I only use a small amount.  This moisturiser comes in an easy to use pump container and is convenient to apply and doesn't take up much space on my shelf. Once I apply this moisturiser, my skin feels soft and plump. I use this on my face, neck and décolletage and massage it gently into my skin. I have noticed that after regular use, my skin feels very touchable and smoother. It  also looks clean and more natural. There are many days that I have left the house with just this moisturiser (with a sunscreen on also) and my face has looked and felt soft and supple. This facial moisturiser is great for day and night use.  It has the familiar Sukin scent which reminds me of orange and vanilla, which is mild and goes away soon after application.  Sukin is a brand known for making chemical free and natural products which are not irritating or harsh on the skin. The products are also affordable and gentle and work well to keep my skin feeling soft.  Pros: low priced, effective, gentle  Cons: don't use too much as it can feel heavy so use a little bit and massage into skin Tips: try this cream as a nourishing night cream to wake up with soft and plump skin Recommendation: this is a sensitive variety of facial moisturiser but can be used by anyone who wants a nourishing daily use face cream 
I love the regular Sukin Facial Moisturiser and I decided to give this one a try as my face had become a bit more sensitive and irritated. Like the regular Sukin Moisturiser it comes in an easy to use pump bottle. This means it's easy to regulate how much you pump out and you can figure out the right amount for your needs. For me I find about half a pumps worth is enough, a full pump is way too much. The formula has a light fragrance that is not very strong although I much prefer the fragrance of other Sukin Moisturisers. The formula is also quite light in consistency but still very moisturising. I find it absorbs well into my skin but you don't need much to cover the whole face. My face usually feels soft and moisturised all day long when I use this lotion. The only negatives I have about this moisturiser is that the pump bottle means that you can't travel easy with it but you can just transfer some  into a smaller container. Also the moisturiser doesn't contain any SPF so I prefer to use it at night or days when I'm not spending much time outside. Don't let this deter you though as this is an awesome moisturiser that is free of all the nasties so I feel good about what I'm putting on my face and even better is that it is super affordable.
The packing of the moisturiser is impressive, it has dark 125ml bottle with pump . The moisturiser has creamy texture and thick lotion like consistency. It has pleasant vanilla smell which is not so overpowering. A pea size amount is fine for face and neck. It quickly absorbs as I apply it, and doe snot feel greasy. It hydrates skin very well and my skin do not react to this moisturiser (as mostly my sensitive skin reacts badly). I continue using it and realize that it is one of the best moisturisers I have ever used. After few days of use my skin was hydrated, redness on my skin disappear and even my complexion was radiant. I had such a lovely skin after using it.  I am very happy with this moisturiser and I used it on my 2 year old daughter and results are the same. It also has anti-aging ingredients so it can also be used as Anti aging Cream. I use it as night cream and day cream. This is a very good moisturiser for people with sensitive skin and even for kids. It delivers more than it claims.  I just have a look at the ingredient, All of the ingredients are organic. The moisturiser has mixture of anti oxidants, skin repairing ingredients and natural moisturising factors. It does not contain any irritant ingredient. I will give it 5/5. It is a best moisturiser with affordable price. I will recommend it for everyone and people with all skin types. .